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SAR B6 9mm Compact Pistol

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. I want to show you today, a new little pistol
we’ve just added to our inventory. I recently found this pistol at a trade show. I was so impressed with it, we picked them
up for our product line. At the price point it may be one of the finest
pistols we’ve ever offered. Very affordable, tons of nice features. This is a Sarslimaz pistol made in Turkey. They’re actually imported by EAA in this country,
European American Armory. Now EAA is traditionally known for bringing
in the witness series of pistols and things such as that. You see their ads everywhere in all the gun
magazines but they just picked up this Sarslimaz line. This is called the SAR B69 and I can understand
why they picked it up because it’s got a ton of great features as I said. As you can see it’s got a black power reframe,
with the contrasting chrome slide. Jordan, can you get in close on that so the
folks can see the markings on it. You see the importer stamping on one side
as the serial numbers and so forth. Very smooth action, 3 dot sight system, you
can see your safety on this side, it’s a true safety. Let me see if I can work it from the opposite
side, acts as a cock and lock safety. This pistol also features, we take the safety
off, drop the hammer, it also has a half cock position which is very nice. The safety can be locked in the half cock
or drop it to make for a shorter trigger pull and still pulling the hammer all the way through. Traditional single or double action. Single action there as you see and double
action. It’s a very smooth trigger pull all the way
through. It’s got a drop 3 magazine, whoops. As you can see the mags drop 3, 13 round capacity
on the magazine so it’s a 13 plus 1. All standard CZ 75 style mags both fit this
firearm. It’s a compact pistol so if you buy the full
size CZ mag, it would stick out a little farther out of the grip but it will give you additional
capacity. Even as it is, you’ve got a 13 plus 1, so
14 round magnum will be the powerhouse here. We like it, the size is good. Very, very well made, very tight. Just so you can see an example of the actual
size of the pistol. You see it there compared to my hand but this
is also our UTG conceal carry belt holster. Basically just a little universal, conceal,
carry holster for inside the pants. As you can see that firearm fits if perfectly. We’re really happy with these as I said for
the price point, which you will see in our ads. The price on it is great. You get a lot of gun for a little bit of money. We ask you to check it out as well as all
of our other fine products and you can always find us at:

15 thoughts on “SAR B6 9mm Compact Pistol

  1. Very happy with my SAR B6 the stainless chrome slide brings out this pistol. I now alternate between this and my Kahr for conceal carry

  2. Interested in this one. I had a SAR K2P and everything about it was superb: feel, accuracy, recoil, and especially price…$250 in like new condition!

  3. Wintness and CZ75 mags work well with this pistol too it just sticks out a bit since this one is made to hold 13 flush

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