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Ron Paul 2nd Amendment 1989 [Rare]

(Music) RON PAUL: No one has the right to tell you
you can’t publish a book because you might libel somebody. Nobody tells you you can’t own an automobile because there might be an accident. And nobody should tell you you
can’t own a gun because it might be misused. If somebody is libel, they have recourse in
the courts. If somebody causes an accident with an automobile, this can be dealt with in the
courts. The same way with a gun, if a gun is misused,
it should be dealt with in the courts. Unfortunately, government doesn’t enforce the law against those individuals who commit violent crimes. 70 percent of the crimes in this country are committed by individuals who have prior criminal records. This gun sure looks deadly. But it’s not
the least bit deadly unless I point it at someone and pull the trigger. In the words of Thomas Jefferson,
he said that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights,” and among those
rights is our right to defend ourselves, defend our family, and to defend our property. Unfortunately,
in every society, there are those individuals who will resort to force to get what they want.
It’s impossible to have a policeman on every corner to protect us. So therefore, it is very important that we maintain the right to defend ourselves. I think it’s important that we look at the
2nd Amendment in context of the entire Bill of Rights. Our freedoms are based on a philosophy called
the “Libertarian” philosophy. That means we have a right to own anything we want,
including guns, as long as we harm no other person. The Constitution gives us that right. The
best way to protect that right is to exercise it. If we sacrifice our liberty in the pursuit of safety, we’ll lose our safety and our liberty.

100 thoughts on “Ron Paul 2nd Amendment 1989 [Rare]

  1. What crimes would you say constitute the use of a firearm for the purpose of self defense? Where exactly are you from again?

    I live in a nice part of Boston(united states) were there is almost no violence, but this does not mean i do not feel myself or my wife should not have the ability to protect herself from an act of violence with a firearm.

  2. No violence in Boston? Are you sure? I live in a community where no one has guns, not even the police. Clearly having guns just perpetuates the need for more guns. I believe that the private citizen can and should never be the judge, jury and executioner. Thats the very reason we have the police and the court system. Our values are poles apart, I dont think we can ever resolve this discussion mrblump, best to keep our cultures to ourselves, ok?

  3. @Martin White I grew up with guns and everybody around me had guns. I have only heard of two or three non-self defense shootings in my area. It is funny how safe you think you are. Criminals do not care about your pathetic laws. If somebody wanted you dead, you would be long gone.

  4. How lucky you are, you can now shoot people and small animals, how proud you must be. Oh, believe me, plenty wanted me dead when I served in Iraq, I'm still here though, so much for you're theory. Epic fail. I can only assume that you live in a dreadful area, since everyone feels the need for a gun.

  5. Adam…The 2nd Ammendment is in place to ensure the ability of the common people to defend themselves against tyrannical government. It has nothing to do with hunting.

  6. You can own and operate a vehicle or aircraft on or over private property without a license or insurance. A license and insurance is only required to operate a vehicle on PUBLIC property. Requiring that someone be licensed to OWN or PURCHASE a firearm is unconstitutional.

  7. Where are you getting this bullshit information your writing? Alaska, Vermont, Arizona and Wyoming don't issue any form of license, a person can carry and own a firearm however they wish. In 38 other states you can purchase and own a firearm freely. A license is generally only required to carry the firearm concealed or for official use.

  8. Haha, very very different markets than the time of Andrew "Trail of Tears" Jackson, but i appreciate the laugh…

  9. My friend, you have been misinformed. You only need a license to be a dealer. Average citizens do not need a license. Some states don't even require a permit to carry concealed.

  10. Just because I'm not Christian does not mean I cannot see the best person for the job. I've been pushing Ron Paul in before 08. Ron Paul is also Libertarian and I have a right to my views. The government will make no laws in respect to any religion. He would not bring a bias view into the White House. I think the Constitution is a great document. It doesn't require that I be Christian to understand, I respect people until they deserve otherwise. They're stripe does not matter!

  11. 1989…

    i mean, how do it feel like, if you try your whole life to change the world, cause you know exactly what is going on and you fail and fail and you cant do anything.

    thats what i call hardcore.

  12. It makes me sad that no matter how hard Ron Paul trys to protect WE THE PEOPLE, the brainwashed liberal zombies still follow the footsteps of the tyrants that are destroying our economy, freedoms, and way of life. We are a REPUBLIC, we need a libertarian/republican president forever, get these socialists THE FUCK OUT OF HERE

  13. so if I buy an apache helicopter with a bunch of hellfire missiles that would still be fine if im using it to protect myself, hell if i miss use it they can settle it in the courts. LETS LEGALISE ALL MILITARY STANDARD WEPONS!

  14. Seems that about 230 years ago we made it abundantly clear that Brits had absolutely NO say in our how we ran our country.
    Maybe you should concentrate on Britain’s problems such as per capita Assault victims > 2X the US
    Car theft (by # of cars) > 2X the US
    Rape victims >2X the US
    Total crime victims 26.4% 3rd highest developed country in the world.
    Drug offences per 100K people 183,419: > 327X the US (more Drug offences than people)
    Petrol bombs to celebrate the death of an ex-prime minister

  15. Well considering the Hellfire missile was developed for anti armor use, and it's an explosive.. unless you want to kill every single person in the immediate vicinity of the person you are defending against it really wouldn't be practical. That's similar to saying you are going to use a modern HE grenade to defend yourself in your home against one or two individuals. You sir, must be mentally handicapped.

  16. This needs to be aired on national TV as much as f***ing McDonald's commercials!!!! Son of a Bitch! these aholes are going to end up "sooner or later" taking all of your rights, "liberty" exc.. we need to do something now!

  17. It's about taking responsibility for your actions, if you aren't ready for a kid, then don't have sex (or wait as you put it). If you want to have sex, realize that it may mean you getting pregnant. Don't want the kid AFTER you are pregnant? That's what adoptions are for. If a stopped heart is used for determining if someone is dead, shouldn't a beating heart mean someone is alive.

  18. That's a red herring. A helicopter gunship isn't a practical weapon for self defense, unless you're defending yourself from invading armies.

  19. This man would`ve repaired America in six months …Any man that can stay married to the same woman 50 yrs deserves to be President lol

  20. Are you crazy??? No one is suggesting legalizing military weapons and No one is proposing legalizing automatic weapons. An AR 10 or 15 Is NOT a military weapon all it is is a Modern day fire arm it is NOT an assault rifle at all that would need to be Select fire AKA Automatic.
    let me ask you this are you pro choice??? if so why cant I choose the fire arm of my choice????

  21. Yeah, because a clown like you could ever afford to buy an apache helicopter. Nobody is going to spend the tens of millions to buy something like that, just to go on a murder-spree with it.

    Just stop talking.

  22. i hate it when people say guns dont kill anybody its the person because they dont understand that guns make it a whole lot easier. So I am very skinny and weak and when I try to strangle someone they will fight back and probably win but if I have a gun then I could kill them. Laws that were made in colonial times need to be changed for the 2000

  23. It matters very much, because red herrings distract people away from the relevant debate over gun ownership rights.

    How can you test the merits of attack helicopter ownership when the number of private citizens who have ever owned a military attack helicopter can probably be counted on one hand? You might as well test the merits of unicorn ownership.

    An attack helicopter would be a practical means of defense against an invading army if everyone owned one. 😉

  24. then please refrain from sayiong your opinion on the internet because your free speech given to you by the 1st amendment was written during those "colonial times" where internet & computer did not exist. Please respond only with a printing press if you can find one…..freaking dumbass!

  25. your stupid the basic principles haven't changed at all stupid fuck!!. no rights means tyranny. no guns mean losing our rights.

  26. *face palm* Here is a solution start drinking protein shakes, eat more, and work out. Better yet how about you not try and start a fight.

  27. You're making it seem that all the homicidal criminals are there are skinny weak. That if you eliminate guns then that will solve the murder problem in america lol. What a joke

  28. Your argument has no logic or basis in reality. A skinny criminal will ALWAYS be working with another criminal who is NOT skinny. Criminals will not turn in their guns if we outlaw them. In fact, you will create an entire new class of criminal by outlawing gun ownership.

    The constitution is not some short-sighted document that was written by close-minded neanderthals. ALL of the rights RE-affirmed in the constitution are relevant today, just as they were 240 years ago.

  29. Ron Paul will never be president. He makes way to much sense. just goes to show the citizens of America are as F'ed up as the government. Ignorance is bliss!!!

  30. if you are trying to strangle someone than you need to be shot. Colonial times were far less scary than today and they felt the need to own guns back then. I think if our forefathers were alive today they would demand we arm ourselves. when will you idiots clear the fog from your brain and realize criminals will always have guns no matter how many laws are made. and guess what people have been killing people " horrifically" long before guns existed.

  31. just think how many people you could kill if you drove your car through a giant crowd of people. that wouldn't be the person doing it. It would be because the car made it easy. wake up dude!

  32. Ryukikon, first of all I don't think everyone should own a helicopter gun ship. but these instruments are used more in war than any other type of aircraft. they would be the one most efficient combat tool in every scenario. is common sense registering in your mind? the helicopter fly's vertically horizontally is very maneuverable fits in smaller places and can be loaded with tons of bad ass weaponry. I think your thought on warfare is very misguided

  33. During the Revolutionary War, the King and his men had flintlocks and cannons,
    we had flintlocks and cannons. Today the King and his men have all kinds of firepower
    and we have BB guns in comparison. We are in deep shit when we get serious and
    want to voice our opinion. We ought to be able to own anything King Obama and his
    bunch own. The 2nd Amendment isn't about protecting our homes and hunting, its about protecting us from the people we elect.

  34. That man was way ahead of his time. If I could make one wish it would be to have Ron Paul back as a young man. Now is when we really need him.

  35. Man of Honor, trust and a true american for america. Not a celebrity or a media's poppet, he is a guy who believes in a great america and small government.

  36. Holy crap! That video ALMOST looks like it was made yesterday! I was only 7-8 back then and he was already speaking about these essential liberties back then….Dr. Paul, You are my Hero, I hope your son will continue the legacy and lead our great nation!

  37. To the 49 that voted thumbs down, you can see you're an insignificant minority compared to those who voted thumbs up.

  38. The flaw in this argument is that the difference between a publisher a motor vehicle and a gun is that a motor vehicle and a publisher is not intended to do harm ….but a gun on the other hand….it's sole intention is to do harm

  39. in those words, you do need, any license for anything, you can drive car without any license, you can drive a car without plate number.

  40. 30 years ago and he was fairly aged already. I was 3 when this came out.

    For him to still be so lucid and sharp in 2019 is amazing.

  41. 9 people a day and hundreds injured from texting while driving !! … BAN CELL PHONES !! SAVE LIVES !! … but that is not the democrat agenda. As globalist puppets, they want to disarm America and end ouor ability to fight back against a tyrannical government and make us vulnerable to criminals who WILL have guns !!

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