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Savage 10 GRS – Rifle Review and Field Test

Hi everybody,
Todd Helms with Eastman’s here to talk to you today about the Savage 10 GRS. Savage builds this model 10 GRS as a law
enforcement weapon but I found this fall that it serves really really good double
duty both on the bench at the range for practice and in the field itself I was
able to take a beautiful buck antelope with this rifle and a very nice
whitetail buck with this rifle and the rifle performed flawlessly delivering
shots on both animals between 200 and 400 yards respectively. Putting the
animals down hard placing the bullet exactly where I
wanted it to go. This rifle is a little bit on the weighty side but that is an
advantage, when you set this rifle on arrest on the ground for shooting prone
or off of sticks it is rock solid. That’s a huge huge bonus in a hunting situation
especially where we don’t always have an opportunity to get the perfect rest
having a heavy rifle to absorb some of that human error in our shooting form.
Pays huge dividends, the Savage 10 GRS is P mag compatible and comes in your
choice of three calibers 308 Winchester 65 Creedmoor and 6 millimeter Creedmoor.
It is fluted for heat dissipation and rigidity and if you look out on the end
it is threaded for either your choice of a muzzle brake or a suppressor probably
the big key feature that makes this rifle really unique are the adjustable
height of comb, and the adjustable length of pole. What these two things do is
allow you to customize this platform to your specific shape and dimensions. These
two features really allow you to make a custom feel to your rifle and allow you
to ring every ounce of accuracy out of the Savage 10 GRS. So one of the most
unique features about this rifle that I’m sure caught your eye right off the
bat is this very very unique pistol grip that we have here. What this does is this
puts your hand and shoulder in perfect alignment for proper shooting form and
to maximize your accuracy. This is actually molded with finger grooves it
has a little palm swell on the right hand side and there’s a little small
rubber inlay that gives you that perfect amount of tacky feel for a Sherman
positive grip another feature about this rifle that makes it really really user
friendly is the oversized bolt knob it’s very easy to get ahold of in the field
if you’ve got gloves on your hands. Now let’s put it through her paces and see
how she does on some steel on the range. So let’s see how she does at 300 yards
one shot one hit. Let’s step it out to four I’d say that’s a hit And there’s a thousand yards one shot at
a thousand one hit not bad shooting for a factory rifle. There are no
modifications that all done to this gun the Savage 10 GRS give it a hard look if
you’re in the market for a long-range rifle that will work in competition but
will double as a very very reliable and accurate hunting rig.

9 thoughts on “Savage 10 GRS – Rifle Review and Field Test

  1. I wanted this gun for a while. But I’m left handed and left eye dominant. I can’t use the cheek riser due to the stupid divot where my cheek goes.

  2. Nicely done – thanks for making this video! Love the delay on the long range shots. Bang….wait for it…wait for it…PING! Sweet.

  3. I just bought a Ruger Precision Rifle and I absolutely love it. I've never been much of a Savage rifle guy but I have to say this new stock they have is totally BADASS

  4. Is far as I can tell there is nothing to let us know which of the 3 calibers you were using. That is not very helpful sir. I'm guessing its the 6.5 creedmore but you know how am I supposed to know?

  5. Woukd you take this rifle over the 110 tactical or the BA stealth? Doing some research and narrower it down to a few savages that I like.

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