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Romanian Draco AK-47 Pistol

Yo this is Mattv2099. I’m bring you my very first firearm purchase of 2014. It is a gun I have wanted for a very long time I failed to pick one up back when they were common and cheap I remember seeing them for around 400$ 5-6 years ago. commonly. but now that they are not imported and everybody is holding on to theirs. they are kind of hard to find for less than double that. I ran across one. deal was too good to be true. It was kind of expensive but it came with so many extras that it totally justified the price came with a lot of magazines and ammunition and some other small things. upgrades to the gun. snapped this thing up and finally I am a Romanian Draco ak47 pistol owner. customary basically this is small ak47. it is an ak in pistol form. meaning it doesn’t have a buttstock and it has a twelve inch barrel. instead of the normal 16.25 inches the really cool thing about this firearm it’s standard AKM. no tang here. and there is a little block in it’s place The reciever is standard AK. Gas block is standard AK up here you have a 90 degree gas block and sigh block combo and a shorter bas tube than normal but otherwise this will hold normal AKM furniture the gas tube is shorter. I’m going to show you something I’ve never seen on Youtube. I don’t know ow many people know this but. here is my arsenal SGL41 it has the identical gas tube. exact same size. if you ever need a new gas tube get the arsenal one that fits the sgl41 same size it should work perfectly on the draco. this is not a WASR. i know there’s a common belief that this is just a WASR piece of junk. no it is way better than a wasr. just taking this thing down and looking at it I am so happy with this firearm. I have good experience with WASR. I have two myself iv’e shot others. this is not a wasr. this is better. higher quality. my first impressions just taking it a part and putting it back together. so don’t be afraid to buy because of the bad things you hear about WASR’s. this is better. it has mag dimples. better magwell cutout. that’s a big problem with the WASR’s. a lot of them were single stack and then cut to double stack this is way better than that. higher quality. this gun is awesome. it really looks to me like the person who owned it only put a mag or two though it. the inside is just great. so I intend to do a handful of videos with this gun. and shoot some random stuff for fun. the next time you see this I’ve got something really cool for the end here. we are going to turn this thing up to eleven. and we are going to have some freakin fun. that’ll be the next time you see this in action. it’s going to be awesome. just take a look at it. it’s a beautiful gun came with the hogue grip. I cannot be happier my first impression is that it’s heavier than I thought it would be. but it’s not heaver than it should be. it’s the appropriate weight. beautiful fun gun. I’m going to totally tacticool and pimp this thing out. that’ll be a video. next video is a shooting video. this is just the intro. showing it off. if you have any questions please ask. in the comments and if anybody out there wants a magpul phone case for their iphone. Ihave an extra one. drops some comments and whoever wants it I’ll put your name in a hat and draw it. I got this cool one so I don’t need this old one. it’s in great shape. thanks for watching my vid. mattv2099 out.

78 thoughts on “Romanian Draco AK-47 Pistol

  1. Windfall brought one to me, wondered about getting a stock, guess that's out after watching your vid. Never shot this gun and looks very new and clean. Thanks for vid, informative.  ps this gun really looks badass!

  2. wasr, is no junk it has a 4160 chrome vanadium barrel for full auto fire, per milspec. also it's heat treated properly, and built to milspec specs, except the fun switch& internal parts, ANY CUGIR ROMANIA AK, IS MILSPEC &BUILT IN MILITARY FACTORY WITH STRONG HEAT TREATED STEEL

  3. ak47's are built to kill not to look perfect or fancy ,it's a battle rifle wasr, is excellent and so are dracos, just don't buy USA BUILT AK'S THEY'RE LOW GRADE CHEAP STEEL NON MACHINED , CAST PARTS JUNK

  4. I've wanted one of these as well. Then they quit importing them for awhile and are back. $500 to $600'ish now. The micro draco I did not like the looks of it. Too small for my liking. I was wanting one of the draco's to SBR to clone it like an AK-104. Some day I may try that but with my PAP M-92. I think I will forgo that idea. I have always liked the Krink style of AK's. I do plan on getting a full size AK and make a Khyber Pass AK. The Russian triangle folding stock is my favorite AK folding stock. I know the rear trunions on both the Draco's and PAP M-92's are for the under folder but with Ace and Manticore. I can get the Russian triangle folder without dealing with trunion replacement.

  5. It looks mean, like it wants to get up off the table by itself and mass murder some people. I don't trust weapons with beady eyes.

  6. Beautiful piece your Draco AK type pistol a lot you can do with it thank you for the video and God bless happy Fourth of July Gunnery Sergeant Velez USMC

  7. 6ix9ine (his song FEFE) brought me here!

    [Verse 2: 6ix9ine]
    Draco got that kick-back when I blow that, they all do track

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