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RØDE PG2-R Pistol Grip Shockmount with Rycote Onboard

Hey everyone, Mathew
from RODE Microphones here. Today we are excited to show you a new pistol grip shock mount equipped with a Rycote Lyre
suspension system onboard, The PG2-R. The PG2-R is an ergonomic, low-mass, and lightweight pistol grip weighing only 220 grams making it our lightest and most comfortable pistol grip ever. Now unlike the previous model, which used a rubber gasket to secure the microphone, the PG2-R features Rycote
Lyre Shock Mounts onboard. The Rycote Lyre is the world’s
best microphone shock mount made of an advanced thermoplastic, which will never snap, bend, or break meaning you’ll never have to worry about rubber parts wearing out or breaking again. The Lyre’s intelligent design will completely isolate the microphone ensuring any vibrations
caused by handling noise won’t be transferred to the microphone and into your audio signal, which is crucial for a pistol grip setup where you are likely to be on the move. Now on top of the mount, we have four mounting
position for the Lyres, which means you can
space them further apart or closer together giving your perfect balance for whichever RØDE microphone you wish to use. For example when using
a longer shotgun mike like the NTG3 or NTG4, you can space the Lyres further apart. And for shorter pencil condensers like the M5 or NT5, bring them in closer together. Now this heavy duty tensioning clamp on the side of the pistol grip locks the entire top half of the grip firmly into place. Meaning your mike position won’t change even with the most vigorous of movements. There is also a 3/8″ thread in the base of the handle which allows you to mount
the entire pistol grip on the end of a boom pole or a mic stand for any non-hand-held applications. The handle itself is
similar to the handle used on our Blimp suspension system featuring a soft touch rubber covering, low mast construction and internal cable management clips allowing you to comfortably
run your audio cable through the PG2-R handle. At the rear of the PG2-R sits a newly designed
cable management system which will accommodate and
hold most types of audio cables securely in place giving you a strain relief point between your recording device and the microphone. Now to take full advantage of these cable management features we are also proud to announce the perfect companion product the PG2-R Pro Cable. The PG2-R Pro Cable is a short XLR cable with a strain relief junction box that will actually plug into this cable management system giving you a decoupled connection between your recording device and the microphone providing a further level of strain relief and isolation similar to the cable supplied with the Blimp suspension system. The length of the PG2-R Pro cable has also been designed so that the XLR connector will terminate flush inside the base of the PG2-R handle making the complete setup
extremely easy to use. There you have it guys, the new PG2-R pistol grip and PG2-R Pro Cable available now at your local RØDE dealer.

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