100 thoughts on “Rubber Band Machine Gun? | 10 Strange Projectile Weapons

  1. Comment down below which hilarious projectile weapon was your favorite! Be sure to also check out "9 Strange Walmart Gifts!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36XHtp2TfrI&list=PL15dtrx_ng4Sf6qE3iVX3NAj240-MY3MC&index=7

  2. The salt blaster is a real thing does take the fly's out at close range really is a dope if you know how to use it plus I love the beard keep it man its a reason to live

  3. They had a salt gun at a restaurant once. Alright welcome to r/salty jk lmao. Anyway I went to this restaurant once and they leave the door open during open hours and flies sonetimes get in. So when I went there, these people were complaining about a fly or two buzzing around them then the employee goes to get something (me assuming it’s a fly swatter) employee comes back, nerf lookin, salt shootin, fly killing gun in hand and I’m like “wat da heck”. TL;DR the fly died and I feel that the gun was highly useful yada yada, this that, THE END.

  4. I own the same model salt gun and it works amazing in my camper and around my pit bull who is terrified of swinging objects

  5. I used to have a potato gun the neighbor hated my sister and I we would get a potato and stick the gun in it and it would take chuncks of the the potato and just launch it everywhere so the backyard were just full of potato chuncks

  6. Is it a coincidence that some of these items were shown on Dude perfect? The world may never know!

  7. Since you dont know you screw the bottom of the arrow off and continue to drive the arrow thow the other side

  8. You shoot flies with it because you could never smack a fly or you can but it’s just hard because they fly away Most of the time

  9. They changed the name on the Amazon item to "hot" In front of it all lol guarantee it's bc the clout they got from it

  10. I have The potato gun and it’s so fun when me and my mum were going up to visit my Nanna and grandpa I was shooting potato pallets out the window

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