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Sauer 101 Classic Rifle Review

Hi and welcome to Team Wild’s Gear Show. Today
I am going to be showing you something very special, a powerhouse of a rifle, the Sauer
101. The Sauer 101 is setting a new standard in
bolt-action rifles, delivering phenomenal accuracy and ultimate safety. The slogan for
the Sauer 101 is “old school, new rules” and I can see why. J.P. Sauer & Son combined everything
conventional about a bolt-action rifle whilst integrating a whole host of new innovations.
The innovation that most stands out to me is the Dura Safe. The Dura Safe is an ergonomic switch on the
back of the rifle and it prevents you from accidentally taking the rifle off safe. It
also locks the firing pin instead of the trigger unlike on most bolt-action rifles. The best
part about this switch is that it’s completely silent so it can be engaged and disengaged
right when you need it most. With a touch of a button, the safe mode allows you to work
the bolt while the rifle still has the safety engaged. The bolt has a 60 degree trail, a full diameter
bolt body with two ejectors and six locking lugs for extra reliability and safety. The 101 has a crisp, two pound pull from an
extra wide trigger delivering pinpoint accuracy. After pulling the trigger, you’ll notice a
significant reduction in recoil. This is thanks to the Sauer 101’s clever weight distribution
and pistol grip. This makes it very comfortable and to add to Sauer’s everest concept ensures
accuracy over thousands of shots even in the most demanding conditions giving you complete
peace of mind. The neutral cast offers perfect presentation
for both right and left handed shooters. Another great feature about this impressive
101 is a detachable polymer magazine. It’s extremely durable, weatherproof, it holds
five cartridges in regular calibers and four magnum calibers. I was lucky enough to test it out with Keith
Anderson at the Garlands Sauer 101 launch and was really impressed with it. The Sauer 101 comes in two models. The dark
walnut traditional stock and the classic XT which is a synthetic, soft-touch stock. Myself
and Mr. Anderson used this amazing rifle on our recent travels to Hungary. I took my first
ever roe buck with the 101 in the searing summer heat. As we glassed the early morning,
misty plains, the Sauer was lightweight and easy to carry. Then when the sun began to
heat up and the animals began to move, my buck showed its face. The rifle performed
perfectly despite being a tricky shot off to my right. The buck ran but didn’t get far.
A great shot, right in the engine room, meant that when we found him, he was finished. Keith used his synthetic stock, Sauer 101
whilst hunting his first ever wild boar and stalking with the legendary Zoltan. Shooting
gets at a moving yearling in dense wood Keith needed the rifle to be accurate and reliable
and he wasn’t disappointed. One shot and the animal didn’t get far. The bullet hit the
boar right where he put the crosshairs. Keith was over the moon with his first wild boar
and rightly so. Good shooting me old mate. However, he wasn’t done there. Keith was out
again with the Sauer 101 and the mighty Zoltan. Similar conditions, similar shot and a familiar
outcome for the wild boar of Hungary. Another tricky shot made easy by the Sauer 101. Sauer 101, it’s a good looking rifle. It’s
safe, it’s highly accurate. What more could you want from a gun? Subscribe to Team Wild TV for all the best
hunting shows on YouTube.

26 thoughts on “Sauer 101 Classic Rifle Review

  1. Check out Garlands Shooting Ground in the UK for details, otherwise a quick Google search should pull up your nearest dealer….Hope that helps.

  2. How can you tell us that the rifle will remain blah blah "after many thousands of rounds" without actually firing those thousands of rounds and seeing for yourself? This sort of "reviewing" is nothing but cheesy paid advertising that people don't care for anymore.

  3. The inletting on the open grained wooden stock doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Plastic magazine – no thanks. The rest of the rifle looks very good.

  4. I see nothing new about this rifle. Every feature shown has been done/used before by one company or another.

  5. I just love modern advertising. It's not a cheap plastic magazine, it's a polymer waterproof magazine. It's not a low cost dull finish, it's an anti glare Matt finish. It's not a cheap plastic stock, it's an all weather stock.

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