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Ruger 77/22 Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

In 1983 Ruger responded to Sportsmen’s request
for an adult-Size 22 rimfire rifle with the Introduction of the 77/22
In this series by Brownells We’ll show you step-by-step
How-to disassemble clean Lubricate and reassemble your Ruger 77/22 and its variants
Before performing any Maintenance Begin by removing the magazine And inspecting
the chamber And ensure that the gun is Unloaded
Also it’s a good idea to remove Any ammunition from the work Area and put on safety glasses
Before beginning With the gun now safe unlock the Bolt and
pull it rearward about Halfway Then press down on the bolt stop Located on
the rear left side of The receiver and then proceed to Remove the bolt from the rear Receiver
With the bolt now removed we Can disassemble it further by Securing the bolt body in one
Hand and rotating the bolt sleeve Clockwise about a quarter of a Turn until the breach
block Retaining pin aligns with the Larger hole in the bolt body
Note if the cocking piece is Difficult to rotate you can insert a Punch in the hole
of the cocking Piece to gain leverage Once aligned turn the assembly Upside down
and allow the pin to Drop free If the pin sticks you may need to Use a small
punch and push it out From the back side Now the breach block is free to Slide forward
and off the bolt Body Lastly insert a punch into the Small hole
in the rear of the Cocking piece and rotate the Sleeve counter clockwise
The punch will capture the Cocking piece and relieve the Tension of the mainspring
As the sleeve is removed the firing Pin will fall free so be sure not to Lose it
With the bolt now fully Disassembled This is as far as we need to go for Basic
maintenance So be sure to check out part two As we go
over proper cleaning

4 thoughts on “Ruger 77/22 Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

  1. Hi, can you please specify precisely what products you use in this series – especially the grease you use on the lugs etc during bolt cleaning/reassembly. Thanks

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