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SCIENTISTS send us shotgun slugs with stunning results!

today odd you make it we shoot it
shotgun slugs designed by a team of scientists coming all the way from
Helsinki Finland are some polycarbonate 3d printed shotgun slugs they were sent
three different types the first one is just solid polycarbonate and it kind of
resembles a modified teardrop shape the second type has sort of a split thin
design and a small amount of lead in the nose and finally the one I’m really
excited about is the one with a tungsten pellet inside the nose giving it much
more weight than the other two types hello I’m Mario and I’m a scientist from
Finland as a fan of chess YouTube channel I had an idea on how to promote
my research of it so I decided to design 3d printable slugs where the tungsten
pellet could be inserted during painting and with the help of my friend and
colleague Marcus I did just that and sent the slugs to Jeff who will
hopefully have fun shooting them and hopefully he will link back to the video
abstract of our research the slugs are made from polycarbonate so they should
eat dorita Mario and his team would be very happy if you check out their videos
on the micro reactor and also how they made these slugs in order for these
projectiles to be successful they must be strong enough to withstand at nearly
10,000 G’s of force during acceleration if they can survive just leaving the
barrel in one piece the shape and balance of the projectile has to be just
right to be able to fly at very high speeds of over Mach 1.5 it’s a very
challenging project good luck alright welcome back to later
folks Jeff and the og year back with you today
we’re shooting some polycarbonate rounds sent to us from actual scientists in
Helsinki Finland you might be able to see right there
this polycarbonate round was 3d printed these guys put a lot of science behind
this so we’re going to put a lot of effort by a behind shooting these things
downrange the first three shots will be these unweighted slugs loaded into these
federal birdshot shells this should send these flying at a speed
of around 1,200 to 1,300 feet per second I’m ready Wow accurate and almost no recoil one of
the cooler things ever seen here on t FM this round planted itself right in
Doug’s vest I was worried these would not be strong
enough just based off other 3d printing look at that let me get a close-up of
that a few fish a little cracks in it unfortunately our high-speed camera
triggered did not work wasn’t my fault was the triggers fault I’ll shoot slower
next time yeah but uh apparently flying very straight let’s let’s shoot another
one it’s just so we can get on high-speed and pretty damn accurate – I
know it’s it shall like most things that are light shoot a little bit high right
and as you would expect it punched a hole in the outer carrier a hole right
through the inner carrier and just kind of embedded itself right up against the
Kevlar of course it did not penetrate the Kevlar in any way but well looking
good it’s looking great so far pretty cool this scientist did they know what
they’re doing they’re in it’s right next to the other one right yeah pull that
sucker rather little marking huh look at that right next to the other one inch
left dead center here what’s that design as far as flight goes
is probably right on we I don’t think we’ve had design exactly like this
before we had kind of similar ones like the dumbbell ones which was a
double-ended one but this had my flat design
and it looked like it flew like a very stable arrow through the air you can see
it’s a little bit of damage from the impact but no damage back here from the
shot it’s weak spot yeah yeah very good very good yeah it’s like a chess pawn
yep yep I expected a lot of stability issues with these unweighted slugs and
remember these only weigh about 5 grams it’s relying on that unique shape that
shape we really haven’t seen before in slugs but it’s working out extremely
well okay we’re about 35 yards or thirty meters away we’ll see if this unweighted
one will be as promising as the others when you’re ready up it hit the panel I
thought hit the panel but it’s a little waistline is staying intact that’s
what’s yeah that’s the important thing weak spot right through there is solid one thing to bear in mind is this slug
only weighs about twice as much as a ping-pong ball and it’s going 30 meters
and remaining quite stable they only missed by inches but that
flight was still extremely impressive we’ll now move on to the 8.8 gram lead
course look with the split fins we’ll take that same 30 meter shot and see how
it performs okay I’m ready these were loaded with 31 grains of
longshot a custom load it’s possible that that tail design was just weak and
we had some damage to it which threw off its ballistics it looked a little closer
about 20 yards away there we go so we have you stacked this direction just
like that with Wonder Woman facing forward Brown came through here and zip
right through the edge of the duck pepper can top of the sprite Camp
slapping them both and then another little bulletproof panel here the lead
tip at least unfortunately the split tail design just was not strong enough
to handle those high G loads and when we lost the tail we lost pretty much all
stability just the nose of the slug continued on and that’s why it was not
as stable and accurate smoking pot and coke Ed Koch yes buy on how destroyed
still rooted here how long it was ringing down yeah inside we had a couple soda cans and it
went right right through that one don’t do coke and pot at the same time is that
what you’re saying yes once again we lost most of the tail
and we lost that pinpoint accuracy we saw in those earlier shots now bear in
mind we were pushing these things hard this thing was reaching around 1,800
feet per second or about 550 meters per second had we load these things up a
little lighter we probably would have seen them hold together much better now
we’ll test the tungsten cord slugs with two different types of powder
a fast-burning III and the slow-burning longshot you ready yep all right here we
go white dot all right white dot yeah long shot there we go here that sucker
yep using the slower burning long shot powder we were able to reduce the
initial g-shock while maintaining the high velocity of around 1,800 feet per
second we’re pushing these at the same speed as the split tail design but
because we have that solid base it’s holding together with over three times
the amount of ballast that we had in the lead tip slug now that’s impressive did
not go through but it that’s I think you landed very close to the taper right on
it found that tape about five feet back on
the dirt little splashing in because of the angle you had it out here yeah we
want it coming right back at it operator safety just to supply stuff to the right
so would you can’t shoot and the red dot shotgun is always off that shows what
that shit is lined up they’re pretty close
that was a flat spot too there okay I’m ready using that faster burning III powder we
had a catastrophic failure nothing left but the wadding flying towards the
target but this is a good example of how different powders with different burn
rates yield completely different results all right I’m ready lucky for me I loaded some of these with
the right powder and the right Claudia power to be able to really show up how
impressive these slugs were in flight using that polycarbonate fill which I
understand is a very difficult material to work with these guys made these slugs
not only strong enough to shoot out of a shotgun but shoot out of a shotgun at a
very high velocity and stay together and that unique shape that we really haven’t
seen before performed beautifully I just want to remind you to check out their
research videos in the video on how they made these slugs I hope you guys enjoyed
this video we had a lot of fun making it and they just blew our socks off thanks
for watching

100 thoughts on “SCIENTISTS send us shotgun slugs with stunning results!

  1. Y’all should really get a much bigger ballistics gel block! It would be a much better test if you could actually catch the slug in it and see how far it penetrates and look at the wound channel

  2. You had not seen slugs like those because of the lack of simulations and other tools perhaps. Scientists and engineers do this all the time. Last stage is the field test.

  3. there is no real accuracy at 10 yards is there and it went right out the window at 35 accuracy …velocity means nothing if its not hitting the mark but as always an interesting video.

  4. It would be nice to see a dart core. That way it can keep going after the pellet has impacted. Re: golf ball slug video.

  5. Ever wondered why bullets are one solid piece not a bunch of interconnected ones or even ones with Tails like that? The weakest part of an object is the first to go. Im no scientist and i could tell this before the video

  6. Great job on setting up and filming. The shooter is a great marksman. Thanks for all the tests and information. 👍

  7. Ugh, don't use Mach to define speed, it's ridiculous. Most people are ignorant of this, but Mach is variable; Mach 1 = speed of sound, and that changes based on numerous factors, such as medium (air, water, etc..), pressure, temperature, etc… Mach 1 in air is roughly 346m/s, Mach 1 in water is 1498m/s, and Mach anything in space doesn't exist. Long story short, using Mach as a definition of speed is essentially worthless 95% of the time.

  8. Yep, it's officer Greg who is causing your videos to suffer demonetization.
    He can't keep his trap shut. He needs to wake up and realize that he isn't in the video for the comic relief.
    He's there to pull the trigger well, like Danny.
    Joking about doing drugs simultaneously in this video is a pretty bad idea. Maybe you all should get a clue.
    I like his Kershaw Shuffle 2 knife. He needs to grow up a bit more. Keep the sexist/drug/etc crap inside.

  9. I wondered about your statement that the slug would be subject to 10k g's of force due to acceleration in the shotgun barrel this seemed high to me so did some research. With one gravitational force an object will be travelling final velocity would be 4,4280555 m/s (time: 0,452117) in one meter right?

    Reference so 4.428 meters per sec is 14.52756 feet per second this would mean the slug would only be subject to 100 gravity to accelerate to a speed of 1452 feet per sec in a 39 inch long barrel.I know barrels aren't 39 inches long but even dividing this by ten and getting a 4 inch barrel velocity the same @1452 ft/sec that only one thousand gravity not ten thousand and still 1452 out of a 4 inch barrel is way high more like 500 ft per sec which would make 350 gravity more accurate

  10. I am fairly sure using a smooth bore would provide better accuracy and less tumbling. Not sure if you mentioned if the barrel was rifled or not. Pellets, bird, and buck shot are more accurate fired using smooth bore. I have seen the grouping. Much tighter

  11. Most shotguns are smooth. So, I am assuming it is smooth bore, unless it’s tactical

  12. Don't plastic bullets defeat the purpose of using guns in the first place? I mean, I want a solid steel slug that'll punch through damn near anything. 🙂

  13. could you create a bullet that can cause a person's heart to stop,….due to impact,……………..regardless of the projectile's ability to penetrate kevlar?

  14. could you create a bullet that can cause a person's heart to stop,….due to impact,……………..regardless of the projectile's ability to penetrate kevlar?

  15. could you create a bullet that can cause a person's heart to stop,….due to impact,……………..regardless of the projectile's ability to penetrate kevlar?

  16. could you create a bullet that can cause a person's heart to stop,….due to impact,……………..regardless of the projectile's ability to penetrate kevlar?

  17. could you create a bullet that can cause a person's heart to stop,….due to impact,……………..regardless of the projectile's ability to penetrate kevlar?

  18. Really like your channel, however having a ad every couple of minutes is a put off couldn't enjoy it because of the constant interruptions. I understand the monetary compensation side of it with YouTube. Not sure what the solution is but when you have a short video of around 10 minutes anymore than a couple of ads is a take away from the great contents you guy's normally have.

  19. In their country their police have to call an administrator to use a version of watered down pepper spray on criminals. The reason you're shooting this for them is because they're not allowed to own a shotgun in their fascist country unless they're a bureaucrat globalist overlord. Enjoy your rights Americans!

  20. Have either of these scientists been arrested for any strange experiments? That hairy guy has definitely done time. Or at least will do some one day…..great vid

  21. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

  22. Generally speaking faster powders like 231 Win or similar are used for 1 1/8 oz 1 oz loads in the 12 gauge to stay within the PSI limitations of the industry specs, while heavy loads like 1 1/4 1 3/8 1 1/2 require a slower powder like Win. 540, 571, 572, or Longshot. Longshot is basically similar to Win. 572 but not exactly the same but damn close enough. Faster powder will ignite better with a lighter load in 12 gauge shotguns bore due to PSI build up and full powder burn but PSI pressure will rocket sky high if to much weight is put in front of the powder and in the case of weak projectiles the initial start up is way to fast and damages the shot or projectile.
    A great example test to do to show the G-Force effects is to take a 1 1/4 oz 12 gauge load and use the fastest burning powder the reload manual has to offer within load specs…….use the Chilled softest shot you can find in #8 shot and a full choke in the gun and pattern the load at 40 yards on a 30" inch circle board. Then load the exact same chilled lead shot #8 1 1/4 oz over top a slow powder that the load book has to offer like Longshot same wad for both loads by the way and again pattern shoot the 40 yard target. Generally speaking the pattern will be better from the slower burning powder due to way less shot deformation on initial start up.

  23. Your best showing is always the lead plate if you miss it fncking shoot it again !!!!!! Its the one consistent visual example as to what the slugs do all the others are just pretty shows so get it in your heads stop waiting my time the only reason to watch your show is for information and the best of that is the fncking lead plates

  24. OK, silken the last one would be great for crowd control! “Like the bad guy said when Arnold asked him if he new Miranda”, he said, “Never heard of the bitch”.

  25. The way those first unweighted rounds the way they stick in kevlar vest could put a small amount of explosives in the tip gove a good bang

  26. As someone with a fair 3D printing knowledge I am honestly stunned that (some) polycarb rounds were strong enough to survive being fired out of a shotgun.

  27. Let’s replace the tungsten with metal sodium/potassium and fire at a wet target and see what happens. I think the results will be pretty exciting.

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