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Scout AR 15: What worked? And what didn’t?

Howdy, guys and gals! Welcome to the
Social Regressive where we’re going to take a last look at the Scout AR. Not
like we’re actually done with this rifle; in fact, quite the opposite. I now feel
this rifle is 100% squared away ready for just about anything that I can throw
at it and I’m gonna be taking it out in the field a lot here in the future, which
is what I designed this rifle for. we’re going to talk about the recipe today
though and maybe some of the directions that you might want to hit in if you
want to concoct a similar sort of AR like this one. Before we jump into this though
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alright what I’d like to do when I talk about this rifle is discuss the purpose
for it because everything that I do you know here in the garage if I’m compiling
a rifle like the thousand or you know the thousand-yard rifle the
Mile rifle or whatever I actually have some very specific purposes in mind for
each of these and that’s how I want to come into all of this I’d like to tell a
few tales there have been a few times that I’ve gone out into the woods with
friends or by myself and there has been a real need for a type of rifle and I
didn’t have it at the time one of the first ones was we went out to do the
first mile challenge out at Kendricks family’s farm and there was a coyote
that as we’re driving up to our final spot where the target is we were getting
up there and there’s a coyote that just kind of pops out of the brush and starts
just very slowly loping away from us he actually just sits there and looks at us
for a bit I had a rangefinder in my hand at a time
I had my little pocket pistol but I didn’t have a handy rifle ready to go
none of us did and you know so I quickly lased the target and he’s about I think
it was about a hundred eighty yards somewhere in there he actually wasn’t
very far away at all and he wasn’t all that spooked either but by the time we
were able to get out and get to one of the large rifles that we had brought and
get it into position he was already gone he was he had just very slowly meandered
off and he was out of there and we would really have loved to attacked him there
have been other instances where we’ve seen coyotes trot out and we had a very
brief moment to get a shot there have been times when we went out hunting and
we ran across just a small herd of pigs out there and we were squirrel hunting
all we had were 22s and again our pocket pistols and we didn’t have anything that
could really you know be brought to bear even though these were basically just
piglets my buddy did actually manage to finish one off with his I think it was
his Glock 42 whichever one is the nine-millimeter I can remember if it’s
42 or 43 but yeah just his little pocket pistol he managed to get one of them but
that would have been a perfect instance where we didn’t necessarily have to
creep so darn close up to those piggies you know if we had had something like
this so that’s my purpose for this I want this to be something that can have
a hard enough hit that it can take out kind of medium game some of the smaller
things you know varmints predators and be kind of quick into action and
something I can just throw on my back that’s lightweight easy to carry around
and is gonna be just kind of ubiquitous useful and this has turned out to be
exactly that we’re gonna delve into the individual elements that make up this rifle
why I picked each and why they worked out so darn well and maybe some things
that we could tweak here in the future let’s take a close look as we evaluate
this rifle and its elements if you see anything that stands out to you
something that you might like to try out on your gun I’ll put links in the
description down below and you can purchase them there with the various
tests and hunts under my belt with this rifle what do I think about this what
might I recommend to somebody else some of this will just be a matter of taste
and I’ll point out some of those but some of these I think are a bit more
objective including to start with the the CMMG mechanicals we have a CMMG
lower receiver in here and all that the whole kit that runs through here
that’s all CMMG this little guy right here we can grab this back here this is
their kind of basic lower kit and yeah so I use this all through here I
use their upper kit as well to finish out this Anderson upper receivers
this is a CMMG lower anderson upper they did make together quite well there
it was a little bit gappy so i had to take up some space with the X Shims and
I’ll put a link to the the X-Shim test video up here because not only can it
kind of take some of the wobble out of the receivers but it really does seem to
improve the accuracy in you know some of the tests that I did before and I think
with this rifle it really did the same thing but yeah the the Bolton here is
CMM G the bolt carrier the and of course one of the more important components the
barrel right back here CMM G has very decently priced products it’s pretty
easy to trick out a rifle that’s not going to cost you a whole lot but it
kind of steps things up a little bit in terms of you know accuracy and just the
way that they’ve cut this is quite nice this has kind of a little bit of an
original shape it can reminds me of the Odin Works ones where you’re pretty fat
toward the back here it starts to lighten up and you can see that it
flares up toward the gas block stays kind of thin down front and then flares
out again for the muzzle end and whatever this cut is it works it’s both
accurate and very lightweight which is important because with an AR either an
ar 10 or an ar 15 you start to get into this whole thing
where you know toward the back usually there’s a lot of aluminum and plastic
components and so back here is actually quite lightweight and you start getting kind
of heavy toward the front and you know this can this isn’t really the best
optimal setup you know for a good hunting rifle for example I want to have
a balance that hits right about here and that’s actually what I get with this
rifle just because of you know the lightness of the barrel the lightness of
the furniture in the way that it all works out yeah this is a six and a half
pound rifle overall and you know a lot of the furniture helps with that to get
to that weight but then yeah having that good balance I’ve been very pleased with
how that came out but yeah as far as reliability the CMMG bits have worked
100% no issues one of the reasons why I went see MMG all through here is that
number one I know they have good stuff I’ve tested some of their rifles before
and then I wanted to make sure that everything was going to interface very
neatly I wasn’t gonna have to worry about head spacing so I went all the
same manufacturer all through here and I’m very glad that I did one thing
you’ll notice is that I went mid lengths on the gas system this is a carbine
barrel but it has a mid-length gas system and this I think I will do from
now on depending on the chambering of course
but in 223 this is a five five six barrel right here so it has a little bit
of that longer lead cut back here but yeah mid length gas system for the win
love it it has a very mild recoil impulse and it seems to stay cleaner
back here in the bolt and part of this is also going to come down to the the
lube that I’ve been using on here the Spartan modern Spartan systems
lubrication is just wonderful it makes the bolt very easy to clean it seems to
stay on the bolt and it doesn’t ride around and one of the big things is that
when I run suppressed it doesn’t blast back into my eyes either I’m used to a
lot of oil coming back because of the increased back pressure you know either
blasting out of here or actually blasting back under the the charging
latch here and going into my eyeballs and one of the great things about the
modern Spartan systems oil is that it just kind of stays in place does its job
and does not come back and get me but yeah moving back through here we
have inside here we have well this is actually all of one piece this was
all ordered in one shot you can get this whole buffer buffer tube and furniture
from ATI and this is one that I also highly
recommend if you want to keep your rifle very lightweight very low-profile
you can see that this doesn’t have all the little you know weird little things
attached it doesn’t have a huge stock up top this has a pretty narrow sort of
curve to it so it’s very minimal very lightweight and that’s some of that
whole six and a half pound rifle that we have going on but you can see that it
does have the components where you need it so you have the other the quick detach stud
right there and then you can collapse this to the usual six positions and yeah
this was all one piece and I should mention that this is all military spec
right here you can get commercial spec on some of those as well but yeah what
mil spec on all this and yeah I love the way that this worked out I can’t make
one extra recommendation related to the furniture this is lightweight and it
does have that six position collapsible stock but if you do want to make things
a little bit more comfortable if you have a heavier recoiling a are like 458
SOCOM you know this does just have plastic and a very thin rubber kind of
texturized pad back there it’s actually kind of inset inside the plastic so it’s
more for traction than it is for absorbing recoil yeah if you do
something a little heavier hitting and you want to make it a little easier on
yourself and you can actually add a little bit of extra length of pull
because this doesn’t quite get out to the length that that I prefer i’m a
taller dude i like a fourteen and a half inch length of pull you can tek this on
so this is also from ATI this plate just attaches right back here and it allows
you to get a little bit of extra space and get a lot more squish and one of the
other of of course important pieces down here is the trigger and this is the RA
140 SST from a rise armament and this is one of the greatest choices on this
rifle there are two that I looked at and have done a little bit of testing with
the le 145 and are a 140 SST they are essentially the same trigger the le 145
is just a little bit of a higher pull this one has a three and
half-pound pull and the le 145 has four and a half now I think that maybe a lot
of you guys might like the four and a half a little bit better that’s what I
have on my two-stage trigger on my Rock River arms and that’s a really good pull
especially for just you know for defense for going out and hunting it’s a little
bit of a higher pull and I’m not you know concern about accidental pulls or
anything like that this this one right here the are a 140 SST I’m used to light
triggers myself I spent a lot of time with very light triggers and you know
match triggers and things so this three and a half pound pull is great for me
but yeah you might want to head in a little bit of a different direction but
one of the greatest things about the both of those triggers is that okay you
do get that light pull but it’s very crisp with almost no take-up at all you
just don’t really move the trigger all that much even though it is a single
stage so yeah not creepy very crisp and then you get just the tiniest bit of
over travel on the back end they have built this up so that it’s
very quick and especially out in the field on that hog hunt I was very happy
with how this worked now I did have one issue with this that I need to point out
and you know I mentioned this in another video the 140 SST has a very light pull
and it has so it has a very light return spring and this may not be compatible
with your lower and this turned out to be one of those this cm mg lower it must
have been you know just off a little bit it added a little bit of extra friction
to the pins that are in here and so this wouldn’t reset all the time it wouldn’t
go forward by itself all the time so sometimes I had to push it forward now I
took this to rise and that’s the way that these guys work they’re gonna back
up their work if you have a trigger that doesn’t work out for you you know one of
these really lightweight ones then they can tune it up a little bit for you or
send you a new one whatever you’re after they’re gonna hook you up
and fortunately for me actually rises just down the street went I went and
talked to those guys and they just tightened up the trigger just a little
bit so it now has about a three and three-quarter pound pull maybe heading
up a little bit more toward four pounds and yeah it works 100% now and yeah I
just love the way that it works I should point out one more CMMG element up here
this charging latch up top is also CMMG and this has those great big wings on
the side this is ambidextrous you can grab it with either hand and since this
is a rifle that I intended to take out in the field and do some real work with
hunting and hunting game that can actually come back and get me hogs can
be pretty dangerous if they’re backed into a corner as we found out and I’ll
put a link to that video as well but yeah this guy right here is very quick
to grab and it’s one that you’re less likely to punch yourself in the face
with the basic kind of GI spec at a charging latch that you get at the back
has kind of smooth wings on it and there have been a couple times I’ve been out
in the prone and I’m you know yanked back on that thing and hand pops off and
I punch myself in the face so this one is less likely to do that and I do like
the fact that you can rack it with either hand
I mentioned that balance can get a little bit weird on an AR because it
does tend to be kind of pitched more toward the front and you try to work
your weight a little further toward the back and that’s where this handguard
comes in very well this is also ATI all the furniture that you see through here
is all ATI so back here we have the tact light stock this is the x2 grip which
has a fantastically ergonomic grip right here this kind of Nestle’s the hand much
like a real pistol grip like you know the kind you actually get on a pistol so
it’s gonna hit the meat of the hand right up top and really lock the hand in
place it also has a gloriously vertical shape right here so it’s easy to get on
the trigger very comfortable in all sorts of positions whether you’re
standing or prone or on the bench yeah this is one
that’s it’s really easy to grab there is only one issue with this just something
to think about I still think it’s you know definitely worth the trade it makes
it a little bit tricky to get up and knock the safety for me so I kind of
have to rotate my hand around in order to move the safety sometimes and you
know this is totally up to you if you want this extreme comfort I think it’s
you know for myself it’s worth it but you know if you’re the sort of person
that really needs to get to that safety very quickly for some of the drills that
you’re doing you might look at some of the other grips from ATI they they you
know have these same wonderful colors and they have this same wonderful
vertical sort of shape but they have some that don’t include this kind of
hump back here that Nestle’s the hand you can get some that are a bit more
open there and quicker on the safety but then moving forward let’s talk about
this this handguard again you can see that this is massively skeletonized
there is not much meat to this except that it does have it in the spots where
you need it and you know kind of this you know this sort of trust setup that
they have going it seems to work it’s you would think for not having that much
metal on it that’d be pretty floppy and it isn’t now it will Bend like we
mentioned before so you can actually you know move it relative to the barrel if
you’re very concerned about that if you do a lot of prone testing you know
that’s pretty much all you do okay so maybe this model isn’t the exact one
that you’re after but in my own testing since I am mostly offhand with this
rifle and I’m mostly concerned about you know its ergonomics its weight and you
know can I do my thumb over bore easily can I get in all kinds of different
positions with this and be very flexible out in the field it works
love it it’s very stable back here and attaches to the gas block very neatly it
all just worked as promised and I was able to get this the barrel nut really
cranked down which I think is part of why the accuracy on this rifle is so
darn good I’ve heard that that barrel nut is is
critical when it comes to getting good accuracy out of the rifle and yeah this
this definitely works out the rail as you can see goes all the way across you
can fit whatever accessories you want you know as far as optics or sights or
anything you need to attach and you can also see that this is an M lock model
they have a key mod as well if that’s your jam but I went em lock because that
just seems to be the the way that the market is moving right now and I like
the way that all the bits attached well we’re on the subject of accessories
let’s talk about the ones that I’ve put on here because I’ve been very pleased
with these as well front we have a yhm titanium silencer
this one is the 762 model so this one can handle anything up to 300 Win Mag
and i can swap this around between rifles because it just kind of ratchets
off very quickly and uses these special adapters as long as I have one of these
on each of my rifles I can quickly just kind of swap this between different
calibers anything up to that 300 Win Mag and then this one right here is a very
effective break wonderfully effective you can see that it’s quite small but it
really does its job even on this lightweight rifle it just comes right
back on target very quickly and that’s how I was able to pull off some of those
tests out in the field this is one where you know I kind of have to watch it out
maybe hunting where I have to take a quick shot or something I better make
sure that I have a can on here I have some good ears because this will blow my
ears out yeah this all does lock up very well it ratchets into place very neatly
and yeah it works out great I mentioned that a sound suppressor like this one
can help to preserve my hearing especially out in the field where maybe
I have to take a quick shot and I don’t have time to get some hearing protection
on this is an ar 15 so it’s going to have gases coming out of the bolt
carrier back here near my ear so it’s not necessarily going to you know do
everything to preserve my hearing it’s going to help a whole lot but in general
I do want to wear these if I can these are the champion vanquish hearing
protectors I took these out in the field and I think I took them out on that hunt
actually and I love these are probably the most comfortable ones
that I’ve ever used just because they actually fit the shape of the ear you
can see a little bit of a funky shape so it actually fits your earlobe and the
top of your ear all inside wonderfully comfortable and it seems to be made of
very rugged materials sound quality is also probably second to none these are
great they have a little bit of a higher price tag about 70 bucks 75 bucks
somewhere in there and you can probably get them for a little bit less if they
go on crazy good sale but good choice here now one of the other reasons to use
a sound suppressor is of course that down range it’s going to also reduce the
sound and it’s going to make it a bit more confusing for the animal they’re
not going to know exactly where the sound is coming from there were four of
us on that hunt and I was the only one running suppressed so it probably didn’t
help in that case but at least it did help to preserve my hearing and the
hearing of the guys next to me so yeah well worth that extra weight hanging out
the front some of the other accessories as we work our way backward these guys
right here these are from Grove tech they make all kinds of em lock
accessories and keymod and actually they have a whole bunch of slings and other
things as well and here check this out this is one that I hope to be showing on
my varmint or rifle here in the future this is a double sling this is not for
your AR style rifles in general this is probably more for your bolt actions but
this can go over your shoulders like a backpack and I have wanted one of these
forever and finally someone made one so yeah go check out grove tech if you have
a big rifle that you want to be able to log out into the field like out into the
mountains or if you have a huge varmint rifle like I have this might be a good
choice for you but yeah they make just tons of these little aluminum accessories that
you need for your rifle in order to attach things it’s one of the things
about the M lock attachments it makes it so you have to add one more step yeah it
keeps everything light keeps everything really streamlined and it doesn’t snag
on anything like you get with Picatinny up here but basically in order to attach
anything you have to put Picatinny back on it and these work out really well no
I should point out a couple of special things about this I’ll do
full review on more of these GrovTec accessories because I think they are very
special in the market of course you know they’re a good strong aluminum and these
aren’t made in China these are made in the US of A I know a lot of folks are
you know they want to make sure that they’re getting stuff that’s made in the
USA especially if it’s firearms related because I mean hey the the Chinese are
not a free people as we all know they are very against individual human
liberty and that kind of translates into a bunch of things first off you’re gonna
have you know people making things that they don’t understand
so like this right here they they might you know a Chinese factory might steal
some tech and then make something that you know kind of works for your rifle
but they don’t understand the actual purpose this little guy right here is
gonna be perfect for putting on the forearm out here if I need to put a
regular kind of like a Harris bipod or something out here and you know a
Chinese manufacturer might make one of these but they’re not going to
understand why really you know it’s not like you’re gonna get a whole lot of
Gunners out there they’re just gonna steal tack and then you know use it to
to make something that they think will work for your rifle but yeah these guys
out here in the US of a grove Tech they know what they’re doing they know why
they’re making each of these pieces they have very specific purposes that keep
everything very lightweight it’s not just crammed full of features that you
don’t need so each of these is gonna fit a very specific role like this one right
here it has a little section of Picatinny and it has some of these
push-button sort of studs right here so that you can get your your slings in
place very quickly and one of the things that I should also point out about a lot
of the Chinese made products is they’re not going to align very well with your your
boar or anything very commonly I’ve run into some of these before where you know
that it’s kind of pointed in all kinds of wild directions and so if I needed to
put a laser or something else on here a flashlight I can be pretty well assured
it’s actually gonna head in the right direction one of the other Grov Tec
products that actually have attached right now is this
little guy right here and look at that this weighs next to nothing just this
little push-button stud right here so all I have to do to attach my sling
that’s it right there it just pops right into place two screws
going into the going into the handguard it takes a one little em lock section
and it’s just little bits like that that you go hey you have to go check out the
grove Tech catalog because they have all kinds of little components that are gonna
meet your exact needs if you have M-Lok or key mod and they have little
Picatinny things as well and of course slings like this one this is the one of
their GrovTec more you know kind of military-style ones we saw the the kind
of sporting one that’s hanging down here but this one is all about quick
deployment and you know quick take-up and being able to loosen this up so you
can you know kind of have everything tucked into your body really quickly or
very neatly and then be able to very quickly extend it as well so you grab
this little guy to extend it and it just slides right out and then in order to
take it back up again you just pull on this and it makes it nice and tight
again it’s extremely lightweight and it has this kind of bungee section back
here so if you’re running around it’s it’s gonna have a little bit of bounce
to it a little bit of suspension if you need to quickly detach it you get one of
these buckles back here a nylon buckle and of course love the color the only
thing that I’ll ding about this is that you can see that it dinged my rifle you
can see these scratches that it put right here this is just bare steel as
far as I can tell and so yeah as it as it bounces against here you know like
maybe out when you’re actually out in the field yeah it’s gonna scratch up
your rifle some I’ve recommended to them that they put some kind of like plastic
dip or something on there we’ll see if they change this one a little bit over
time but it does you know function very well and if you have a hard use rifle
that you don’t mind you know a little bit of scratching it’s it’s a pretty
cool option now one strange accessory that you can see right here what is this
little guy this is a antis x10 that i am testing it is both a
snitch and a trainer it’s kind of one of the
most horrible things that you’ll ever want to purchase and don’t believe you
me you will want to purchase it because this helps teach you how to aim better
and it does it all from a very kind of mechanical standpoint this has all kinds
of accelerometers built into it and when this connects up to your phone it it can
tell you exactly what happened before the shot was taken as you pulled the
trigger and then a certain amount of time afterward it’s going to track all
that information in my new detail and tell you what you’re probably doing and
it’s going to score you it’s gonna let you know if you very likely missed and
it’s gonna let you know which way you’re probably pulling things and what you
need to do for example if I’m out firing with a pistol it’ll actually
tell me okay but you probably need to ease up with your grip on your hand you
need to you know maybe your support hand needs to not press so hard into the the
pistol you need to get more trigger or more finger onto the trigger or less it
really is that precise whoever set this up not only has you know the tech to be
able to grab this information and try to guess at what’s going on but they’ve
really taken a lot of good instruction very smart human thought and put it into
this to be able to analyze what you probably did and what you can do to fix
it and it really does work you can use this for dry fire practice and you can
use this in live fire you can have it all rifles pistols you can see that it’s
extremely tiny extremely lightweight you won’t even notice that it’s really on
there and we’re gonna do a full review on this but I have been testing it on
this rifle so far to test myself and to test out some of the scopes and things
that we have speaking of scopes and sights I did test a whole bunch of
different options to see what works best out in the field or what you know works
best maybe for home defense and we came away with some pretty interesting
information some of it was actually quite shocking a lot of you guys know
that this is my favorite AR go right here this is the Falcon si tie
everything about this is brilliant this this really is kind of a benchmark to
meet even though it’s only 300 bucks the glass through here is primo it is quite
nice you can read Mirage and you know one of the things that I
should point out on here first off is that this has a gigantic zoom range this
goes from 1x a true 1x all the way up to 8 X which is a quite bizarre in the
industry normally you have to pay an arm and a leg to get something with a zoom
ratio that high and yeah for 300 bucks you can get it on this one tracking is
supreme on this both on the elevation and the windage turret this is all
milliradian through here and then you can also use the reticle on the inside
of here this is a second focal plane reticle which is exactly where I want it
on a scope like this and this has a big center center diamond with a dot that
illuminates there’s the illumination dial on this side right here so you have
I think 11 different levels of illumination you get this this big
diamond and dot in the middle so that you can very quickly get on target for
some of your kind of closer shots I was very pleased with how this worked on the
hog hunt because we were within you know kind of closer reaches and then it does
have milliradian hashes so if you want to be able to take longer shots like out
to 600 yards no sweat with this you can use the the milliradian drops in the the
reticle or you can use the elevation and windage turrets to be able to dial your
shots I’ve tested this in another video I’ll link to it around here and you can
see how this works because I do highly highly recommend
this scope this is sitting in a weaver cantilever mount also lightweight highly
recommended this is one that I have no qualms whatsoever about attaching and
reattaching out in the field this is one that’s going to come back to zero
everytime I’m not concerned about it whatsoever over here we head in a
totally different direction this is a pure 1x
red dot this is the vaunted TRS 25 from Bushnell heavily used by many people
highly recommended by everybody it’s simple its lightweight it has those 11
levels of illumination it just has a simple 3 MOA red dot on the inside and
in the tests that we did with all of these scopes and sights where we wanted
to see maybe which one was more accurate and which one was more quick on target
this one was the quickest buy probably about a one-second margin some of all of
these actually performed very close to each other these were all very quick and
that was something that I wasn’t expecting I was expecting there to be a
bigger difference between them all but you know actually in the final analysis
all of these worked out very well for those close range to kind of mid-range
shots yeah they all work great and that’s a good choice right there you can
see it’s very lightweight and one of the things that I’ll point out here is that
with both of these you are gonna help pitch your weight further toward the
back like I mentioned you want to be able to keep more of that weight toward
the back end of an ar 15 just because of how these work they’re 10 they tend to
be light toward the back and you want to keep more of that weight all right this
is me they tend to be heavy yeah heavy toward the front light toward the back
and if you’re gonna add more weight try to move it a little further aft how to
help with your swing especially out in the field the sights we did a full
review on this recently make sure you checked out that that review because
these are probably the best iron sights that you can get for a rifle like this
they fold perfectly flat they they offer a very different sort of like a reticle
up front you get a another kind of peeped you can look through so you’re
looking through two circles and you actually see your target instead of it
being hidden behind a post and yeah it works out to a quick rifle and one
that’s very precise in all kinds of conditions even out to six hundred yards
and you can actually adjust these sites using this little cam right here this
little dial you can go from 0 to 600 yards just by cranking this and
that goes in 50 yard increments yeah I highly highly recommend this these are
probably some of the best sites that you can buy now here comes the controversial
element right here which I’ve left up on the rifle because it’s weird-looking and
it’s gonna capture eyeballs and we’re gonna talk about this a little bit
because this isn’t necessarily a bad idea having a scope like this a long eye
relief scope a scout scope on an AR actually does make sense in some cases
now I know originally Jeff Cooper’s scout formula for a rifle he put this
further forward for a couple of different reasons number one he wanted
to be able to run stripper clips back here and you know so he could just run
it you know straight down and you can’t really have a scope in the way if you’re
gonna do that but also you know a certain rifle is you’re gonna have maybe
a bolt that knocks against it depending on how it’s set up
but there is also kind of an advantage optically if you do move your scope
forward this is a nikon force XR two and a half to eight i do recommend that you
go for one of the more fixed power models like the 2x i think it’s gonna
work out a little better this is actually not a scout rifle scope you may
look in some other directions if you want to pure scout 1 this is actually a
pistol scope so if you have a TC encore contender and you want a great scope or
maybe one of those big revolvers that you want to use out hunting this is a
great choice the the tracking on here is perfect it’s very easy to spin the zoom
on this and you do get a very wide zoom range on that you also get a ballistic
drop reticle on the inside so this can be used for some of your longer shots
and to make very precise hits if you’re a handgun hunter then on here
this actually did work out strangely well and this I think is gonna be a good
match for some of you that maybe have some eyesight problems where maybe you
are not as nearsighted as you used to be maybe all you have is your Farsight or
you have some other you know eye issues this could be a great way for you to be
able to get a scope onto your rifle and be able to take some of those shots that
you haven’t been a two in a while the total effect is a
little bit weird because you are looking through kind of a smaller aperture
that’s a little further out rather than if you have you know like the the Falcon
right here the this one is going to kind of fill the view more you’re going to be
able to see more inside the scope and less around it with this one you’re
gonna see more around the scope and less through it and some of you just might
like the way that that works you want to be able to see more of your game out on
either side and be able to see just a little bit less see your target in there
I would say overall maybe if you’re tracking moving game that this one is
probably gonna work out a little bit better just because you can get more of
that field of view especially as you roll back to 1x but you can like I said
get more around the scope with this I think it’s gonna come down to what you
need I’m really for the most part I think if you do have some eye issues
that this is the way to go but for most of us probably look a little bit more
toward this I did have one unexpected hiccup out in my last test where I was
testing the the c4 sights the ultra 9 c4 is up there and the this one I totally
did not expect at all these amend to magazines have fed 100% reliably until
that test and it turns out that these they’re wonderfully lightweight plastic
they’re a lot like the Magpul pmags they feed very well never had any feeding
issues with these whatsoever and you can see they do come in a handsome tan but
these you cannot leave topped up I accidentally left a couple of mags I
didn’t even think about it because I’m so used to the Magpul P mags which I can
leave topped up for months at a time and nothing’s gonna happen to them they’re
gonna continue to work I’m gonna slap him up in there and they’re gonna get to
work but I had at least you know partially full magazines with two of
these and when I went to run them in the rifle they kind of they wouldn’t fit in
there correctly and they wouldn’t actually strip rounds off the top it
didn’t work and so I’m kind of wondering if maybe these two mags that you see
right here are shot these might not work anymore I’ll keep you
posted if these do come back online but yeah they did kind of stretch out the
the feed ramp area up here you can see that this is a little bit squishy up top
but yeah these might not actually work anymore so my recommendation if you have
a rifle that you want to be able to run some polymer mags in stick with the
Magpul P mags or some of the others that I’m gonna try some of the hex mags and
things like that but the the Magpul PMAG never had a problem with these at all
the final controversial aspect to this rifle is its chambering I wanted a rifle
that could be very useful in a broad variety of situations if I had coyotes I
wanted to deal with in a quick shot if I had varmints I wanted to plug if there
were some medium game like if we run across hogs I wanted something that
would be able to take those and I decided to go with 223 and knowing that
it was probably on a smaller end but hey there are folks that hunt deer with 223
within some of those closer ranges and there are plenty of people that hunt
hogs with them as well but I think that maybe I made a mistake at the very least
with the choice of projectile these are 75 grain so you know I figured I’d be
able to get more energy with some of the heavier ones especially as distances
increase I’d be able to more reliably hit with with great energy but these RB
THP match bullets now these are known to tumble we’re gonna do some ballistics
gel tests with these just to make sure but these are known to tumble in-game
we’ll see if that actually happened because I know that on that hog hunt the
Hogs were just soaking up these rounds right here and you know I could watch
them stumble when they were hit it was it was very noticeable that they were
being struck but they were not slain or at least they were they weren’t until
later they probably had to go wander off and expire someplace else and that’s why
we had to go finish some off in much closer brush and it made for a more
dangerous hunt we had to get way up close I finished mine off at probably 10
yards and Billy finished his off at we’ll be about five yards it was very
close and he just basically did a mag dumped right into that thing those
bigger hogs that were up past 200 pounds they they were not amused
and they were not taken out in one hit so we’re gonna be moving on in the next
phase of this I’m gonna complete another upper for this and we’re gonna do a 350
Legend so make sure that you stick around we’re gonna be testing 350 legend
in a full cm mg rifle that’s gonna be one of the resolute series and we’re
gonna do some hand load and we’re gonna test out a couple of different loads see
what works and you know maybe come up with a couple different loads for
different purposes but we’re gonna be able to bring a bit more heat and find
out what that cartridge is all about and then we’re gonna stick with this 223
upper you know if probably this is going to be my base one if I know that I’m
heading into coyote country I’ll stick with 223 if I think we’re heading into
hog country I’m probably gonna swap out to 350 Legend and be able to make a bit
of a heavier hit in the final analysis I have been pleased as punch with this
rifle I called this my second favorite rifle in my collection and it’s not like
it’s made of all kinds of special bits it’s not you know any kind of really
expensive bits there’s nothing really exotic about it at all like some people
pointed out when I’m you know coming up with a concept in the first place is you
know it’s just an AR well yeah but it’s actually a really good example the type
and one that was built for a specific set of purposes and so far it has
fulfilled those purposes we do have plans to kind of grow this a little bit
so that we can provide that heavier punch and maybe use some different types
of bullets of course you know slap a different upper on top of this so that
we can get 350 legend out there and hopefully be able to provide a bit more
power on hogs especially and maybe even take it out deer hunting who knows I
think in the future this is going to be a very flexible rifle for a lot of the
needs that I have and it’s maybe something to think about for yourself
don’t you know consider my needs this is what I wanted from my particular region
and how things work around here but maybe
you can start thinking about how you would want to design your own rifle
to kind of meet some of the needs in your area what kind of animals are there
for you to hunt out there what defense purposes might you have yeah just think
about those and maybe from there you can start to design but I think that some
of the things we’ve done here can serve as a pretty solid platform for a lot of
it you know especially a lightweight rifle is going to be more flexible in
more situations for a lot of you guys thanks a lot for watching everybody
thanks for subscribing yeah be sure to check out the notification bell down
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  2. Nice build. I wish I could have one. Sadly AR's are now banned in New Zealand.
    So shoot it lots and have a great time with it👍😎

  3. Interesting @350 legend. I was thinking 6.5 Grendel. Can't really use full size pmags, but they hit harder, and still have light recoil.

  4. As to projectile size, I'd suggest shooting hogs with a 55 gr. The heavier bullets have better BCs, but they don't fragment or transfer as much energy as lighter ones do. Using a 77 gr hunting bullet instead of a match bullet may do the job though, but I'd look into lighter options as well.

  5. Fired up the bell as well, I'm running the magpul "core" currently as I love the compartments for oil bottle,extra bcg, and even extra batteries. However I absolutely love the A.T.I. grip your running, just curious would that very same model your running work on my mil spec M-4 variant? Thank you in advance for your time.

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