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Ruger’s Family of American Rifles – Now Left-handed, too!: Guns & Gear|S7

– What if you
could take your gun and make it
practically anything? Well you know what, with the
SIG P320 that’s just about what you can do John? – Yes sir Tom, that
is what you can do. The 320 was really set
up to be a modular gun, and what we mean by that
is we looked at three things we wanted to do. We wanted to be able to make
this gun fit anybody OK? Both in the size, and the
way you’re carrying it, to while you’re operating
it, to your hand OK? This gun, as you’ll see
later, we’ll tear it down, can be changed out
with grip modules OK? It’s also multiple
calibers, so we have nine, 40 and 357, and the beauty
of it, you’ll see at the end, is what the gun really is. – OK, so it can fit different
hands, ’cause if I have small hands you change this grip,
it actually can get bigger this way, and bigger this way? – [John] Yes it can. – [Tom] All right,
how about length? – Length changes as well. So we have a full size,
we have a compact, we have a carry, and
we have a sub-compact. – So this grip just
gets shorter or longer, now how about the
front part of the gun? – Same thing, when
you have a full size, that is a full grip,
and it is a full slide. When you go to a carry,
your slide gets shorter. When you go to a compact,
your slide’s shorter and your grip’s shorter. In a sub-compact they’re
shorter and shorter again. – You’re not buying
a new gun each time? – No sir. – You’re just accessorizing,
if you will, your gun. So you could have a range
gun, and a carry gun, just by swapping some parts out? – [John] Yes. – [Tom] All right, but I
understand it’s a little bit difficult to take apart? – [John] Yeah it is difficult. If the magazine was in there,
things you wanna do first, you need to lock
your slide back, you need to drop your magazine, take down lever comes
down, slide comes off. – Oh yeah that’s
really hard (laughs). – To fully take it apart,
take down lever comes out, there’s your gun. – Wait a minute, what do
you mean that’s your gun? – That’s your serialized item. – [Tom] It’s a builder gun.
– [John] Sure. – [Tom] Holy cow!
– [John] Legos for big boys. – [Tom] What a great concept. That is amazing, and of
course all the information’s on the website, – Yes it is.
– That’ll work. (heavy metal music
in background) (gun shots ringing out) – The P320 from SIG. There’re a lot of cool
features on this gun, and it is a shooter. But one of the things that
I noticed right off the bat and really showed me
that these are gun guys designing this is
this feature here. It’s a grip cutout, or a
grip access cutout here. Why would you need that? Let me show you. If, for some reason,
bad ammo, whatever, it’s dirt, you
have a double feed. A double feed is a
malfunction that we practice on the range and it’s a
real pain in the butt. So let me set up a
double feed for you here. I’ll put one in the chamber, and we’ll try to
load another one. Well, guess what? We got a double feed. So, you go out on target,
oh (trigger clicking) nothing’s happening,
and normally what you’re gonna have to do is you’re
gonna push the magazine release, but nothing happens,
the magazine doesn’t come out, and that’s the key. That can be a real pain in
the butt to get out sometimes. These guys created a
cutout here where you can grip the magazine and rip it, so you get the gun
back in the fight. (gun shots ringing out) The P320 from SIG, nice gun,
really well thought out.

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