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Rode VideoMicro vs. Boya BY-MM1 Micro Shotgun Review Who wins? Sound Test

You’re watching Zar films variety
Channel hi there and welcome to today’s video
today we are going to do a comparison on two very popular micro shotgun
microphones for video for your DSLR first off we’re gonna look compare the
rode videomicro to the generic copy if you will of the Boya BY-MM1 and as you
can see they’re both pretty similar about 3 inches long they both look
identical so basically with the video micro you’re talking about $60.00
roughly for that one the Boyar comes in around $30 maybe a little less and you
can probably get the videomicro for a little less than 60 so this is about
half the cost of this one so that being said what the videomicro you get
you know and obviously both of these operate without batteries which is one
of the positives so you get your 3.5 input here for your cable so Road
provides you with one cable with two right angles so you can go ahead and
plug that in there they also give you a really nice shotgun mount I would say
it’s actually higher quality than the oh yeah very stiff the boy is so that’s a
plus for the road you also get the wind muff which appears to be dead cat weight
muff which appears to be pretty good quality so to the boil
can the boil solid well-made very similar looking to the road you get the
shock mount which is not as good as the shock mount for the rode videomicro but
what this one has is that you’ve got the standard 3/8 tripod mount on the bottom
whereas the road doesn’t give you that you have to use an adapter so there’s a
little bit of an extra cost if you want to put this on top of your tripod not a
big deal okay the boya also gives you the cable the
standard TRS cable they give you the wind muff which is a less quality
because the hair is from China I guess what do you expect
it’ll work just be careful the hairs do not come off the roads
I guess it a little bit and then the other item that you get with the boya is
you get a TRS to trrs and this cable allows you to connect it to your smart
phone your iPad essentially any other device besides a DSLR and the road does
not give you that so then again an extra expense so what we’re gonna do now is an
audio test on both the boya and the video micro at 1 feet 5 feet and
10 feet and we’ll compare the audio and you can decide which one you like better
we will run both of these microphones directly into a Canon 80D so that way
you can have an idea of what you’re listening to and just a quick note the
boy also provides you with this cool little carry bag so with the carry bag
and this extra clear where you get a little a lot more of value and bang for
the buck on the boya I just want to throw that in onto the audio test so we have
an audio test of the rode videomicro at 1 foot this is an audio test of the
rode videomicro at 1 foot testing 1 2 3 4 this is an
audio test of the boya BY-mm1 at 1 feet this is an audio
test of the boya BY mm1 at 1 feet testing 1 2 3 4 this
is a audio test of the rode videomicro at 5 feet this is an audio test of the
rode videomicro at 5 feet testing 1 2 3 4 check this is an audio test of the
boya BY-mm1 at 5 feet this is an audio
test of the boya BY-mm1 at 5 feet testing 1 2 3 4 testing 1 2 3 4 this is
a test of the rode videomicro at 10 feet this is a test of the rode videomicro at
10 feet testing 1 2 3 for testing one two three four this is
an audio test of the boya BY-mm1 at ten feet this is an audio test of the
boya BY-mm1 at 10 feet testing 1 2 3 4 testing 1 2 3 4
so in summary okay you’ve got your rode videomicro here roughly 60 bucks maybe a
little less 59 bucks you’re getting just the mic getting the shotgun mount and
one cable and decent wind muff I will say for the road the shock mount is way
better than aboya the bottom of the of the mount though
however does not have the standard size for a tripod so that is an extra cost
there also if you want to use the rode videomic with a smartphone or something
else you’re gonna have to buy a TRS to trrs cable so rode videomic has really
good sound you can’t go wrong with it so if you want the brand name I would say
go for it you can’t go wrong with the Rode videomicro I’ve been using a long
time it does have a bit of a crisper higher end than the boya however that
being said if you’re on a budget and you’re not shooting professionally I
would definitely consider the boya for like 25 to 30 bucks and your getting tripod
mount microphone doesn’t require batteries you getting audio that’s just
as good as its videomicro maybe a little bit slightly off as far as you
might pick up a little bit more low-end and not as much high but if he weren’t a
connoisseur or a professional you probably couldn’t tell the difference so
if you’re just a youtuber or a vlogger definitely consider the boya bang
for the buck you also get the cable connect it to your smartphone for
shooting and vlogging and get the wind muff and the back so that being said I
don’t think you can go wrong with either of the two but if again if you’re on a
tight budget and you’re just a vlogger or you shooting the youtubes you want to
up your game definitely go for the boy yeah I mean
I like it a lot that being said if you don’t want to mess around with the
Chinese copy you cannot you’re going to get really good results with the rode
videomicro absolutely so it really depends on what your your uses are but
thanks so much for watching please make some comments below let us know what you
think and please smash that subscribe button thank you so much for watching

24 thoughts on “Rode VideoMicro vs. Boya BY-MM1 Micro Shotgun Review Who wins? Sound Test

  1. Good comparison! I think the Boya did a great job, and I agree with you that it's a great bang for the buck. For youtube videos, might be the best option in this category.

  2. First time putting the Boya mic to the holder and the holder broke. Tried to be careful and did it in room temperature so the part is definitely flawed. Have been reading that alot of people have had this happen to them. Not sure about the mic yet but should have just bought Rode and not this badly copied product.

  3. The Boya's mount is really crap, broke mine when trying to mount it the first time, it is really stiff. Taking into consideration the cost of 2 (…it may happen again) replacement mount I could have gotten the Rode.

  4. I thinking of a smaller mic than my rode mic go been having a lot of issues with it lately. I’m considering the Boya or the Movo? What do you think?

  5. The audio quality of Boya BY MM1 is surprisingly good for the price. But its annoying during the wind test. Not only that I am getting the wind noise, but even my voice is breaking a lot. And If I record without deadcat, its only the wind noise coming out, my voice is not at all audible. Also the slight bumps are getting recorded when the camera moves or shakes. In short, the shock mount is not helping much. Is it that you are also getting the same issue. Or is there any solution or fix for this.

    Can we attach the Boya BY MM-1 on Rode shock mount ?

  6. I thought u was 17 or something till your showed yourself lol wish I sound like that when I'm older. Respect 😀👍

  7. Can i turn this mic into Bluetooth? A device I can use? Want to connect it to a Bluetooth so it can be used on my iPhone longer lengths

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