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Savage Arms AccuFit Model 110 – A Hunting Rifle For Whole Family!

hey guys guys eastman here. today we’re gonna
talk about the new AccuFit stock from Savage. Basically what Savage has
addressed here is the fact that not any one gun fits everybody the gun that fits
me is not gonna fit my wife there’s length of pull and comb height there the
main adjustments that you need to make on a rifle stock. The AccuFit system basically
allows you to take these components almost like building Legos here and
adjust not only the trigger pull but the comb height of your guns so it fits you
perfectly included with the package on the 110
they have five comb adjustments and four length of pull adjustments the way this
works is we’ll just take the screws out of the back ofcourse on the recoil pad
there’s two holes here we’ll just put our screwdriver in there and we’re just
gonna take these screws out and take this apart and change out both the comb
height and the length of pull. Length of pull on the gun is basically how far
your trigger is from the butt of the stock and you can see my grandfather was
a gunsmith and he would always tell me the best way to check that is to put the
gun into the crook of your arm right here and put your finger up to the
trigger now when you do this the trigger should be right here on the tip of your
finger at that first joint this is way too short which most guns are cuz I have
arms like a gorilla I guess really long we’re about an inch off so we see the
triggers hitting here it needs to be hitting up here so I’m going to add
probably this longest component and now as far as the comb height we want that
comb height to be perfect so when we put our face down or our cheek down to the
gun we’re perfectly looking in the scope because most scopes don’t adjust up and
down they’re on a set plane we need to adjust this so actually the comb
height on this gun is perfect for me but we do need to significantly adjust the
length of pull so I’m going to take this apart and these components nest together
so you can just keep building them like Legos and build
them on out you can see I only need about an inch but all these combined would be
about about a three three and a half inch difference so I’m only gonna need
probably two they also include different size screws and a little key here to
tell you which screws so I’m gonna obviously need these two inch screws the
longest screws take this apart and rebuild this real quick so the comb piece just slides back and
then pops up you can see there’s five comb heights from low to high and most
women and children need to be a little higher
most guys especially have a big melon head like me need to be lower of course
I need to be the lowest so this goes right here push it down these cleats
just fit into the slots so you push it down and push it forward so it goes down
and then forward locks in and then the recoil pad piece goes right in behind it
and locks the whole thing into place so we’ll just go ahead and screw this
this recoil pad in place and that will lock both the recoil pull length and the
comb into place in less than 10 minutes make full adjustments to this rifle and
we’re off to the rifle range so there you have it the Savage 110 very
universal great new product head on over to the Savage website and check out all
the available calibers in this gun shoots knife and for more great tips and
tactics and gear reviews head on over to the Eastmans’ Youtube channel and make
sure you subscribe while you’re there

2 thoughts on “Savage Arms AccuFit Model 110 – A Hunting Rifle For Whole Family!

  1. Savage doesn't recommend stacking the length of pull spacer shims so Savage doesn't supply long enough screws to do so – long arm shooters whom this is marketed to will require a trip to the hardware store if they decide to stack them – – more suited for going smaller than longer and that was a disappointment

  2. I didn’t see you actually add any length of pull. So I’m assuming the screws they send don’t actually fit if you need to lengthen it like I do….

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