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Rossi R98106 .22 6″ Revolver Review

I bought this Rossi 6-inch 22
revolver a few years ago and it’s worked out pretty well. Simple cardboard box
that a lot of these Rossi and Taurus revolvers and guns – pistols are
coming in. It comes in a plastic bag and this is freshly shot from the range so I
didn’t clean it it. It has that stupid “Pinker” on the side. That’s what it says.
Really don’t like that but it comes with that little plastic insert and you can’t
dy fire with it because it won’t rotate – the cylinder will rotate with it
in there. But it’s a pretty good-looking gun. Basic bluing – no problems with it and I
like the gun. Inside the box also is a little tiny plastic bag and you have a
allen wrench that will allow you to take off the grips and a pair of
those little security keys that Taurus and Rossi supply with all of their
firearms. You can see the lock on their revolvers right at the base of the
hammer and if you take that key, place it into the lock and turn it about a half
turn clockwise – you’re tightening it up – to lock it. Loosening it – backing it off –
to unlock it. Now it’s locked and you can’t operate the hammer and you can’t
operate the trigger. You can then put that key back in there, unlock it, and everything works.
Convenient if you want that feature. I’m 6’5″ and my hands are pretty big but
it does fit pretty well with the supplied “ribber” grip that’s on there. The hammer is large and wide and
easy-to-operate. It’s nice. The trigger face is wide and smooth. I would be in love with
this revolver in every respect except for the fact that it says “Plinker” on the
side of it The rear sight is adjustable for windage
and elevation. It’s pretty easy to use. Has some solid detents in it – solid
clicks. So it’s pretty easy to tell how far you’ve turned it. I recorded a bit at
the range just to show you how little recoil this thing has. Eight shots, really
easy to eject. It’s a relatively light single action trigger. and a much heavier,
much longer, double-action trigger it’s a bit dirty and fingerprinty from
the last trip to the range but it’s pretty decent-looking gun That front fiber-optic like thing
should have been cut better at the factory. here’s the sight picture close-up and
those gaps on the two sides of the front sight do decrease as you extend it to
arm’s length. And here’s the front sight in focus. Recoil management is of course
not a problem with 22lr but they did supply this one with a ribber grip which
works fine. The barrel is recessed so it’s really
difficult to damage it but it doesn’t look like its crowned. There is a vent rib
on top so maybe you could attach some kind of scope to it. For a while I was
thinking about selling this to my friend Talking Timmy the Fish but it turns out
that i could do really well with this revolver,. Off a sand bag from 10 yards I
was able to put almost everything in 1.2 inches. That was pretty good.. Sorry, Timmy. It’s not
for sale.

6 thoughts on “Rossi R98106 .22 6″ Revolver Review

  1. I replaced the Grips on my Rossi "Plinker" .22LR Revolver.  I recently purchased the Stainless Steel Model "Plinker" revolver with 6 inch barrel at a Gun Store for $299.  I saw on YouTube that a lot of owners are complaining about the "Ribber" Grips that come with the gun.  I also am not fond of them as they are too short and seem to be made for a little kid.  I also had recently purchased an older Rossi Model R851 .38 special Revolver originally imported by Interarms back in the 1990's.  It is the same as still shown in the Rossi Catalog – only mine is stainless steel.  Anyhow – Mine has wood target stocks on the gun and I thought I would, order a set of the rubber grips as shown on the Model R851 in their on-line catalog.   It cost me $20.00 for the New Rubber Grips and a New Grip Screw.  Instead of mounting them on my .38 special revolver – I thought I would try them on the New .22 Long Rifle "Plinker" Revolver.  First you need a Hex head "Allen" wrench t take the "Ribber" grips off.  They come off like a set of Hogue Grips – only there is no little sheet metal piece that straddles the bottom of the frame.  On the "Plinker" the "Allen" screw is threaded right into the bottom of the grip frame.  That was a surprise.  Then when comparing the Model R851 Rubber Grips at first I didn't think they were going to fit because the grip handle is basically a short stub.  It only fills up about half of the rubber grip.  But you can screw the grip on and it fits and mounts good.  Because the grip does have an internal metal insert the rubber grip fits nice and tight with no flex.  So in the end it looks and works good and the newly mounted grip does provide a resting place for your pinky finger.

  2. I just ordered a new one and it is called the R98106 R98 Standard and instead of being blued, it has a black parkerized finish on it.  I have the Taurus Model 94 that is blued and I like that finish.  I am like you…I didn't like the "Plinker" on the side of the barrel and we are not alone…several folks didn't like that.  I guess that Rossi listened because the new one I just bought doesn't have that on it.  Thanks for the video.

  3. This revolver is hard to find. It may be a while to find one available. If I get lucky. If I happen to walk into Academy and see it on display I will take it home with me that same day.

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