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Safe storage of firearms urged in Montana

the Center forDiseaseControl and theNational Center for injury preventionandControl recently identified the topfive stateswith the highestoverall gundeath ratesMontanacoming insecondMTN’s Emma Hamilton has more on theissue of gun safety Montana has ahousehold gun ownership rateof 67 pointfive accidental deaths causedby gunshappen acrossthe countryand herein the treasurer state everyyearensuring your firearm is securehasthe potential tosave a life and thisisn’t about impactinganybody’s who areinfringingon anybody’s right to possessorbear arms it is about being aresponsiblefirearm owner and aresponsible userfarms and making surethat we’re notleaving them unsecured inan area where a person can accessthemthatshow the gun death rate per 1000people is twenty three point two threehere in Montana locking up a firearmissomething you can do forfreegun locksare one small waythat can have ahugeimpact and so you know an unsecuredfirearm in a home is a riskand it’ssomethingthat soso here’s somethingthat can be donejust like clicking yourseatbelt going down the highwaythat wecan make surethat we’re keepingourhomes as safe as they canbeinBozemanEmma Hamilton MTN newsfree gun locks are available atmosthealthdepartments alongwith the policeand fire department

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