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Ross Rifle MK3 Guide – NEW best sniper on Battlefield 5

Hey, whats going on guys its Ascend Dazs here! That 5 man at the start was not even with
the gun upgraded…Today I am excited to talk about the new BEST sniper on Battlefield V. This gun is hands down what we all dreamed
about. It will be a short video but will be quick
and in-depth on my thoughts on what this gun does well and the little it does not do well. As you can tell I love it. Let go over the talents briefly on the gun
It literally matches the M95 but will cover what each one does briefly. I personally choose left, right, right and
left. First two talents are a choice of faster ADS
or faster reload. Always go for faster ADS. Next choice depends on what you prefer and
are coupled together. For the left two you get better fire while
moving and to match it, the faster movement ADS speed. It is really nice and gets you some quick
ADAD spam and moving around corners faster for a surprise shot. This is preference. I sometimes go back and forth on what I want
to use and considering how verstile and good the ross is. Least you have the option. The two coupled on the right are faster shot
after moving and switching guns slightly faster. But most importantly is the next coupled with
it which is the faster Rate of Fire. At a base it is at 64. But with the improved is at 75 which really
rivals the base of the Lee Enfield. Last two talents are Bayonet (which I take
but never use). And of course the right talent which gives
you the ability to change your zeroing of the rifle to help with those long range shots. But you know my stance on it. Always just aim above the head! Much faster. Now we got that out of the way let us talk
about the pros of the gun It has a faster rate of fire than base Lee
Enfield if you spec the faster rate of fire Has the amazing scope of the Krag
Has a great post reload Does not have the scope bug of the krag
Does not have the reload bug of the krag Has versatility in talents of the M95
Higher damage than the krag and matches the Lee Enfield This is the aggressive recon dream. It is the gun that gives talented aimers everything
you want. What does it do wrong? Lower bullet velocity
Less ability to control the bullet drop like the krag and K98
Less Ammo for montage clips But let’s be honest that bullet velocity is
not bad. It is on par with the M95. The bullet drop is easily manageable. And less ammo is a down side but it reloads
so quickly it really does not matter much. It is just too powerful and too much fun! Again lets recap. Like the versatility of the M95? It is here! Want the scope of the krag, less bugs, and
more damage? DONE! Want the rate of fire of the Lee Enfield? You now have the ross? You done dreaming of a better rifle? Literally only thing that would make it the
perfect gun is an extra bullet. If they added an extra bullet…absolutely
no reason to use any other gun ever! I hope you found this guide helpful, if you
did be sure and leave a like and a dislike if you did not.

26 thoughts on “Ross Rifle MK3 Guide – NEW best sniper on Battlefield 5

  1. This is literally the new best sniper on Battlefield 5! I am unsure how this gun can be topped unless we get a gun with straight pull and more ammo. Ross is absolutely insane. Those who may not like it are those who do not like the velocity. 🙂

  2. Loving the gun. Mr Kragsworth is still my main, but the Bob Ross is a very close second.

    I'm just happy it has the Krag scope because there were rumours it was gonna have the Lee scope. For versatility it's hands down the best bolt action.

  3. Speaking of a new sniper rifle, did anyone notice in the awards area where the weapon dog tags are, I saw at the bottom of the list a 1917 Enfield dog tag. I was wondering if anyone else saw that too?

  4. Feels so quick and precise on flicks. Can’t wait to see how I perform with once I get 1000 kills (I Main the M98 and it took about 700 kills before it felt like I rlly had the muscle memory down and didn’t have to consciously aim )

  5. Ross occasionally does not kill with headshot for some reason just like krag…(not talking anout shooting through fences etc.)

  6. I love it and thanks for the guide, but I'm still not sure for the specialization. Can you explain me difference between right and left side of the 2 middle specializations pls

  7. It would be my dream gun in bfV (as it was in bf1) if it had the straight pull bolt action even while mounting scopes. Overall decent gun, been having some good times with it 🙂

  8. I'm not reference of a player but let's go for my opinion anyways: i find myself struggling a lot more with Ross than with the Krag or the K98. I don't know some background stats or something but feels like the ads accuracy is worse than those 2. I also don't like the sound and the way it feels. Like i don't know about you but sniper rifles you got have "that feeling" when you pull the trigger? That powerfull subjective feeling XD. Yes i'm a very bad sniper player so maybe that's why my favorite rifle is the K98 on this game but it's just feels right for me hahahaha A close second is the Lee-Enfield with a 3x

  9. Hey Dazs, im unlocking it gold but i think i prefer the kar98, cause of bullet drop, non agressive gameplay and the long distance shots. Keep the good work

  10. Nice video man! You are amazing in these clips! I just finished the gold assignments for Ross, and just got lucky on that 10 headshots on objective in 1 life task. For me this is the best gun especially for aggressive sniping!

  11. Hi Dazs, nice Vid. I was i Scotland for a week and i didnt have time to watch you're Vids. But i unlocked it before that and i absolutly love this gun. Even the Iron Sights.

  12. Hi ascend dazs. Do you stop Moving just before shooting or does the accuracy is not affected whil Moving. Thanks on advance

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