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Ruger Mark IV Tactical Suppressed .22LR Review (Hitman’s Krugermeier) 22 pistol

Welcome back to 9 Hole Reviews.
This session we look at what we would consider potentially the best option for
a suppressed 22 LR host in early 2018 The Ruger Mark IV Tactical 22LR No, not it’s strange cousin the 22/45
lite tactical the Mark IV Tactical’s traditional grip is much more
comfortable and the short barrel directly solves any logistical issues on
finding subsonic ammunition We shot our Mark IV Tactical here with a thread-on
5.56 suppressor, making the pistol look like a crossover between a movie
assassin’s pistol and a Welrod pistol The US Navy SEALs chose a Ruger Mark II as an
integrally suppressed 22 LR and, a suppressed Ruger has been in
plenty of video games and pop culture as an assassin’s pistol To many people’s misconception, Bill Ruger originally designed the pistol after the Japanese
Nambu pistol rather than the German P08 Luger The 4.4 inch bull barrel is no arbitrary design The length keeps a bullet velocity low, so no matter
if you’re shooting supersonic bulk packsto subsonic, the round will never break the sound barrier, making a suppressed pistol incredibly quiet so the first two shots
supersonic, then two shots subsonic supersonic subsonic super sub the suppressor sights make it possible for the user to aim without the suppressor obscuring the
sight picture, however I do wish that they had tritium options, or at least
dots the slide release and safety are also more like a full-size pistol making it much easier to manipulate the drop free magazine is more like a
spring assisted magazine ejection, a feature that further increases reloading
speed The bull barrel from my pistol also yielded great accuracy. This is a grouping at 15 yards Ruger also supplies two rails to attach on to the
pistol for the installation of red dots or lights Perhaps if you’re a space
smuggler running from Storm Troopers, but I prefer the sleek image of the Ruger
Standard The traditional Ruger grip angle is also my preference over the 1911 grip angle the issue with a Mark Series pistol has always been with
taking down and cleaning and more so for the suppressed rimfire After a half-century of 22 long rifle pistol sales, The Mark IV push-button takedown
finally addressed the issue of the original Ruger’s glaring flaw in it’s
disassembly mechanism After our shooting session, we timed ourselves taking the
Mark IV down and cleaning it Minus brushing the bore, we have cleaned the pistol in
53 seconds, and we’re back in business this highlights why the Mark IV single
button takedown is great for cleaning down these Hush Puppies the Ruger Mark series pistols are known to simply work. although every now and then you may have
a hiccup from inconsistent ammunition one could generally assume that
reliability and accuracy are included within the Mark series package while
many of these features on the Mark IV Tactical are on other production
suppressor ready 22LR pistols, none of them combine them all
for a $400- $500 package My old Walther P22 habitually put itself
on safety because a divot would wear out some of these pistols seem to be made
from inferior metals while the Browning Buckmark and the Smith & Wesson Victory are great target pistols screws can back out. I’ve had this
happen a few times with my old Browning. We did not look at revolvers since you
cannot effectively suppress them So what you have here is a nimble, accurate, reliable 22LR pistol that could be easily suppressed and not limited to subsonic ammunition,
and quickly serviced and for the cost of roughly $28 per 550 cartridges, the .22LR cartridge is roughly at 20% the
cost of a 9mm target cartridges So for us at 9 Hole Reviews, two
thumbs up on this sleek, “snake-in-the-grass” package. Ruger did have a recall on the Mark IV safety, but so far they have been fast on the
work and will return affected pistols with an extra magazine it’s been fun shooting a video on the low key quiet side We’ll see you guys around!

100 thoughts on “Ruger Mark IV Tactical Suppressed .22LR Review (Hitman’s Krugermeier) 22 pistol

  1. The suppressor being used in this video was produced by a local machine shop in Austin, TX back in the mid 2000s. It measures just shy of 6" in length, is constructed of steel, and mates to a 1/2×28 thread. You might say this is a standard, budget friendly, steel can. Unfortunately, the shop no longer produces suppressors, to the best of our knowledge. What we found when shooting this setup, was that the larger volume designed to accommodate full power 5.56 cartridges, actually presented an improvement in sounds reduction over a standard .22 cal can. The negative portion of that trade-off was of course the increased weight of the 5.56 can.

  2. 500 dollars ? Ok ? Gind the ruger 3 serie in my local hun store in denmark ! 5000 dkk ! That 8 time the american price ! Wtf ! Fuck off ! A riffel that cost a out 200 to 400 dollars in usa ! Cost over 10,000 dkk in denmark. 1 dollar is like 6,5 dkk !

  3. Great review, the video was much like the pistol👉🏾not unnecessarily noisy and to the point👍🏾😁 #Subbed

  4. Best review of this pistol/suppressor set up. Before pistols were banned in the UK in 1997, it was possible to buy the integral suppressed Ruger models without extra paperwork.

  5. As for the older complex guns. I think they had a contest for the most parts you could fit into a gun. Pistols rifles even some auto loading shotguns where just crazy complex. Dont be too mad at the early designers.
    That was a thing they did.

  6. How lethal can this gun be? Is it effective as a personal defense weapon or is it only good for plincking?

  7. To everyone claiming its impossible to have "silenced" pistols like in videogames: Get fucked… Videogame pistols are often even louder than the ruger as they make this whistling noise over the actual little snap

  8. Great pistol and review! Never thought i would ever find a substitute for my S&W 41….but you changed my mind 👍

  9. suppressor or not, the Marks have always been a favorite, since a mark 2 was the first real pistol I ever shot.

  10. I bought a used Ruger Mark II. It would jam up quite often. I replaced the factory extractor with a Volquartzen extractor from eBay for $13.00. I also bought the Volquartzen trigger kit. This is an awesome firearm now. Absolutely no mechanical jamming now. 100 for 100 so far.

  11. Great, professionally done video. I envy you, from behind enemy lines, Brooklyn, NY. Hoping to be in a free state in 2020.

  12. While it reminds of people of a assassin's pistol, others remind it of a certain device that summons their personifications of their inner psyches.

  13. My brother is a sergeant in the army and also has owned multiple guns since 15 years old. He swears a .22lr of any kind is a great home defense weapon and is enough to get the job done when needed and he also said that the ruger Mark iv is one of the best survival handguns you can buy. Many people like to talk shit on a .22 but many people don't get how much damage they can cause.

  14. A gun store by my house sells 500 round boxes of 22 for $13 – when he said $26 that sounded really high to me 🤣

  15. man dad got one like this for wedding present. not sure if its earlier model of this one. looks quite the same to me

  16. let me tell you how durable this piece of metal is,if the machining is up to my ruger mark 1,this pistol is a work of art,i've run over 250k rounds thru mine and it only gets better,these weapons have a break in period of about 2000 rounds,i use the new lucas red gun oil and the slide stays wet and ready,enjoy,ruger is a damn nice weapon,had mine since 1973

  17. I found one of these while inspecting an abandoned house my boss purchased . Handed to him to see it and he kept it…. My mistake was letting him see it. Lol

  18. А зачем вам затычки в ушах, если вы стреляете с глушителем???

  19. ราคาเท่าไหร่จะชื้อได้ที่ไหนครับ

  20. A great pistol that has reigned for years. However, it’s been dethroned by the new KelTec CP33.
    I’ve been looking at full sized .22cal pistols for many years but never bought one. Almost got the Mark IV several times but didn’t. Like all other .22 pistols, it always seemed to be lacking something even though I couldn’t say exactly what that “something” was. Then I saw the CP33 in a video here on YouTube after it came out at Shot Show. All I could do was keep repeating to myself “That’s it, that’s it”. Like all of KelTec’s new firearms, the CP33 is hard to find. It’s in demand and most shops where I live in New England are only getting one from their distributors. Waited 6 months for mine. Finally got it 2 weeks ago. Well worth the wait. It’s a tack driver right out of the box and a blast to shoot. Very reliable. Perfect in all respects from plinking, target shooting, and competition to tactical use.

  21. I have this same model, mostly sits in the safe now due to it's low capacity and starts to get heavy after a few hundred rounds. I prefer my Taurus TX22 a lot more fun to shot.

    A relative, the gun Margolin, a native of the USSR
    a rare thing used for shooting sports.

  23. Mark 4 with a suppressor is sweet. I’ve shot it. Sub sonic .22 lr is a joke. Regular 22 lr is a joke. I hate it, but the only thing they are good for is plinking, small animals , and smartass children. Bigger game, worthless.

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