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Ruger 77/22 Firearm Maintenance: Part 2 Cleaning

Continuing with the Brownells Ruger 77/22
maintenance series With disassembly covered in the Previous video next up is cleaning
First you will want to clean the Bore and chamber
You will need a cleaning rod the Correct caliber bore brush jag Patches and a suitable copper
or Lead solvent depending on the Caliber We’ll start by applying solvent to A patch
and running it through The bore Allow the solvent to sit in the Bore and work
as recommended By the manufacturer Next we’ll switch to a bore brush And run
it back and forth through The bore to scrub out any fouling Making at least ten to fifteen
Complete passes Then we’ll switch back to our jag And follow
up with a few solvent Soaked patches to wipe out the Bore
Lastly we’ll run a clean dry patch Through to check our progress
If the patch still shows signs of Fouling you’ll want to repeat the Procedure until
all of the fouling is Removed With the barrel now cleaned we Can move onto
the interior of the Receiver Here we’ll simply use a rag to Wipe out any
dirt or fouling We’ll to want avoid using any Solvents here
if possible to keep From damaging the stocks finish
With the barreled action now Cleaned we can set it aside and Move onto the bolt starting
with The body It should be cleaned inside and Out using
a generous spraying of TCE and then scrubbing Paying particular attention to the Locking
lugs and threads With the bolt body now cleaned We can wipe
it down and set it Aside and move onto the breach Block
We’ll use the same method as the Bolt body again spraying with TCE Brushing paying close
attention to The breach face and checking for Buildup which may interfere with Proper
chambering or extraction Next we’ll use a pipe cleaner or Swab to ensure the firing
pin hole Is clean and free of obstructions Once clean we’ll wipe it down and Move onto
the cocking piece We’ll again spray it with an Aerosol cleaner
followed up with A brushing making sure to Thoroughly clean the threads to Prevent damage
and ensure easy Reassembly With the gun now completely Cleaned before
final reassembly We’ll be going over proper Lubrication in part three

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