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Sako Rifle and Ammunition Manufacturing Facility | Mia’s Motivations

ok so it’s morning and we had an
outstanding dinner last night. We had some authentic food and it was fabulous
and now today we’re headed to the sako plant and we’ll check out some firearms
and hopefully ammunition and then go test them at the range. This is the
original Sako building it is now offices. We heard about the history of Sako in a meeting before we took our tour. With the Beretta holdings purchase of the Sako company they were afforded the to have more machinery Because of this machinery they’ve had increased production but they’ve still maintained quality by having the human element integrated into the manufacturing and production making barrels This gentleman is running the broaching machine through the cylinders Human element of inspection after the robot This is a pile of perfection. Sako has huge pride in the perfection and quality of their rifles after the barrels are made this is where
they come to connect the receivers to the barrels stainless steel are sent to polishing the black are sent to blueing These are hammered barrels before the final machining after they’re milled and combine to the
stocks they are test-fired for accuracy and they have to be within one MOA and
as you can see that was five shots right in a group these are the finished product ready to
ship. Let’s head to the ammunition Factory and you can see they make the casings and this is just a little quick brief snippet of some of the machinery that’s in the ammunition plant and then we will head back and
head to the range so stay tuned i’ll show you how it goes test firing and taking the test for

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