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Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Double Rifle Bag Review

Hey welcome to the channel, today I’ve got
the urban warfare double rifle case from savior equipment. Now the where nice enough to send this bag
out to me so lets get started. Okay so this particular case is a 42 inch
urban warfare and I will post in the description below all the specs on it size, dimensions
all that so make sure you check that out. But we will get started here you’ve go these
two big pockets on the front on the sides in this one I’ve put two sets of hearing protection
muffs in there they easily fit in there, pretty much fills that pocket. They do have velcro on them plus the strap. In this one Ive just got some Glock mags in
its not nearly full it will hold quit a bit more You’ve got the MOLLE webbing on the front
so if you want to attach you know you’re going to the range using this as a range bag you
want to throw a tourniquet or your med kit or some additional mag pouches or whatever
you want to attach molle on there. You’ve got the velcro patch panel up to. You’ve got these two zipper pockets and they
are pretty decent size they both go about halfway across, and they are just about perfect
to hold two ar mags a piece these 30 round ar mags fit nicely. Your two main pockets this big front pocket
and the rifle pocket do have lockable zippers and these zippers do feel pretty good quality. Lets flip it open, you have got these two
mesh pockets here that are more than sufficient to hold several boxes of ammo if that is what
you want to do with them you can put whatever in them. Then you have the two large padded pistol
pockets that are secured shut with velcro. You can fit a pretty large handgun in here
you could really put two in there if you wanted to but they would probably rub up against
each other and possibly get scratched and it will hold a large handgun too these are
both smaller guns that are in there. You have got the carry handle up here it velcros
together and it does have buckles for added security on that. This is your other lockable zipper. This is a standard sized ar a 16.5 inch barrel
with plenty of extra room, if you are just hauling ars you could easily get the smaller
size. It has velcro straps to hold it in place,
and reinforced pockets it is all padded. It does have this padded center divider that
is about a 1/2 inch thick it is removable it just velcros in there to protect the guns. In this side I’ve got a Ruger American Bolt
action 308 and it easily fits you could put a little longer rifle than this you have an
extra 3 or 4 inches. It has this padded border around it. It fits nicely even with a decent sized scope
on it. I will get this zipped up before I flip it
over to look at the back. It does have the option for a shoulder strap
it buckles to these. On the back you can see we have a drag handle
if you are pulling it out of your cars backseat or trunk, it has an ID pouch, it does have
backpack straps that are removable if you don’ t want them. If you are carry this long distance on a hunting
trip or from your car to the range and you have some other things to carry you can put
it on your back. It does have a pocket on the back with a zipper
on each end its just one pocket this length, but its pretty tight when you get the two
rifles in there and all the other stuff so there is not a lot of room in it maybe good
for some documents or paper targets. So far it seems like a really nice bag I’ve
got quit a bit of weight in it with all this and it seems to be holding up I have carried
it around a little. Make sure you check the description below
I will put a link to savior equipment and to this bag on Amazon, I believe right now
this bag is just under 70 dollars. If you enjoyed this video make sure you hit
the like button and if you are new here make sure you subscibe.

12 thoughts on “Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Double Rifle Bag Review

  1. Nice. I have on in black and it will hold two ar's. I use it to carry my colt 6920 lower with the colt factory upper along with the 6.5 grendel drop in upper and could get the val if I wanted. Very nice

  2. That is an awesome gun bag/tote, and the price is not bad at all. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am going to share it with a few friends.

  3. Thanks for the review. Really wanted to send non company promo views of it. The pouch on the back is to stow the backpack straps when not in use.

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