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San Diego Negligent Discharge of a Firearm – Law Office of David P. Shapiro

– Hi, my name is
David P. Shapiro. I’m a San Diego
criminal attorney, I am also the owner
and managing partner of the Law Office
of David P. Shapiro based out of San
Diego, California. My firm helps good
people regain control of their future when
charged with a crime. One crime that we defend
frequently in San Diego is negligent
discharge of a firearm and just a couple
of elements there, basically it’s a
situation where someone either shoots into a crowd, shoots into the sky, those types of things in a
careless, reckless manner without the regard for
safety of themselves or other people in the area. Most commonly we just see of
someone shooting in the sky or shooting at
the ground sort of as an intimidation technique. Whether it’s gang related, whether it’s a domestic
dispute related, those types of situations. But it is something
that is taken extremely seriously
and in many instances it’s taken more seriously
than any of the other charges that they’re
joined up with because of the fact that
whenever you’re dealing with a firearm and you’re
not taking care and caution to be safe with it,
you run the risk of, and God forbid, someone
winds up getting shot or someone’s going to
end up getting killed. Even worse if it’s
someone unintended. If it’s a child who’s playing
in a nearby neighborhood, if it’s an innocent bystander, those types of situations. So those are cases
that are certainly taken extremely seriously
by the District Attorney, particularly with the judges, and juries tend not
to like those cases as well because it scares them. It scares them to
think that someone would just shoot off a
firearm in a reckless manner and someone can be
hurt but there are good defenses to
these allegations. A lot of times, people
will feel the temptation to no, I didn’t
shoot it at them, I shot it in the sky or I didn’t shoot
it at their car, I shot it at the ground. Thinking that what
they’re doing is actually helping their case, but what they’re
doing is admitting they shot the firearm at all. Don’t lie, but don’t
volunteer information. You’re at no obligation to, you have a right
to remain silent. Use it, utilize it, protect yourself,
give the attorney you ultimately hire, the law
firm you ultimately hire, as much to work
with as possible. Maybe you weren’t there, maybe it can’t be proven
that you were there. Maybe you possess a gun and
there’s nothing wrong with that, but you didn’t shoot it. Maybe you shot it
but it was justified. Don’t close the
door to defenses, give your law firm,
your attorney, as much to work with as possible to protect yourself,
to protect your future to hopefully keep
you out of jail, hopefully to avoid
a felony conviction. Hopefully you can maintain
your family, your job, your money, and your
reputation moving forward. If you’re charged with
negligent discharge of a firearm or any weapons offense
for that matter, and need our help,
want our help, we encourage you to give
us a call, 619-295-3555.

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