75 thoughts on “Ruger Charger 22 With Vortex Spitfire

  1. I bet someone will make a pistol grip that has a buffer for the sig brace attached to it. Kinda like the bump fire stock.

  2. What if you left the original pistol grip and did the AK brace? It mounts above the grip and would maybe work if you did some shaving of the wood stock.

  3. I"ve had one of the old versions for a few years… I have more fun shooting that thing than most other firearms… Especially out at the farm… I've got a pistol scope on it and you just set it on the table with the bipod and let'em fly… Shooting different targets at 50 yards or so…
    I'll probably pick up one of these when I see one at a good price…
    Thanks for showing it off and reviewing… 

  4. I Hate the Saw Handle Grips. I want a Plow Handle Styled Grip and the only good way to get one is to spend over $100 on a Walnut 10-22 Stock and cut it down.
    Also, if it had good Iron Sights–Ghost Ring Aperture–then it wouldn't need Piscaticaninny Rails!

  5. Bx-15 mag??? I have been living under rock. I only knew of bx-25s and the thre 10 rounder mag connector to make it a bx-30

  6. I'd like  to see ruger & savage stuff on shot show 2015 coverage. Id like to see some FN pistols too, I think they came or are coming out with a FN striker fired compact pistol. Where the NRA convention going to be at this year?

  7. Hank stop by Magpul Booth. They're launching 2 different sets of AK furniture. As well as, a 60 round drum Pmag called the D-60. It will fit all AR variants, and other rifle platforms that use STANAG Mags…So the Tavor will accept the new 60 round drum mag too. So AK fans be happy. the new furniture sets look awesome. This is not a rumor either. It's all I can say. And I don't know the prices. However, Magpul has Always been quite fair and reasonable with pricing on their products.

  8. Dude youtube did it to me again, got unsubscribed. It's a conspiracy. Haha I searched to show a buddy this Charger and it says I'm unsubscribed… What Tha hell. Glad I was gonna show him or I wouldn't of probably known

  9. I definitely definitely would throw a polymer body on there. In your travels find out from Magpul when will the G 17 mags be available for Glocks enjoys SHOT Show..Respect It

  10. some aftermarket outfit offers that.   and there is an  SR-22  AR profile version of the 10-22 "RIFLE" that has AR buffer tube…so it could be done  but NOT cheaply…. It is gonna take some shopping…  Might be cheaper to get the 10/22 AR 15 clone and just pay the SBR tax.

  11. Just got the take-down version last week. What a fun gun! The mag capacity and threaded barrel where major selling points for me. It's like a compact .22 rifle for all intents and purposes. The only thing I'm afraid of is that I may be giving this more range time than my other .22s, and I don't want my Single Six or 22/45 to feel neglected. (Damn it, Ruger, you making me poor!) Using the Charger without the bipod is a little odd, but I'm sure I'll adjust. Would have loved it if the bipod had been attached with another rail (instead of that screw) under the hand grip just for the option of switching it out with a flashlight or laser if I wanted.

  12. WARNING! Each time you hold the bipod as you are clearly showing in the video, you are using this pistol as an AOW and thus breaking the NFA law. The bipod can not be held on and used as a forward grip to steady the pistol. More than once in the video you show yourself breaking the law.
    Be careful and edit out all use of the bipod being used this way.

  13. I bought the ati x2 grip for my charger just like hanks. one word of advice. small hands will have a harder time with this grip due to its larger size. 24.99 on ati website for the grip. ill link it below.

  14. The BX-15 mag that came with mine has a lot of play when in the pistol.  Pulled out a Ruger 10 shot and a BX-25 for comparison and the upper body of the BX-15 is slightly smaller.  I have 3 BX-15's and all are slightly smaller than the other 2.  Wonder if there is a reason or just a QC issue.  Anybody else notice this?  Maybe an early production problem?

  15.  Black Ace's Tactical made a folding Sig Brace system for their 14" Shorty Scattergun! I would love to see something like that for the Charger! I find my Charger is more convenient to carry on my atv than carring my 10/22 Takedown, but just wish they made them with iron sights as a backup. Still, it's a blast to shoot, and the kids love it!

  16. It looks like the 22 charger would make a good survival gun .It its the right size so it can be a great open carry gun.

  17. The only thing I think  it needs is a one point sling adapter on the back end.The sling adapter on the front has the Charger pointed to the head and arm pit, which is a bad thing.Other than that, I love it.

  18. I really like this model. I don't understand the benefit of the breakdown model. How often would that ever be needed, especially since the scoped receiver wouldn't fit back in the case??

  19. is it normal for the metal part of the gun that holds the trigger module to wiggle a little in the wooden stock after removing and putting back in the take down bolt? I have the takedown model.

  20. The triggers suck and so do their upgrade BX triggers.I put a timney on mine and it is sweet! Also have your grip and really nice.n I can't figure out why Ruger does not offer these options as regular features? Oh well!

  21. Howdy from Texas. Just wanted ta thanks ya kindly for your vid. I got one of these neat little pistols for my 14 year old grandson for this coming Christmas! I'm at present setting it up all fancy for him with a Silver Millet Red Dot Sight for quick 25 yard acquisition shooting as well as a quick change out 2-7 power Silver Hammers Pistol Scope for 100 yard shooting. This Pistol Scope has a nice long eye relief so you can hang it out there. Also it has a Silver Flash Suppressor from Cheaper Than Dirt for it. Now I want to thank you personally for the tip on the AR-15 Scorpion Pistol Grip. His is the Black and Gray version. It's the same Ruger 22 Charger you have with the Blued Barrel and the Brown Laminated Stock. Your very right on the fact that this is a very fun gun to shoot, a blast really to tinker with. Very multi purpose indeed. Looks kind-a cool-funky as it's been set up! Now I wish it was mine, lol. Happy Trails to You!

  22. Thank you Hank and your channel is super cool…Sad the feds have us get a permit for a suppressor…Kinda really sorry.,,,,Super cool job!TY73s

  23. Before you give advice on a firearm you should learn to shoot a pistol with a optic. It's like seeing someone fish with their rod upside down.🤤

  24. There s a seller on ebay that offers a custom ergonomic grip that fits the latest model Ruger Charger with the ar style grip which completely transforms the feel of this pistol. I bought one and loved it immediately so I bought another for my wife's Charger. He offers them in Black and FDE.

  25. This Ruger Charger is something I would regard as something absolutely IDEAL! Well Engineered. Super reliable. Absolutely FUN to shoot!

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