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Russia Rearms for a New Era – Kalashnikov assault rifle AK 12 and AK 15

Nowadays the major part of the Kalashnikov guns is going for export There is a heavy stocks of the AK-74 at the Russian army storages By the way, it should be modernized by the special packages. According to the army requirements, this special package should be easily installed by any soldier in the field, without having any special knowledge or instruments. And it can be easily done for a very short period of time. A new telescoping stock is installed to AK-74. Ergonomical handle, comfortable cutout and many Picatinny rails, collimating sight, night thermal-imaging pointer, tac-lite system or rifle-attached grenade launcher. In the nearest future, the concern is hoping to get contracts for a new AK-12. Izhevsk gunmakers are sure that AK-12 is also a very simple and sustainable as AK-74, but more comfortable and precise. You can switch a fire mode and it will make it a weapon more comfortable. It’s much easier to shoot with such a weapon. AK-74 with a modernization package is the most popular gun in the Russian army. We got used to shoot this gun long time ago. AK-12 can become a part of the “Ratnick”equipment, it shoots a little bit softer and should be more precise. And this is the latest novelty from the Izhevsk gunmakers, – balanced automatics. It feels like it wasn’t me who was shooting right now. There is no any recoil. On the factory this weapon is called “the gun of the future”, it even doesn’t have a name so far. Balanced automatics made the new Kalashnikov more expensive, difficult and heavy than classic models including AK-12. But it has some advantages, that can interest intelligent services and the Ministry of Defence. When a rifleman is making a shot, apart from the recoil, there is also a flip of the stock Thus the weapon goes away from the firing line, from the target. So we should wait until the weapon comes back to the line and only then to repeat the shot. Precise. But this weapon stays in one position without any motion. But it’s not all about Kalashnikov novelties The concern is going to the market of the military multi-functional complexes. For example, the military remotely-operated modul is being worked out. An operator can shoot with the help of a joystick and a sensor screen. The well-known PK machine gun, caliber 7.62mm, “Cord” gun, caliber 12.7mm, Also the machine gun NSVT might stay, and two bomb-throwers. For each type there is a certain foundation, certain belted feed, and certain patron box. A combat modul can track a target automatically An operator chooses the object for watching but the machine can’t make a decision to destroy the target. Anyway hitting is made by a man. A combat module is made for the armored motocars of “Typhoon” or assault boats, which are also produced by the Kalashnikov concern. We’ve bought the controlling stock of the ‘Rybinsk Verf’ company. this company produces modern cutters for civil purposes and for the military ones as well. A cutter should be equipped with several drones of different types and combat modules. So this is a complex that we worked out ourselves and we’ve already got orders “Zala Aero” company that produces drones is a part of the concern too Electric and petrol, airbone and helicopter types, with a possibility to install thermal imaging unit, video or photo cameras Such drones are already being delivered to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to the Federal Rescue Service The negotiations about that are conducted with the Ministry of Defence too The army is interested in co-operation with us. They tell us exactly what they want They offer us their technical tasks and we try to meet all their demands The main advantages of our technic are the simplicity of using, mobility, speed I mean the speed of deployment Any complex can be deployed for 15 minutes At the moment the Kalashnikov concern is working out about 40 scientific projects There are guns, pistols, high-precision munition and special equipment There is a goal to completely modernize the whole production process till 2016 to make the company ready to produce any volume of production.

100 thoughts on “Russia Rearms for a New Era – Kalashnikov assault rifle AK 12 and AK 15

  1. We know that AK-47 designs were stolen from German vaults during the end of WW2, I wonder where did they steal ideas for AK-12 and AK-15. I have an idea: AK-15 utilizes the same design as the American shotgun AA-12. You may think I am wrong, but you KNOW that I am right.

  2. The philippine military should replace their brand new M4 with AK due to malfunction issue. On Aug 29 15 of our soldiers, died during hot pursuit operation again'st the Abu sayaf after their Riffles JAM.

  3. they should have a close in the license. ..was made in Russia first…so people in 20 years don't argue on YouTube who invented the wheel, haha

  4. I'm starting to think all the used Russian rifles just get thrown on trains heading to the Middle East.

  5. wait, so what's the name of the 3rd, unnnamed rifle they show? the one with no muzzle flip? they never named it in the video?

  6. А теперь дружно взяли и забыли про АК12. Проект накрылся медным тазом. Для спецов будет А545(АЕК), а для всех остальных – комплект модернизации АК74.

  7. An assault rifle with no recoil? Very curious how they accomplished that. Let's just hope it won't be a disaster like the AN-94 with too many moving parts to jam.

  8. i hope this ak12 will choose our president duterte for philippine law enforcer , its more reliable and no recoil… we are suppose to buy m4 from americans but some senate are block our order because of extrajudicial killing . thats stupid idiot, in reality there is no ejk.. we better shift to russian rathan than americans,.. russian can be trusted they can help without any talk…

  9. Still sporting that fucking stupid safety lever. You think they would have addressed the number 1 complaint with Aks. That and the shitty stock trigger

  10. if the title is full English, but the video is full Russian (I guess), then fuck this clickbait!
    because you had far fewer views on this, had you shown the language in the title

  11. I like the Russian weapons! It is a pity that politicians in Greece does not cooperate with Russia. Europe is Russia and Russia is Europe.

  12. russians have the least amount of ingenuity of any country other than china who goes the easy route and steals everything.

  13. That is NOT the AK12. That is the failed prototype AK200 that has been rejected for various reasons and failings. A new prototype that has been accepted based on the AK400 is what is now AK12/15.

  14. But ex-military as mercy guys during iraq …. they love to use Ak47 as their Fas …. like us…. but the burden ak47 when firing 3Mags the handguard its hot…

  15. Why don’t they make AK last round bolt hold open feature on the rifles?? I think that’s the only thing the AK is lacking

  16. dam the united states and their whinny sanctions
    they still buy rocket parts from russia
    they are full of crap
    they just dont want us in america to own aks and be happy

  17. A beautiful rifle but get rid of that dust cover safety that is the only thing Russian soldier's dislike about the AK style rifles

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