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Russian Discarding Sabot Shotgun Darts – ZENITH

I get everyone’s Jeff California else today we have an interesting discarding sabo dart shot gun around made in Russia by my friend Alexei now this is a rather complicated design using aluminum fins a solid brass body drilled out and then filled with LED in the nose now the dart is rather long almost 50 millimeters or two inches in length these are rather lightweight as far as shot gun projectiles go wait in just under 18 grams or 274 greens or points63 else’s Alexei also set an aluminum disk that goes behind the dark a cork wanting and also a guest listing and then finally to keep the dark centered in the barrel of the shotgun include these foam sabo pieces there’s four of them that packed around the dark so he there’s a whole lot of work involved just to make one single round for the first test i love these into fiocchi this target lowes nothing real powerful but you can see that we had a lot of problems with this configuration now appeared that the smokeless powder that we use in those deokee shelves was just a little too snappy it burned a little too fast and the end result was it just destroyed these darts and it just killed me to see this because i know that Alexei put so much effort into these seven halfway around the world to us the test and after three shots we use cited stop the chest and you know take a look at what’s going on and here’s a couple of the aluminum tail pieces that we found is really mangled up so one of the things that i talked with Alexei about was trying to use a slower burning powder so i decided to try some black powder on this test i loaded each show with 30 grains of this black powder let’s see if the results are any better ok now the problem with black powder is it it just puts out a ton of white smoke a huge fireball and it just makes filming it really difficult the good news here is that the dark blue very stable it didn’t break apart this time and he got that headshot on that ballistic gel gummy bear now for me it was quite a challenge to try to fill this and avoid that huge cloud of smoke so I had the camera offset quite a bit in this shot it should be noted that because we’re using black powder these parts are probably going subsonic so with the right powder we could have gotten much better velocities with these said that there’s the tail hold that till all the way through that first book from bowie and penetrate all the way through here look at this wow there’s the main dirt that’s pretty good it was did senator dude and even tap that one before ok almost always manage to pull it out here it’s actually screwed on their way they read it to that little tail see ya walked in this thing i’m not getting out of here actually kept that wouldn’t hear ya but that little thing can and that’s that’s crazy it which fit around for a moment made an agreement that probably went through nose first oh yeah definitely it’s like a bullet yep okay anytime that meant the ice it went right through it for the third shot we set the jug about 15 yards away still not a great distance but we wanted to keep moving things further and further back and see how the accuracy was with these darts with you a lot of other stuff in the shopping sites that are we see the table pieces initially then we see the aluminum disk thats painted yellow with a blue stripe and you’ll see the gas piston kind of flying along with the dart the dark had enough energy to go through the jug but it didn’t have enough energy to really blow the jug apart because it’s going subsonic you see the kind of make out the pins there you get clipped it went right through it been at all like a lower-velocity rifle bullet yeah these may be blighted subsonic speeds yeah the right foot ball hit like that however the energy transfer would blow that will check up yet will slide through like a hip 40 yards right yeah okay move or get all right here comes the dark probably again cruising at subsonic speeds but still flying very stable however because it’s a lightweight projectile it just didn’t have the same amount of drop that a like a one-out slug would have so for whatever reason I’m not trying to make excuses here it did hit a little bit high at least he hit the dummy is that’s that’s a good thing sometimes these chests just don’t go as smoothly as we hope yet despite that alexys Venus slugs perform very well I want to thank him for send these to us to test out now i have a link in the description to elections channel will show you how you made these even has computer models of how he predicted the flight of these things the chi super smart anyway thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Russian Discarding Sabot Shotgun Darts – ZENITH

  1. Can you please make a white canvas backdrop so we can better see the projectile. With the white backdrop you could gather more info from each projectile.

  2. the sabot was way to soft and not mating around the projectile properly. the projectiles heavy front end is resiting acceleration and causing it to cock as it moves forward , then any weak point in design are given free reign to fully break ,leading to projectile coming out in pieces

  3. What multi tool is that? Looks neat. These are awesome slugs. I do wish they could have been shot with smokeless powder but you did what you could. They are pretty good for homemade.

  4. Should have had the brass center go all the way to the base instead of rely on the hollow aluminum piece take all the impetus.

  5. 6:11 Gonna have to stop you there. If you admit it's a slow projectile, don't say it didn't drop much due to it's low mass.

    You're better than that, man. Confuse v with m when you do calculations for acceleration due to gravity? Shiiiit.

  6. If you have more try them with the hole at the end filled with hard wax and fill around the sabo with a thin light wax so the energy gets transferred to more of the projectile instead of just the base.

  7. I like the idea of using steel for the fins also, but I think that more cushioning, (at least twice or maybe 3 times as much as I saw), along with a slow burning smokeless would work with the aluminum.
    30 grains of black is definitely subsonic. Standard BP load for 12 guage with 1 oz shot was 3 drams, ie 90 to 100 grains. That would give you about 1100 to 1200 fps.

  8. @TAOFLEDERMAUS Never stop making these "odd shotgun round" videos. These are the best thing that has saved my morning with coffee and toast. They entertain, cure hangover and give me that "kick" for starting the day.

    Thank you again for making these videos.

  9. A multi-tool eh … … … … What the hell. I'll allow it!
    Hey, wait one daggone minute. That Russian is trying to influence your channel! I'll prove it by saying it over and over.

  10. I don't know if it's the intended design, but those slugs just seem really messy to watch, at least a bit more than others we've seen in this channel.

  11. The last shot… Oh My.. Jeff you Have fucked Doug the Thug up now so much you have to tie him down..? How many rounds can the poor guy take? Please give a Salute to Doug the Thug Great vid as always.

  12. Hitting a man sized target at 40 yards with basically an explosice dart gun. Yeah sounds right you that you apologize for not hitting center mass….

  13. It bugs me how you prenounce his name and i am not Russian. I cant imagine how that guy feels. (Probably doesnt care). But eh you Americans and your prenounciation…

  14. could you please do a TTTT with lead or Mercury at 1 Million subs I miss those test, and I subbed 2 Years ago as U had 100 000 subs and I liked the footage (TTTT) (Mercury/….) a bit more

  15. Hey Buddy (and everyone). may i ask how you know when a "custom bullet/slug/buckshot" is safe to use? i mean, i just find this channel and watched a couple of those videos were you test slugs created by fans and common people and shoot them without fear. i dont really know much about weapons (just basics and what a videogame can teach me) so… well, just that. I really love the channel keep it up 🙂

  16. I imagine that if the three metals were upset with another replacing the aluminium, then, this would be able to take on the grunt of smokeless powder. Also, i think that the rounds bounced inside the barrel, because with normal fragmentation, they would've come out relatively equally spread out, but they didn't. At least, that's what i saw from that perspective of the camera.

  17. Isn't the drop/distance determined by its velocity, rather than the weight? Because everything drops equally fast on earth (9.81m/s²)

  18. Maybe it's the fins. Or the wait of the dart is just not right in flight. It's one to think about. Would love to see more airgun vids. If that possible. Cordy 1.77

  19. This experiment is not a failure, but a proof of concept. The hard part is getting accuracy and these darts work. They easy part is making them stronger.

  20. Taufledermaister, I have a suggestion for you my friend, since you have the chronos camera now, you should revisit the magnet beads shotgun shells, it will be most interesting to see them reform in the air, or their movement upon hitting a target!! please consider checking that out

  21. Just like the ammo for the M1 Abrams just needs a better sabot…and maybe depleted uranium but steel and lead are the next best thing, right?

  22. could you load some black powder against the primer and fill the rest with a faster burning powder to get the dart moving down down the barrel before it gets a shock load from the fast burn powder?

  23. Hey Jeff, you ever wondered if the crown on the end of a rifled barrel truly affects the flight of the bullet. Would be cool to see a video test of it with the Chronos. A stock .22 rifle vs a sawed off barrel vs. a homemade crown.

  24. +TAOFLEDERMAUS After just watching enough to see the design of the round, I'm guessing it's not going to work.
    Because… dart.

  25. I bet he would've hit it dead on, if he didn't aim high anticipating the drop.
    And after you fixed it, it should be a better round.

  26. Oh NOW you go black powder, ha ha ha…….I bet you've told me five times in the comments that you wont use it because of the smoke and debris. I have been stuffing weird shit down my muzzle loader for years. But, yeah, I get your point. Use triple fff powder and pack it tight behind a fiber wad and you would get better velocity. Not that this problem will ever come up again. And now for the obligatory troll statements, break action, high brass, sabots bla bla bla……that's all the stupid shit I could come up with, sorry.

  27. Honest question, just came across this channel. What's the tune playing in the background of the beginning of the video?

  28. That water jug made me want this for deer hunting at close range. It left a wound channel similar to an arrow, not much meat loss like a typical shotgun or expanding rifle round. Probably not a great idea though.

  29. pretty successful more! i think if the fins eah were separate pieces and flutes etched into lower body it would make a massive wound channel as it broke apart on impact

  30. Just a curiosity and maybe you've answered this previously but I was wondering what state you were in? Thanks Chris

  31. 1:11 knowing they're russian and understanding cyrillic made me think it said "России" instead of "FIOCCHI"…

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