SCCY CPX 2 Pistol Range test and Review

Hey this is J Scott with Gun Shock Photos
today we are out on the range We be working with a pistol called the SCCY pistol SCCY Industries this is an American-made concealed carry
nine-millimeter Made down in Florida basically the product comes in this nice
little cardboard box so let’s open up and see what we got here first off it comes with a limited lifetime warrantee which is pretty good and pistol like this have any
problems just sent back to the factory which also by the way is transferable
So if you ever sale the gun it transfers to the next owner instruction manual let’s see we’ve got a once fired case included with it the gun comes with two magazines with an extension on them. It also comes with the regular base pads so if you don’t want
the extension could put the regular base pads that’ll help with conceal
ability as a trigger lock included with it let’s go ahead and drop out this
magazine and let’s go ahead on lock it here real quick so we can get the gun
make sure it’s unloaded obviously triggered lock just comes like so let’s go ahead and check the gun make sure it is unloaded alright sure we have an unloaded gun alright so this is the
SCCY pistol now it’s pronounced Sky spelled SCCY this is the second
version of this gun this is the CPX-2 CPX one came out a couple years ago CPX-2 does not have a manual safety the
CPX-1 did have a manual safety this gun has a suggested retail MSRP on
about 319 I believe. so this is a gun that is aimed at the entry market of
concealed-carry company actually even makes their own magazines in houses
these hold 10 rounds of nine-millimeter the some of the things that this
particular gun as it has a recoil pad back here basically these
cuts are in the back get some separation between the backstrap in the rest of the
grip they’re not there’s no interchangeable back straps on these are
anything but obviously you’re not going to get that in this price point but this
is supposed to reduce felt recoil a little bit couple of things that I like
about it are the large sites their fixed sites rear sight is adjustable for
windage with set screw if you need an elevation adjustment you gonna have to
go with either a lower rear sight or taller front sight. the gun is a hammer it is it’s not a striker fired but rather those having a hammer it’s a
double only every time you pull the trigger you are cocking the hammer so it
does have a fairly long trigger poll i’ve been told it’s about nine pounds
and we’re gonna check that in a minute here with with our trigger pull gauge
but it’s about a nine pound trigger pull on it. alright so let’s check the trigger
pull and do a couple of other things and then we’ll try shooting it let’s go ahead check the
trigger pull on the SCCY first thing I want to do is make sure that it is empty
chamber is empty no magazine in the gun go ahead and put our trigger pull gauge on the trigger here try to get it right about the middle where my finger would normally go
let’s see what we got [click of the trigger] ok that broke at just about right at nine pounds a lot of
times with this type of guns with this type of trigger system if you’re using a
trigger pull gauge you gotta watch where you put you can get quite a bit
different readings depending on where you put put it on the gun that was about
nine pounds in time so we’re right at about what what the factory does claim
in terms of the trigger pull weight. so today we’re just a little bit of a
little bit of testing with the gun Today I’ve got some Fiocchi nine-millimeter 115 gr round nose alright so let’s load up a
couple rounds will set up a target and we’ll see what we can do with it all right we’ll go ahead not function fire the gun we are going to put some 115 Fiocchi round nose through it
first aww go a head and load up the gun [side locking] alright So let’s see what we can do [Bang] Ok that was first shot Fairly close to my point of aim not bad for
first shot on it it is a long trigger pull. it is a bit heavy but you just have
good trigger discipline obviously should be fairly accurate let’s see what we can
do in the next couple [bang] [bang] [bang] [bang] alright there we go there’s five on the target again fairly
heavy trigger pull long trigger pull. we are at about probably about seven yards here for this type of gun that’s not a bad group right there. let’s go ahead try us
a federal hollow points here a little bit different bullet profile put two or tree rounds through here if we have any
issues alright so let’s go ahead try couple of
the federal hollow points see what we get [Side locking] [Ban] [Bang] [Bang] alright so what we are going to do is go ahead shoot from
concealment here this is a concealed carry gun using a Bianchi holsters here
its holster quite well very nicely made leather holster belt clip inside the
waistband only go ahead and get this put on and then we’ll do a little bit of shooting with it ok so I’ve got my Bianchi holster on gun
in a holster you can see with a simple concealment shirt conceals very well
basically that it as a side draw and let’s go ahead and put a couple rounds . what we are going to do is shoot around the barricad put a couple of rounds on each target. and go from there [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] Alright so we got a couple rounds in not
the greatest not the best of trigger control on that I gotta alpha Charlie on
the far target there and looks like I have to Charlies over here a little bit
low but let me try again and see if I can do a little bit better on my trigger work with it [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [bang] Alright that’s a little bit better Iooks like gotta another alpha Charlie on the first target and alpha Charlie on the second target this Charley is much higher on the target Alight that is going to do it for us today at the range today
with the CPX generation Two SCCY pistol all and all seems like a fairly good
pistol fit and finish seems to be pretty good concealed handgun I have got it with a simple cover garment right now that’s in a Bianchi holster conceals pretty
well we did shoot some round nose we also shot some Hollow points and a couple of round nose reloads through it and all those fed fine take down on these pretty
simple just pop out the pop out the takedown lever on the side. The slide comes straight off the front gotta captured recoil system so the
spring so called flying away on you This version first version the special did
have an external thumb safety second version does not. I believe they had quite
a few problems with a first generation They seem to have cured that in this gun. It fits hand pretty good. I like the extension on the on the mag, the magazine
comes with 2 10 round magazines MSRP is about 319 on it does have a fairly long
trigger poll we measured at right about nine pounds if you need an inexpensive
carry gun this probably one too take a look at but again always test with a
least a few hundred rounds of whatever ammo you’re going to actually carrying
a gun before you start depending on it so we’ll do some further testing as we
go forward and see how we do Aright this is J Scott with Gun Stock Photos that’s
it for us at the range today

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