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Rust Gun Guide – P250 – 9mm Pistol – Revolver – Handgun Reviews

[sound effects] Typing [sound effects] Kaboom
[sound effects] Video Games Recon Hello and welcome my name is Nate from Video
Games Recon and in this video we will be discussing and comparing the handguns currently available
in rust, including the Revolver which was previously discussed in my default weapons
video, the reason why this weapon is in both videos is because it is the only weapon which
is applicable to two different categories. Anyway before we get started I would just
like to explain one of the reasons why I haven’t put many videos out recently, this is because
I’ve been working on a Rust Guide website and that’s taken up a fair chunk of time,
so with that I would urge anybody new to Rust or has some specific questions to go check
it out and hopefully it will be able to answer them, the link is in the description, (also
I would suggest you bookmark it, as, because of the way websites are listed Google probably
won’t rank it for a couple of months). On another note I’m looking to start streaming
on twitch soon and hopefully will be dramatically increasing the amount of videos being posted,
anyway that’s enough non Rust jibba jabba for now, so without any further adieu let’s
do it to it. The Revolver is my favourite of all the default
weapons as it is relatively cheap and easy to make and doesn’t require a blueprint to
be able to craft. The revolver is a homemade 8 shot pistol that uses the same 9mm ammo
to that of the P250 and 9mm pistol, it also has higher damage to that of the 9mm pistol
although it has less ammo capacity and the slowest fire rate of all the pistols as well
as fairly difficult to manage recoil for a pistol, that being said for the cost of this
weapon and its good damage stats this is not a weapon to be sniffed at as it’s not that
far behind the other 2 pistols in terms of ability, costing significantly less to make
and requiring no blueprints or low grade metal in order to craft. Side note, the Revolver
is the only default weapon with attachment slots.
The 9mm pistol is a handgun that is very similar in design to that of the P250. The major differences
between these two very similar weapons are, the 9mm pistols higher ammo capacity of 12,
it’s lower damage stat of 23, and a lower recoil. These things create enough of a difference
between the two to make the 9mm pistol a genuine rival to the P250, even though in comparison
the 9mm is often left underrated by most people, however in my opinion the difference between
the two is a lot slimmer than people give it credit for, due to the 9mils higher ammo
capacity which is useful for engaging multiple enemies, and it’s lower recoil which is very
helpful for getting more hits on target, especially at range, that being said I if had to choose
between the two the P250 would just pip it, but like I said there’s not a whole lot in
it. Side Note, the 9mm can only be crafted by finding the corresponding blueprints, however
this wasn’t always the case, as it used to be one of the default guns before the inclusion
of the revolver which took it’s place. The P250 is a powerful handgun which can be
crafted after acquiring the corresponding blueprints, costing 12 low grade metal i.e.
180 metal fragments to construct. The P250 is most people’s preferred pistol due to its
damage stat of 33 which makes it the most powerful of all the handguns, as well as having
a greater range in comparison to the 9mm pistol, that being said, of the two I find myself
gravitating more towards the 9mm pistol for hunting and farming purposes, as I find it
a more forgiving weapon where as the P250 is geared more towards the accurate and more
experienced shooter, being more deadly but less forgiving in terms of getting hits on
target, so I would keep the P250 for more dangerous PVP areas and potential confrontations
at longer ranges slash lines of sight. Side Note, the P250 is a 4 shot kill for naked’s,
and use’s 9mm ammo which doesn’t need to be researched unlike shotgun and 556 ammo. So to summarise the revolver is a great gun
in terms of economy, being very cheap to craft in comparison to the other handguns making
it great to farm with, as if you get killed by a bandito and lose you’re weapon you’re
not exactly gonna cry about it, and on top of that it’s still a very handy weapon too
boot, for example if you find yourself in a fire fight with someone with a 9mm or P250
you won’t feel like it’s an unfair fight and that the Revolver is completely underpowered
in comparison. The 9mm Pistol a very forgiving and flexible weapon and is a match for any
other handgun, making it great to go hunting with, both in terms of killing animals (presuming
you have a silencer) and as protection, that being said if you are a confident shot at
range the lower power of this gun my leave you wanting, so that just leaves the P250
which is my best handgun out of the lot, as it’s minimal price difference compared to
the other handguns in terms resources, it’s out and out power and increased range, just
make this the gun to have, however with that being said I’ll leave one caveat and that
is if you’re still a newbie to rust my advice would be to stick with the 9mm for a bit until
your shot improves as like I said earlier it’s a more forgiving weapon due to its ammo
capacity and low recoil. Anywho If you enjoyed this video please like
comment and subscribe for more B.S. of similar nature thank you and goodbye.

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