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Ruger 77/22 Firearm Maintenance: Part 4 Reassembly

In this final installment of the Brownells
Ruger 77/22 Maintenance series we’ll be going Over reassembly
Begin by replacing the firing pin in The striker assembly and slide the Assembly into the bolt
body Screw the bolt sleeve back into Place until
it aligns with the full Cock notch in the bolt body Proceed to tighten it a quarter
of A turn then remove the punch Next Insert the breach block into The bolt
body and align the Retaining pin hole Then Install the pin making sure To align
the flats of the pin with The flats cut on the breach block Then rotate the sleeve back
to its Full cock notch Lastly reinsert the bolt into the Gun and
function test the action Work the bolt a few times to Ensure it cycles
freely and check That the safety functions properly
Once everything checks out we’ll Wipe down any metal surfaces With a lightly oiled rag
to remove Any fingerprints and prevent Rusting and the job is done
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