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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Signs & Shotguns

Gus: Yeah I know you sleep really weird hours, and you have a cot here in one of the closets. I’m always hesitant to walk into that closet when the door’s closed I’m like is someone asleep in there? I really need a pen… Geoff: I know when I walk in every morning at like 8:15 or whatever it’s always like, “Is Burnie in the closet?” I don’t wanna look in and wake him up if he is so I’m always like looking around the office for signs that Burnie’s here. Like, is there a plate with half-eaten food on it? Burnie’s probably here. *laughter* Gus: Is there a trail of Coke cans, missing one sip, leading up to the closet? Geoff: Is there like, one sock in the middle of the floor for no reason? If so, Burnie’s here Burnie: Hey, wait a minute. I think you’re makin’ fun of me. Gavin: Do you remember that time when you left shotgun shells at Geoff’s house? Burnie: I was showing him like some shotgun shells, and then I took the box and I put them up on a shelf, and we just went on talking or whatever, and I was at home later and I was like, “I left the box of shotgun shells sitting there.” I was so paranoid about Millie that I, like, raced back there. It was like, four in the morning Gavin: You literally kicked the door open. *imitating door kicking in noise* And then you were like, “WAKE UP BITCHES!”, *loud laughter* and we’re just like, “what?” Burnie: I think Barbara was staying in the room,
Gavin: Barbara was in the living room and I woke her up in the living room and she’s like “whaa?”, *more loud laughter* and it was like, I was just trying to find ’em and uh, found ’em and got ’em the hell outta there.

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Signs & Shotguns

  1. For everyone saying "but she dont have shotgun to shoot it"
    You can fire ammunition with heat as well such as hair driers, ovens, stovetops, toasters, soldering guns, hair straiteners and much much more.

    Leaving shotgun shells lying around is just as unsafe as leaving a loaded shotgun around. If you think about it, it may even be possible for a 5 year old to open up a shotgun shell and spill EXPLOSIVE POWDER all over the place. Gunpowder can be ignited easily in many different ways.

  2. Can we all just appreciate for five seconds that Burnie was so worried about his friend's daughter that he came at four in the freaking morning to get those shotgun shells?

  3. I don't know why Burnie was so worried about Millie.  The shotgun shells are not dangerous without a shotgun (unless Millie gets a wild hair up her ass and throws them in the microwave or something)  I think she is smarter than that though.

  4. Can we go back to that thought bubble where Millie is having the greatest time of her life blasting away! That is about the happiest I've seen her in any of these pictures and it's her murdering things! Jesus Burnie!

  5. I know this is a few years ago but at the end credits with the Audio By slide, they misspelled Gavin's last name so it says Gavin Gree.

  6. "I know that when I walk in every morning it's like 8:15 or whatever…"
    Looks at clock that says 12:15
    Geoff- the procrastinator's procrastinator.

  7. Yeah, don't want Milly getting any ammo for her automatic 12ga shotgun she keeps tucked inside her hollowed out teddy bear… LOL

  8. Why was he concerned about the shells? It's pretty hard to hurt yourself with ammunition if you don't have access to a gun.

  9. I just realized something…. why was Barbara sleeping on the couch at Geoff's house? Was he just taking in every homeless Rooster Teeth employee during that time?

  10. Even though it's Texas, I'm pretty sure Millie doesn't have a shotgun hidden in her room or something, right? …..Right?

  11. Did anybody took the time to notice that when Geoff said "8:15" the clock displayed it was "12:15"??
    Not to mention the clock did change hands after Gus walked in

  12. Signs segment – RT Podcast #67 at 7:33
    Shotguns segment – RT Podcast #162 at 1:17:12 (they also talk about that in RTP #231 at 39:39 and in #368 at 22:08)

  13. Burnie is such a great guy. Like I could just gush about all the nice things he's done and said but he was so concerned for Geoffs daughter. Geoff probably doesn't even OWN a shotgun

  14. everyone talks about Barb and gav but no one wants to talk about the French guy that used to help griffon makes comic strips.

  15. why dose evryone think that a shotgun shell is harmless whit out a shotgun like what if she fund one and like ter it up and spred like led and gun powder all over the house or worse plays whit it

    becus led can be pryty danguras

  16. 2018 and after seeing how mili has grown and the relatonship with geoff right now…… you understand the point i´m trying to make.

  17. I don’t understand why Burnie was worried about Millie with shotgun shells. 1. He put them on a shelf probably high enough where she couldn’t reach them. 2. They’re just shells and I doubt she knew how to get them in a gun or even get a gun. But it was sweet that he thought of her safety and made sure she couldn’t harm herself with them.

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