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S12 – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the twelfth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the S12. A new weapon to the series, this semi-automatic
option is the weapon of choice for those seeking an overwhelming wave of firepower. The S12, or Saiga-12, is a Russian 12-gauge
combat shotgun. The design is a gas-operated, semi-automatic
one, and is patterned after the familiar AK47 rifle design. There are some concessions made for the larger
12-gauge shells, such as a wider extraction port, and a two-setting gas system that permits
use of both high-power slugs and less-than-lethal bean bag rounds. Some semi-automatic shotgun designs are plagued
with feed reliability issues, but the Kalashnikov philosophy of accepting looser tolerances
within the design means the Saiga shares the legendary reliability of the AK platform. In-game, the S12 is a high-damage weapon by
most standards, but compared to the other weapons in its class its one-shot ability
pales somewhat. Like the M1216, it’s fair to consider the
S12 as a low-damage shotgun – although it is more than capable of a one-shot kill at
a close range. Its range is very limited, however – more
so than the Remington 870, with the S12’s damage quickly yielding unreliable one-shot
kills. The S12’s key strength is in its rate of fire:
although semi-automatic, it can dole out up to 468 rounds per minute: altogether an impressive
amount of buckshot. Multiple pellets per shot mean you can liberally
pepper a close-range target and quickly secure a kill – and the shot spread means multiple
close-range enemies are easily tackled, too. It is this rate of fire that means the S12
is more consistent in its performance than the pump-action shotguns: despite the lower
range and damage, faster follow-up shots will prevent you being left vulnerable. Handling is generally OK – recoil is high,
but seldom an issue due to the shot spread – precision simply isn’t important with this
shotgun. Aiming yields a tighter shot pattern, useful
for enemies at the edge of your effective range: and aim time is relatively quick, at
250 milliseconds. Movement speed is 100% of the maximum base
speed, as with all of the shotguns. The S12 is magazine-fed, meaning all rounds
are resupplied in a single action, as opposed to the per-shell reload of the pump-action
weapons. Each mag holds 10 rounds, which is more than
enough for most engagements but will mean you’ll need to pause to top up more often
than with the slower-firing options. Reload duration is 3.04 seconds: not critically
slow, but with a close-range weapon it is enough to leave you vulnerable. Fast mags or an able secondary weapon would
be a good choice to ensure you’re not caught out in the resupply. Our build with the S12 will help to fill in
the gaps in the shotgun’s ability – a class designed for mobility, to get behind enemy
lines and clear entrenched positions. Our first choice is the Primary Gunfighter
wildcard: 3 attachments necessary to make the S12 as effective as possible. First up, the Long Barrel: this will enhance
your shotgun’s reach by a small amount – but will certainly earn the point’s worth in gunfights
that occur on the fringe of your ability. With a weapon so limited in range, anything
we can do to enhance your grasp will pay dividends. Next, the Laser Sight: this will tighten up
your hipfire, condensing your buckshot spread and delivering more consistent kills with
fewer shots. For a reactive weapon such as the Saiga, hipfire
will be your mainstay offensive tactic: and so any improvement here will net a worthwhile
increase in per-shell lethality. Finally, as the S12 is a magazine-fed weapon
with a slightly slower reload: Fast Mags will help reduce the time during which you’ll be
left vulnerable. For habitual reloaders, it’s a necessity:
if you have more restraint then Extended Clip can be another worthy option, granting 4 extra
shots for bonus ammo and a better chance when facing multiple opponents. Our perk selection is a fairly basic set of
three, geared towards high mobility: the closer you are able to get to your opponent, and
the more quickly you can cover open ground – the better you will be able to perform with
the shotguns. First up, Lightweight grants a seven percent
movement speed bonus – this means you can get seven percent closer to your opponent,
and deal more damage accordingly. Given the very short range of the S12, this
can be crucial in terms of winning gunfights. Next up, Fast Hands: this perk permits more
liberal use of your secondary weapon, and of your grenades and tactical equipment. Finally, Extreme Conditioning will give you
the stamina you need to flank your opponent, and minimise the time you’ll spend exposed. Ideally you’ll sprint from cover to cover
to avoid longer sightlines, and double the sprint endurance means you’ll be able to keep
up offensive pressure without pausing for breath too often. A Flashbang in your tactical slot will prove
useful when breaching rooms, or as a delaying tactic when facing enemies in the open. Flash grenades don’t hamper mobility like
the concussion grenades, but they do completely obscure vision – and the effects will last
longer. In general, flash grenades are more useful
against already-stationary enemies in interior locations – and concussion grenades prove
superior against mobile enemies. Both are a very strong choice with the shotguns. Finally, the S12 is in dire need of a long-range
companion: you can scavenge a fallen enemy’s primary weapon and save a point for a second
tactical – but equipping a secondary means you’ll have at least some long-range ability
upon spawn. A pistol is a fine choice, but the crossbow
is an unconventional secondary worth considering: its explosive bolts delivering one-hit kills
upon successful sticks, which can prove particularly effective against stationary snipers. The explosive blast radius can also be employed
to good effect with regard to map features: cars and barrels can be detonated remotely,
giving your enemy pause for thought and securing vital time in which to close the gap. That’s our build: one designed around the
mobility the shotguns require: geared to getting you into position to unleash the unrelenting
fury of the S12. Your greatest success will come from flanking
your enemy and attacking from an unexpected angle: the Saiga’s ideal prey is a room full
of unaware snipers. With Extreme Conditioning, you’ll have the
stamina needed to take the long way round: slip unseen through the lesser-travelled side
of the map, and get into a good position to strike. Tactical Insertion is another possible consideration
for this build: choosing your own spawn point is a powerful option in objective games with
fixed spawns, saving you the trouble of traversing well-defended open ground. Mobility should always be your prime concern
– as getting close with the S12 will be essential to your success. The S12 is a potent close-quarters weapon,
wanting for reach but devastating in tight spaces. Few weapons can consistently tackle multiple
enemies at once, but the Saiga’s shot spread and fire rate make this weapon a camper’s
worst nightmare. The semi-automatic fire means you won’t be
left vulnerable between shots, and unless your magazine runs dry you’ll always have
the answer to an enemy’s feeble protest. Unfortunately, you pay for this output with
a limited effective range, and unless you get very close to your opponent it will be
difficult to directly compete. Clever use of cover, flanking routes – and
the element of surprise – are all essential, as you won’t fare well if you’re caught in
the open. Still, few weapons can consistently tackle
and clear multiple enemies from entrenched positions – in such circumstances there’s
nothing better than the S12. With super-sonic performance, this shotgun
will be the genesis of your victory: when it comes to overwhelming close-range performance… …to be this good takes Saiga. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
first DLC weapon ever seen in Call of Duty – the Peacekeeper SMG. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “S12 – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. You're better off with a customized S12 with Laser Sight and Silencer. Your perks should be Lightweight (since you move faster with the S12 than the Remington 870 MCS), Scavenger, and Extreme Conditioning as your main 3 perks. For Perk Greed's 1 and 3 select Ghost and Dead Silence. No Crossbow, no Flashbangs, just you and your customized S12 sneaking in for the kill and reloading in safe spots of every map. Works for me every time.

  2. I run my class differently. I use ghost, scavenger, and tactical mask, the gun itself, and long barrel and fast mag. I also use lightweight, so the Perk 1 Greed is used, and laser sight.

  3. This is my set: S12 with fast mag and long barrel. executoner?(soon kap-40) Without anything lightwieght, extreme contitioning and i fergot the last :/ also 1 semex and 2 flashbangs.

  4. The S12 is to over powered i say. It has far too much power in general. And laser sight, long barrel and QuickDraw make it unbeatable.

  5. Ты делаешь самые лучшие гайды по call of duty!
    (You do the best guides for call of duty!)

  6. I would swap Fast Hands for Scavenger. For more a liberal use if the S-12. And I would switch the Crossbow for a Five-Seven.

  7. So far this is one of the worst guns in the game. The range is sooo low in this gun even with long barrel. The only good thing in this gun is it's a semi-automatic shotgun.

  8. Guys the best way to get one hit kills for this gun and others like snipers,just go on hardcore mode it increases the damage so it'll be way easier to get it 🙂

  9. Long Barrel is kind of a waste of a point (technically two points with primary gunfighter) because it doesn't really impact the range too much.

    It's great on things like the KSG and Remmy because they already have great range to begin with, but the Saiga's range is just too short for it to be effective. it increases the effective OSK range (assuming all 8 pellets hit their target, hence you'd need the pellets to deal 13 damage each) from about 10 metres out to 11.6 metres out, which I wouldn't consider to be terribly beneficial compared to Fast/Extended Mag and Laser Sight.

    You could carry:

    -Another perk (Not being visible on UAVs is great, continual supply of ammo and flashies is great, the list goes on)

    -Another tactical grenade (double the flashies, double the fun) plus either a lethal of your choosing or an attachment for your secondary.

    -Two different kinds of tactical grenades (EMPs to annoy people and destroy setups, Tac inserts to set up, etc)

    The list goes on, but my point is, most to all of these are better choices than Long Barrel. That said, the Saiga is a fantastic panic weapon and probably the best of the shotguns because it doesn't have a single delay period from full clip to empty clip where you're not firing. You miss or scuff up your shot with the Remmy or an unsilenced KSG, you're likely gonna die, and the M1216 has that awful rechambering thing after every fourth shot so you have to count them or else find yourself at a loss. With the Saiga, you just keep firing and mow them down if you don't OSK them outright.

  10. By the way guys, get fast hands and yy while firing

  11. not much more but an AK47 that fires 12 gauge Shotgun shells. An awesome weapon, I use it in multiple roles and many different setups. To keeps things interesting, not having to worry that I might get bored of it. Most consistent, and very easy to use, the Saiga 12, along with the R870 MCS are my most favorite Shotguns in-game.

  12. In my opinion, instead of long barrel, take perk 2 greed and get scavenger. This will allow the people who live longer to do better

  13. I had the dumbest of luck when getting this weapon luck, i got in a ground war lobby and after 15 matches played against noobs i finished the one shot kill challenges and the one without perks

  14. id say that emp grenade should get a slash at least with it plus engineer one canwork as an annoyer in stopping your opponents lethals and tacticals including c4

  15. Looking back at this, easily the most broken weapon in close range xD. I use it all the time when I'm camping in a room and I can basically neuter anyone foolish enough to walk in.

  16. My class with is surpisely good for me.
    S12 attachments surpresser laser sight
    Overkill wildcard
    Dsr50 no attachments
    Perk1 lightweight
    Perk 2 fast hands
    Perk3 wildcard
    Perk3 dexterity and dead silence

  17. That picture he used of the soldier is wrong. The soldier is holding a vepyr 12 shotgun, similar but still very different.

  18. ah, those great times when the scar-h wasn't used by every single full party tryhard, shotguns are so powerful in this game, but sometimes the pointblank hitmarkers show up and ruin the fun

  19. Primary: S12 w/ Suppressor, Laser Sight
    Perks: Lightweight, Ghost (Wildcard Used,) Scavenger, Tactical Mask, Extreme Conditioning (Wildcard Used)
    Class I use…

  20. So basically like the AA-12 from MW2, the S12's build should be focused on getting closer.That's nice to know.

  21. Uhhhh no… Segas arent this godly reliable weapon like the ak. They have the same problem as all other semi shotguns. You have to fidget with the pressures a lot to get them to run properly. Its pretty bad actually.

  22. This is the best shotgun besides ksg it is like the Remington 870 but fast just slightly less range. Don’t hate on the range when shotguns are for cqb

  23. Wouldn’t scavenger be a much stronger option for this build than fast hands? The s-12 and crossbow are always short on ammo and a new flash after every kill is excellent. Also, fast hands is basically useless if you only have one grenade, and swapping quickly between the crossbow and s12 isnt really an issue

  24. So this might come as a surprise, but I don’t find this gun as annoying as the r870, I don’t know why but I just don’t find it that bad, but still I kinda like this gun, and I kinda don’t like it. But I like it more than I hate it, so I run with, what ahoy recommended I find the loadout is actually really good on the s12.

  25. I used this with laser sight and long barrel, had a tac 45 with laser sight, and I always had scavenger so I could be more liberal with my fire rate

  26. Does anyone know why shotguns go literally 10m in cod (10 feet in mw2) yet in battlefield they are normal (ish)
    It's not for balance, because battlefield shotguns work
    Cods graphics are so good too, but shotguns just don't work.
    Anyone know why?
    Also in certain cod games shotguns come with practically no ammo, another problem, mag fed usually with 1 reload, again a fault in mw2

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