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Savage 110 Prairie Hunter 224 Valkyrie – a stranger rifle than you might think.

Howdy, guys and gals! I’m Kyle
Broderick. Welcome to The Social Regressive. Savage just announced a new
rifle it’s the 110 Prairie Hunter; this kind of uses the same formula that
they’ve been putting out with their other 110 series rifles so it’s going to
have plastic furniture that has an aluminum chassis built into it and it’s
going to have those adjustable cheek riser pieces and furniture lengthening
pieces so you can get the rifle to fit you a lot better and just straight out
of the box it comes with all these different pieces actually in the box we
tested the one ten Scout a few months back and I just came away loving that
rifle it’s really fun just kind of neat to play with it’s quick to point quick
to get on target and it can deal with targets of practical ranges this rifle
is kind of a deviation from that it’s a bit more of a varmint kind of hunting
style rifle it has a 22 inch barrel threaded muzzle all the same good stuff
like a detachable box magazine that you get with the other 110 rifles but one of
the major differences here is that we’re getting into 224 Valkyrie it’s chamber
for 224 Valkyrie and not one of your standard short action rounds or even 223
this may not seem like a big deal we have a popular new round the 224
Valkyrie what is it you know why would making a bolt-action out of this be a
little bit weird well it actually is quite strange because the 224 Valkyrie
is designed really for the limitations of the ar-15 platform and to be able to
kind of expand those as far as you can get with a 22 type projectile one of the
issues with 223 in general is that you can’t really get those very low drag
projectiles in your in your case and be able to you know get enough powder behind
them to really get much speed and we’ve had all kinds of variations in the past
people trying to figure out a way to get longer distances and be able to get more
energy on target so we have this 6 5 Grendel which of course is going to be a
much larger projectile but yeah federal went in a very different direction with 224
Valkyrie making a larger case and then kind of setting
anything back a little bit pushing back the neck pushing back the shoulder so
you could get very low drag 22 caliber projectiles 224 diameter and so far it has
been working out really well it seems like everybody’s kind of jumping on
trying to create the next best 224 Valkyrie AR and now we get over to the
bolt action side of things and we’re gonna discuss some of the weirdness
they’re probably the biggest question that people might have is just plain Why
why would anybody design a 224 Valkyrie bolt-action rifle? Because you’re taking
a cartridge that is kind of limited to being able to fit into an AR platform
and you know you’re trying to use it in something that can be a bit more precise
than that maybe have a little bit longer cartridge and you’re competing against
some really excellent rounds like the 22 250 that is kind of the you know it’s
this standard uber 22 if you want to be able to get those 224 diameter projectiles
moving out really far and fast 22-250 is definitely going to get you
there it has a great short-range flat trajectory and then with the right
projectiles it can also get you out to really long ranges as well and then of
course we have 243 which i think is probably the one to beat here another
it’s a great short action round it’s gonna fit within your standard
bolt-action magazines like we’re gonna have right here this is actually not the
prairie hunter and this is not the Mossberg MVP or anything this is
actually my new rifle the one-mile savage 12 FV that sale is still going on
make sure that you go purchase one over at Cabela’s or at Bass Pro because these
are selling right now for 320 bucks not with this furniture and not with this bottom
metal but you’re gonna get the great action the barrel and the Accutrigger the
the varmint bolt knob and a plastic furniture and then you can work along with
me on our experiment and kind of work yours out into something special but
yeah I just wanted to make sure that you knew this was not the rifle that we’re
talking about right here but 243 Winchester is going to be the round 2
in a short action rifle if you ask me that can handle projectiles way down to 55
grains all the way up past a hundred grains and they’re going to be very
slick they’re gonna be able to fly very flat at the kind of close trajectory and
if you get the right projectiles then you can keep a very flat trajectory out to
very long ranges you can definitely get out well past a thousand yards and in
general you should be able to beat 224 Valkyrie depending on what kind of
projectiles you have set up in your rifle great for varmints great for deer you
can pick your projectiles all over the map and then why would anybody want to
choose a 224 Valkyrie instead especially since you know in the case of though the
110 Prairie hunter you’re going to be losing the capability of having AR
magazines and said you’re going to be using the savage proprietary four round
magazine so why would anybody want to do this I actually think it does make a
fair bit of sense all right so we have 224 Valkyrie down here that can handle
some of those lightweight projectiles up into some of the heavier ones it’s going
to be able to move them faster than 223 of course but really we’re gonna be
stepping up when we go to 22 250 those projectiles are gonna move faster a lot
faster because you do have quite a bit more case capacity and then over here on
243 Winchester you can have an extremely flat trajectory out to some pretty
impressive ranges and a wide range of projectiles as well but we’re gonna start
knocking some of these off to show why 224 Valkyrie might be a really good case
in a bolt-action rifle first off 243 Winchester there are some ammunition
problems in general you’re going to be able to find a little bit of your
varmint Anam Oh most of what you’re going to find out there is going to be
your hunting ammo your spire point and you’re not going to be able to get your
very low drag projectiles in factory ammo for 243 unless you go to specialty
makers and then you’re really getting it to cost and in general it is just going
to cost more anyway first I don’t know exactly what the reason is
somehow federal has been able to keep their prices on 220 for Valkyrie very
low compared to a lot of its competition I’ve just been
shox going just out to Walmart take a look at a box of ammo and you’re getting
very low drag projectiles and you’re getting good brass and all that and yeah it’s
actually quite inexpensive to run. 243, however, yeah it’s gonna be a bit more
and it’s really more of a hand loaders cartridge I would say especially if you
want to get into some of the longer range work alright so what about 22
to 50 down here this one seems like it should be a shoo-in if you’re getting a
bolt-action rifle get 22-250 no this is really not the case. Mostly
the industry is pretty well fixed on a 45 grain projectile up to 55 maybe up into
the 60s with 22 to 50 and they have optimized their rifles for that so
generally you’re gonna get somewhere between a 1 and 11 twist up to maybe 1
and 14 somewhere in there 1 in 12 is common and with that you’re really not
going to be able to stabilize those very low drag projectiles like you’re getting in
224 Valkyrie off-the-shelf right now and that is pretty obvious when you go out
to try to buy ammunition for 22 250 you’re gonna find 45s all over the place
Winchester has some great ammunition that I’ve used before federal has some
good stuff but it’s all varmint weight projectiles designed for those kind of
closer range impacts and you’re not going to be able to deal with wind quite as
well and you’re not gonna be able to keep those projectiles going for the longer
distances those are going to go subsonic well before the heavier to 24 Valkyrie
projectiles and if you do go to Walmart over here on the the two twenty fours like I
say you can just buy that stuff just straight off the rack it’s going to be
loaded up really well it’s gonna have good projectiles for you and for those of
you that are not hand loaders I think that this could be a really good option
now some other reasons to go with 224 Valkyrie I think it would be a good
choice for especially children and for folks that don’t like recoil of course
the other two don’t have really any recoil going on either 243 you can
certainly get into some but in general 224 Valkyrie is going to be really easy
on everybody I think it’s going to be great for a whole family if you want to
be able to get out we’re on your wind reading be able to kind of
work up your long-range game I think this would be a lot of fun if you have a
kid that’s getting a bit precocious on his his rascal or his cricket yeah just
try this one out I think it could work out really well so aside from some fun
target plinking with the family what might a 224 valkyrie bolt-action rifle
be good for I could see this as a hunting cartridge for a variety of game
animals you certainly have a top-end limit you’re probably going to be just
great on your prairie dogs or ground squirrels you’re gonna have woodchucks
and then coyotes I think is going to be this is going to be a great choice for
coyote because you’re going to get that flatter trajectory you’ll be able to
stretch out to longer distances and be able to make those hits and it’ll have
plenty of energy to waste a coyote easily moving up to hogs I think it’d be
a great choice a lot of people still hunt hogs with 223 we certainly have and
it works great a lot of the Outfitters that you go out
with they’re gonna be firing 223 so 224 Valkyrie is just gonna be a nice
step up you can stretch out your distances and be able to bring a little
bit more heat on those targets but then once you get into deer I think this is
going to be a controversial topic and we’re gonna see over time how people do
with this practically we do have people that will hunt deer with 223 and this is
one where you have a lot of folks that really frown on this because you’re just
really not bringing a whole lot of heat onto an animal you have to be within
pretty close ranges and even if we look at the numbers with 224 Valkyrie if you
do decide to hunt deer with this you probably better bring those heavy
projectiles and keep your targets within 200 yards in general they say to take a
whitetail you’re going to want about a thousand foot-pounds of energy and then
yeah that’s gonna be basically 200 yards and in even with 224 Valkyrie at this
time we have two very good-looking 224 Valkyrie bolt-action rifles to choose
from there’s a Mossberg MVP that’s been
around for just a little bit both of these are quite brand new the 110
Prairie hunter which I talked about at the beginning
and they’re approaching these from two different angles the MVP is based on a
our magazine so you can go ahead and get your you know you’re readily available
mags and put them in and you can have some pretty high-capacity magazines
especially for a bolt-action rifle and I think these have been really kind of
catching in the industry with 2:23 and with 308 it really does seem like a
really good solution but then over here on the the savage side you’re using that
proprietary magazine and this could open things up for hand loaders for the first
time of course people have been hand loading for the the 224 Valkyrie for a
good long while now and we’re seeing all kinds of really interesting data people
talking about best twist rates and coming up with best formulas and best
powders and all that and it’s really fun to watch
but one of the things that they haven’t been able to do yet is really play
around with the cartridge overall length and that’s going to be defined by the
magazine length usually in an AR you’re stuck with two point two six zero as
your maximum length from the butt of that of that round all the way out to
the tip of the projectile you can’t go any further than two point two six zero and
fit it into an AR mag what we can do now with a proprietary magazine from savage
is start to maybe push those out a little bit so if you have a very low
drag projectile you can you know you know bolt-action rifle that’s really set up
for this you can go ahead and start pushing those projectiles out a little bit
further maybe toward the lands you can get yourself a little bit of extra case
capacity for a little bit of extra velocity and you might be able to kind
of tweak things around and get a new set up that’s going to work even better
maybe than when you had those cartridge limitations so these are two rifles to
keep an eye on I’m really curious to see how hand loaders handled the the savage
model and see what kind of things they can play with what new projectiles they
might be able to introduce we might be able to get into some extra long ones
now keep in mind that the Savage has a one in seven twist which is generally
considered to be a good twist for 224 curry some folks are saying in order to
get those very low low drag projectiles to remain stable out to the longer ranges
that you really need a 1 in 6.5 so we’ll kind of see how people work with that it
has a longer barrel than usual on the 1:10 so that might be able to help with
that stability but yeah we’ll just kind of keep an eye on things and see where
this goes and that’s another one of the really interesting things about this
rifle we’ve now opened up a brand new head a new bolt head a new bolt face
diameter for savage and a new magazine system so we might be able to see a 6.8
spc for a bolt-action rifle now over at Savage and then we might see some others
in the future like maybe they’ll be coming up with a 6 millimeter Valkyrie
or something like that I can’t wait to see what happens thanks
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42 thoughts on “Savage 110 Prairie Hunter 224 Valkyrie – a stranger rifle than you might think.

  1. I think Federal is keeping the price point low to sell ammo and bring new enthusiasm (low cost, low recoil, decent performance on small game) to the shooting sports. Oh…and they're also trying to hoover up some of the air out there at the expense of the 6.5 Creedmoor fan club. Savage just wants to sell rifles 🙂 BTW…I picked up a 12FV in 6.5 the other day at Cabela's. $319.97. I really dislike that stock!

  2. Know nothing about 224 but bolt action able to give you more room to play with over all cartridge length for the 224?

  3. My ruger American 243win really likes the hornady 95gn sst, which are like 23$ a box but I did just find some on sportsmans guide loaded by fiocchi for 16$ a box I really hope they are as accurate as the hornady loads. In the process of doing a few mods cant decide if I want the at one or the pro varmint w/ adjustable comb. Im wanting to upgrade eventually from the factory sporter barrel but Im not sure what barrel I need. I was actually hoping you could point me in that direction. Ive googled ruger American replacement barrels but theres so many and I don't know which one will work. Are most bolt action rifles like ar15s and the barrels are interchangeable? Like will a barrel that says its for a stevens ,Mossberg, savage, or so on work on my ruger? Ive got a 20' 224 valkire ar15 also with the 1/7 twist and I haven't even had a chance to run some good ammo through it but when I ordered it 6 months ago I ordered 300 rds of the federal 75gn fmj and they do ok averaging just over 1 inch groups at 100yds but Im hoping with some match ammo or handloads I can tighten that up a bit. My 18" Grendel mops the floor with that valkire so far but Ive been shooting and loading for the Grendel for over 2 years now for some reason the 100yd groups aren't that impressive from my Grendel it hovers between .75 to 1.25 inch groups but once I stretch it out to 450 yds its consistently shoots 2.5' to 3' in groups. I don't really have the room to shoot any farther than 450yds but Id really like to get it out to at least 600yds and see how it does.

  4. Interesting. If the bottom metal could take AR mags, I'd be more on board. Having 30 rounders isn't the appeal so much as taking advantage of mags that I already own.

  5. I know ppl who deer hunted for long time with 223 years. Never had one take a second step. 223 has little recoil & is inherently a little more accurate for that reason. Head shots are child's play with correct type of ammo, quality ammo & a little practice.

  6. Right around 6:46 you mention a few things about bullet quality, including the quality of the brass. I'm fairly novice in the firearms world and I feel like I have heard a few different people mention "good brass", but I haven't ever heard anybody elaborate on what makes brass good or bad. Maybe you could make a quick video on this? (There doesn't seem to be anything that is terribly detailed on the subject already on YouTube)

  7. Honestly, the only thing the 224 Valkyrie does better than the 6.5 Grendel is punch paper. In every other way the 6.5 Grendel is a far superior AR length round.

    Using published data for standard Hornady ammo and the Hornady Ballistics calculator for the 6.5 Grendel 123gr SST and the 224 Valkyrie 88gr ELD-M and the following settings and standards;
    speed of sound = 1,100 fps,
    scope center is 1.5" over the bore,
    zero is 200 yards,
    altitude of 1,500' ASL,
    temp is 70°F,
    minimum velocity for consistent bullet expansion is 1,600 fps,
    minimum power to humanely kill medium sized game is 1,000 ft/lbs

    Range at which the round goes subsonic;
    6.5 Grendel = 1,150 yards (330 ft/lbs)
    224 Valkyrie = 1,300 yards (237 ft/lbs)

    Max range for 1,600 fps
    6.5 Grendel = 650 yards (696 ft/lbs
    ) (590 ft/lbs at 750 yards)
    224 Valkyrie = 750 yards (500 ft/lbs)

    Max range for 1,000 ft/lbs

    6.5 Grendel = 400 yards (1,940 fps

    224 Valkyrie = 250 yards (2,280 fps)

    Bullet drop at 1,000 yards
    6.5 Grendel = 388.4" (406 ft/lbs

    224 Valkyrie = 340.8" (346 ft/lbs)

    Other than a little farther supersonic range which means a little less bullet drop, the 224 Valkyrie lags in power and effective range.

    As I see it, it's a cartridge in search of a reason to exist.

  8. i've wanted to take a savage 22.250 swap the barrel out to a 1:6.5 or 1:7 twist and shoot the heavy bullets out of it.

  9. Hi Kyle, can see the justification for this action as a UK bolt action loader wanting to get the 75grn ELD's out of the block. My .223 Howa with a 24" barrel will manage them with the 1 in 9, but they have to be single loaded, and then don't have the legs more grunts will give them.

  10. Good point with the 22-250. With the 224 Valkyrie (AR Diamond Back), AR Stoner magazine,
    and a 62 grain Barnes TSX … you can reach the lands easily and the bottom of the bullet
    extends well beyond the bottom of the neck.

  11. An advantage to having a bolt Valkyrie over an AR platform- no gas getting spit in your face while shooting suppressed.

  12. The thing is a .224 diameter bullet gets to long (past the sweet spot) when it gets past The 80gr mark, its like having a .17 cal bullet that's 3 inches long, its not going to fly right to its proportion…… only way to make the bullet heavier is to make it longer until it get tooooooo long to stabilize!

  13. Maybe I missed it, but was the actual performance (Precision, feeding, velocity) ever mentioned or tested as part of this review? It seemed to just be more of “valkyries can be had in bolt guns” instead of anything really about the cartridge in the rifle listed in the description.

  14. The Mossberg MVP 224V doesn't exist. They advertised back in Jan 2018, but none came to the retailers yet. I'll be buying the 110 224V, for few reasons, 1. I have sub-moa loads developed for my AR 224V, so it will likely shoot well. 2. You can put it in a chassis and use AICS magazines, which I will be doing. 3. I think it will be a good option for PRS, less recoil (easier to spot the shots) and lighter to carry, so I plan to take it to matches, if it all confirms.

  15. I do hope savage does start manufacturing a bolt action in 6.8 spc. I'm glad you mentioned it and I hope it gets people asking for it.

  16. I know there has been serious issues with brass consistency and accuracy related to 224 Valkyrie. Has that been resolved in the last 3-4 months? I can just load an 80 grain amax in my .223 and have almost the same thing at a fraction of the price and much better accuracy. I want this caliber to be good but I've heard nothing good about it really.

  17. 6mm creedmoor or 22 creedmoor .
    Proper twist rates; fit in the short action properly; with the heavies with 30 degree shoulders.
    Just a thought all factory to.

  18. Meh it's a 22 if I want to shoot a 22 I will pull out the Henry lever action.

    That said I will purchase one of this so I can jerk the barrel and bolt out sell them online and get a savage ptg ppg bolt head and rebarrel it as a long throated 264lbc and have even more energy then the 22 cal valkrie could hope to make.

    Might buy 2 and turn the other into a 22 grendel and smoke the valkrie's backside with the same bullets it uses.

    Ain't no replacment for displacement.

  19. I like the looks of the Mossberg much more, it doesn't have that huge manhole cover bolt shroud that requires an indersized , anemic looking stock in that area.

  20. How can you comment on the Savage Prairie Hunter when you don't have one to test??? The Savage PH is exactly that – Dogs, coyotes and hogs. It is expected to be super accurate and lowest cost to shoot from an affordable bolt gun. My AR-15 224VLK is awesome because I can see the bullet on impact. A bolt gun in the same caliber is handy while my smoking AR cools down.

  21. It actually seems like people are having great success with this cartridge out of bolt actions. It's too bad Federal didn't just introduce a new cartridge like this, without trying to make it work within the constraints of the small frame AR. Then they probably wouldn't have the brass issues, velocity issues, and stability issues that people have been complaining about. Truth be told, I think a lot of people would be interested in a low recoil ELR cartridge just for bolt actions.

  22. Received mine from classic firearms this week. I love this bolt 224 valkyrie! Trigger breaks clean at 1.5lbs, stock feels great, came with extra butt pad and cheek pad. I added a muzzle break, vortex 3x12x56 hog hunter scope. Using 78gr barnes bullets I'm getting 3/4 to 1.25 groups at 100 yards. 2-2.5 at 200. Dead on at 100y 4in low at 200. Good enough for me! I'm very satisfied. I will try other loads later.

  23. I think everyone is missing the point of this being way better than 223, and especially the cross compatibility here. 224 Bolt and AR, and with both platforms you could very easily swap either over to a 30 cal cat thats on the market and out do any 300 black/7.62×39 or go the 6.8 if you prefer. 6.8 AR loses little performance in shorter barrel configs. Handloaders pushing the AR COAL to 2.295 and obviously the Bolt allows you to seat even a little longer for the better long range rds. This could be the best cross platform caliber available, 6×6.8 pretty awesome too…. just do some research as to what is being done, Starline also sells basic brass for wildcatters too

  24. 224v, can it hit a doggo at 1000+? with the right load and barrel, sure.
    will anyone ever actually hit a doggo at 1000+ with a 224V?? LOL no. lucky shot only.

    224V is a paper puncher. 223 ammo is cheap and gets you to realistic ranges 6.5 has the power to hit WTD at ranges a good shooters could reasonably expect to connect with WTD.

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