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RUST – The Simple Shotgun Trap – EASY Rust Trap Base Design (2019)

hey guys and welcome back to another
video in today’s video we’re looking a rust trap base design called the simple
shotgun trap base this trap base design is cheap easy to build and requires no
electricity although I’m sure you could automate it extremely easily now just
before we get into the tour these all of the items are fitted into the trap base
we have two sleeping bags three small boxes two furnaces a tier 1 or 2
workbench your tool cupboard research bench one shelf six shotgun traps a
campfire and finally 14 large boxes all in the space of the 2×2 heading over to
the base here you can see it’s a simple 2×2 design this to make it as easy as
possible to build the building is 1.5 walls high using a half wall with a full
wall on top coming into the front door here we have the bait some juicy boxes
with a running furnace inside you can increase the chances of people falling
for it by having a friend hit the boxes and allowing themselves to be killed as
you can see looking around here there’s no evident trap and no signs of shotgun
traps etc so people will feel safer entering the base thinking they’re going
to get a load of loot you want to make sure you have a hidden code lock on one
of the boxes you can do this by adding the code lock and then placing another
chest right next to it therefore when players enter the base
and try to loot this box you’ll hear the code lock sound and then this is your
cue to trap them you will be waiting around the corner in this room at the
same time simply close the external door from the side here and they’re stuck all
you then need to do is open up this door as well pick up the box and the research
table and then this will allow the shotgun traps to do their work this is
the area that the players will be trapped in and they’ll have no choice
but to eventually die I’ve removed building privilege here to show you that
the trap cannot shoot through the researcher table and box therefore it’s
a safe trap and as soon as you remove these they’ll go off destroying anything
in the way continuing through to the rest of the
base here we have your tool cupboard and your tier 1 or TSU workbench as well as
a sleeping bag and a furnace finally we have a lot of large boxes for storing
all of your loot and some untrainable shotgun traps for anyone who gets pissed
off and tries to raid you now I’m sure you can fit more stuff in this space if
you decide to but I’ll leave that up to you this trap base will cost you is your
a metal 1 point 4 K word 8.1 case stone with an upkeep cost of 150 for metal for
word and 1000 stone and while detailed costing can be found in the comments to
include deployables now let’s get into the base build Oh

24 thoughts on “RUST – The Simple Shotgun Trap – EASY Rust Trap Base Design (2019)

  1. Wow nice👍😉 I was wondering where could you put all that things in so small 2×2 base. Super idea make it like a bunker i like it 🤤😊

  2. Yo on the very last shotgun trap make sure it’s attached on the roof and not on the floor or else it doesn’t do shit but for the rest nice video

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