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Schwerer Gustav – Rail Super Gun (Behemoth)

The Schwerer Gustav, Rail Super Gun, World War 2. The Schwerer Gustav was the largest artillery gun ever made. Before the second World War had started, Hitler required a devastating weapon for the invasion of France that could destroy the Maginot Line penetrating at several layers of concrete and steel The Schwerer Gustav was designed in 1934 by the German Arms manufacturer, Krupp. This giant railway gun weighed 1350 tons and had an overall length of 47 point three meters or 155 feet two inches it was mounted on a railway chassis running on specially constructed tracks and had to be Disassembled and assembled to set up even a set of outer tracks were required for the cranes to achieve this its barrel length was 32 and a half meters or 168 inches and could only move up or down at an elevation of 48 degrees with horizontal targeting achieved by a curved tracks the weapon caliber was 80 centimeters or 31 inches and the heavy concrete piercing or High-explosive shells weighed seven tons making them the largest and heaviest shells of any artillery piece in the world The gun could fire over a range of 47 kilometers or 29 miles After a number of shells were fired the barrel would wear away and need replacing the artillery gun required a staggering number of crew 250 crewmen were required to assemble the gun which took three and a half days while 2,500 crewmen were needed to lay the tracks Flak battalions were also a necessity to protect the gun from air attacks as it was highly visible due to its size The Schwerer Gustav would be constructed throughout the 30s But it would not enter service until 1941 there for missing the French invasion the gun would be transported to the Eastern Front and used at the siege of Sevastopol where 4,000 men were required to set it up in position It fired 300 shells at several enemy positions including Soviet fortresses and ammunition magazines After this the Schwerer Gustav was transported to Leningrad, but the attack was canceled It is unknown whether there was a second gun constructed or whether it was a nickname by the German artillery crew but in 1942 Dora as it became known was operational at Stalingrad, but withdrawn by the Germans During 1942 the Germans proposed to construct a new version of the gun mounted on a self-propelled platform that could move without Railway tracks called the landcruiser P. 1500 monster, however the idea was eventually scrapped as The war was coming to an end the Schwerer Gustav some sources say, was destroyed by the Germans to prevent capture on the 14th of April 1945 and it’s ruins studied by Soviet specialists Overall the Schwerer Gustav was quite an impractical weapon demanding a large number of crew and setup to become operational Subscribe for more World War 2 videos get your copy of simple history World War 2 today Thank you guys for all your support on the simple history YouTube channel if you enjoyed please consider visiting our patreon page there You can show us your support for the channel by donating and make a huge difference in what we’re able to create for you Plus you can get early access on upcoming videos, so let’s keep it growing, and thank you for being part of this amazing community

100 thoughts on “Schwerer Gustav – Rail Super Gun (Behemoth)

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  2. This thing is so crazy that lost planet 2 had there take on it,and I must say it was one of the best missions in the game.

  3. It’s a shame that this is seen as stupid today
    Now since they are more railroad tracks everywhere, including Siberia.
    the only thing is that they would have to make it smaller (to fit every railroad track)

  4. I was impressed by the Tiger tank, when I learned of Gustav I didn't fucking believe something that cool could be real, proud to be Germanic.

  5. Well if this super railgun still exist in germany American and Russia will be fail in weapons contest and Germany wins in weapons contest haha!

  6. Learnt about rail guns in one of my physics tuts at uni and it turns out we can use these for travel but it's a bit dangerous and not much more efficient than what we have these days. But still cool.

  7. 0:00 All of the people standing on it just got yeeted to another dimension.

    (Pause video before you click 0:00 )

  8. JFK: we will send a man to the moon using the saturn V rocket

    Hitler: Rakete sind zu verdammt teuer

    (Rocket are too damn expensive)

  9. 1930's French and British officials: "I'm sure there's a perfectally good explanation for this 1350 ton artillary piece, nothing to be concerned about whatsoever"

  10. Funny they only got about 6 shots off!!! It was high maintenance!!! They need to change cannon every 3 shots!!!!!!


  12. see the issue with tthis is that it was mostly overkill
    a smaller, but still quite large gun that could be moved by truck, would do the job just as well and wouldnt be a drain on resources
    like i tell all my sexual partners, bigger doesnt mean better

    im joking of course, what sexual partners? me? no way

  13. Haha this gun is nothing compared to my species
    My species uses a interstellar radiation powered diffusion cannon

  14. For punching a big hole in the Maginot Line it was well designed but with the end run through Belgium or completing its design function it should have been scrapped.

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