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Sabatti Saphire ER: a high-performance rifle for long-range hunting

Dear hunter friends, we are in Valtrompia, home of italian guns. We are im mid-summer but we are already preparing the forthcoming hunting season That’s the reson why we are here at Sabatti Arms, with engineer Emanuele Sabatti let’s see what guns we will take with us on the field in the new hunting season
Now I turn it over to Mr. Sabatti he will give you alla the details
of this very successful model:SAPHIRE ER In .308 Winchester caliber.
See you soon in the hunting fields SAPHIRE ER stands for Extended Range
it is a rifle intended for longer range hunting, Let’s start from the hearth of this gun: the action. The receiver is made
in Ergal, Alluminium and very interesting indeed, the Picatinny Rail
is monolithic so you do not need to look for bases
in order to mount a rifle scope so you do not need to look for bases
in order to mount a rifle scope Picatinny rail is perfectly aligned so it is very easy just mount the rings, tighten the screws and adjust the reticle. Also the bolt is very interesting. It is made by many pieces. The more important is the bolt head. bolt head is interchangeable and floating. By Floating I man that it allows for a slight lateral movement this definitely improves the weapon accuracy. We also have a interchangeable bolt handle. Instead of the round Saphire handle the new handle is conical and more tactical in style. The bolt handle knob can be unscrewed and the 5/16 thread allows the use Of many different tactical knobs
you can buy aftermarket. The bolt features three locking lugs opening with bolt angle of 60 degrees , very sleek and fluid What differentiates this SAPHIRE ER from other SAPHIRE is the barrell. Of course it is still multiradial but its diameter now is 17mm at the muzzle so the barrell is slightly thicker. We decided not to thicken more the barrell in order to keep the weight in a reasonable limit. The added structure makes the barrell more accurate What is completely different fron the
original SAPHIRE is the stock.
This is a very interesting stock it is a blend of a hunting stock with
a target and tactical one a very successful combination. The straight pistol grip allows for a quick target acquisition
even if it is moving the cheeckpiece is easily adjustable by hand with thwo big screws also the buttastock is adjustable in lenght with different sizes so basically every shooter can adjust the rifle to its personal build The forend base is flat so you can have a stable rest while shooting. The rifle comes with this Picatinny rail
so you can mount a bipod, if required. If you do not need it, it can be removed very easily. Sling mounts are low profile and do
not interfer with proper handling As any SAPHIRE the manual safety can have 2 or 3 stages The 3 stages safety allows to safely open the bolt while the safety is still on. SAPHIRE comes with a 3 shots magazine but a 5 shots is available upon request Any SAPHIRE barrell is interchangeable You just need to remove the stock loosening the allen screw, then 3 screws to remove or change the barrell with a different caliber. One of the best features of this rifle is the weight despite the heavier barrell and an adjustable stock weight is less than 4 Kg (8,8 lbs). That’s because for the stock we did not choose usual FRN, which is good but a too bulky. Instead we choose da polymer reinforced
with hollow glass fibers As a result the stock is very stiff with a reduced weight The hollow fiber is 50% lighter but its strenght is the same as standard fiber so, in a nutshell. SAPHIRE ER is a lightweight rifle made to shoot at long range it is lightweight and can be carried by chamois hunters on the mountains It is very easy to carry around so, we are very satisfied with this rifle,
it has been very succesfully Now that the hunting season is about to start we are confident it will give good results in the field too. It features a multiradial barrell and now everyone knows they are extremely accurate.

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