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RWS Short Rifle cartridges for short barrels: test of the new Performance Line

We already tested the very interesting
RWS short rifle hunting ammunition for short barrel rifle and the only
chambering that was available in the beginning .308 Winchester last year. In 2019 new loads for this ammunition are available To recap the RWS short rifle
is an ammunition that is optimized to offer the same speed energy and accuracy performance of a full-length barrel in a shorter barrel from 42 to 55
cm, equipped with a suppressor This is achieved with a careful balance
between fast burning powder so that it burns completely in a short barrel,
avoiding muzzle blast or unburned propellant and accurate and terminally
affected bullet and the pressure curve that translates in safe trust without
spikes or uncomfortable recoil. We tested the accuracy of the new .30-06 caliber
load, this is it, in a setup that includes a Merkel Helix hunting
rifle with a Geco 2,5-15x56i scope and a Houston 224 light Xtreme So RWS claims “full performance from
short barrels”, we tested load and found that substantially the claim is true
indeed target results confirm a very high level accuracy and bullet drop of
height ranges suggest speed and energy levels are compatible to barrel lengths
they’re about 15 cm longer. The RWS load effectively increases range and reach of shorter barrels, allowing clean shot again that is at longer distances, although there are double gas short rifle hunting ammunition is mostly used
for short bolt-action rifles in combination with the sensor using this
ammo in shorter hunting semiotic guns result in good performance and
convincing terminal ballistics. Plus when not using a sensor the reduced muzzle
blast and flash due to the optimal powder burn is
clearly noticeable compared to the standard ammunition.
This year in addition to .308 in two loadings for new calibers are now
available in the RWS short rifle hunting ammunition line .30.06 and
.300 Winchester Magnum, both available in HIT and Speed Tip Professional bullet
loads, plus the 8×57 is and 9,3×62 in a single hit
load. I’d like to wrap up stating that all these loads already available in
your favorite gun shop and that all RWS short rifle loads use lead free
environmentally friendly bullets.

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