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RODE NTG4+ Shotgun microphone with premium features

G’day, Gary for Simple Audio Tips- If you’d like
to have a closer look at the RODE NTG4+ then stick around I’ll show you what you
get in the box and some of it’s great features. Let’s have a look inside the box and see
what you get. The microphone is set into the top you have got the wind sock plus the mic adapter the charge lead and also all your instruction leaflets They are the items you get inside the pack So let’s have a closer look at this
microphones features. like the NTG4 the 4+ is a phantom
powered condenser mic with a very tight polar pattern. The buttons control the power, attenuation, a high pass filter and a high boost. but the 4+ has a built-in lithium
battery now this actually powers the mic when
it’s not connected to a phantom powered microphone input the output is a balanced XLR Canon and the charge socket is actually built in
the end of the micophone so let’s have a look at how to use these controls one by one. One the front of the mic you have a power button That power button simply just needs I single press- holding the button for 2 seconds and then the power comes on. A little green
LED light indicates that there’s enough power there. That will change color according to the level of the
battery and that’s all in in the instruction
manual. You also have a low-frequency cut or a pass filter plus you’ve got a
a high boost. now the reason why you have a high boost on there some of these condenser microphones had to have a little bit of post-processing when you doing the editing because when you put a windsock over it it does effect the tonal qualities of the audio, so what they’ve done, they’ve fitted the microphone with a high boost so you don’t have to do that when your editing. So you just press that once To make the microphone even more versatile RODE have actually made a function on the
microphone that you can reduce the output of the mic by 10
decibels so it’s got a -10 DB pad built in. Simply press the
power button one more time and that activitates the -10 dB pad all in all this microphone is very
versatile, can be used for multiple things and you’ve got some adjustment
over it. Plus it memorizes the adjustments you have made, and
you’ve also got the versatility of being able to plug the micophone
into any sort of USB charger, it could be in the car it might
be a portable chargeable to USB charging device or
into the power with the appropriate adaptor so it’s not a problem. Now RODE have also supplied in the packaging a microphone holder for a boom and it’s
really well built. At first glance you might think that it is
a little bit hard to get onto the microphone But it is made like that, it’s made tight so that it holds the microphone very well
and there’s no chance the mic going to fall off the boom when it’s 10 feet up in the air. so I’ll show you how to put that on just hold the microphone firmly and then carefully slid the mic holder onto the mic. You heard how had it was for me to get it on you wouldn’t have felt how hard is was to get on but you heard how hard it was to get on initially I thought I wasn’t able to put it on, but it holds the mic very well, there is not chance that it will fall off so I hope to give you an idea of some
of the things you get in the box for the RODE NTG4+ It’s a
great microphone and in a future video I’m going to do some testing with it and
we’ll see how it goes against other standard microphones, and I wonder can you use this microphone on
something like a smartphone Look if you enjoy this video then gives a thumbs-up maybe even
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new audio tip will catch you later. [Bloopers]

12 thoughts on “RODE NTG4+ Shotgun microphone with premium features

  1. I have a problem with my new microphone RODE NTG4+ and recorded by use Tascam DR-05. That audio recording is inaudible if i hear with Handphone speaker. That recording only could heard by PC speaker or Handphone headset. What's the matter of this? please give me the best solution. This one is sample of audio

  2. Hello Gary, I've purchased the mic a while ago, and looking at the 3xlr pins, I noticed one of them is not aligned with the others, it is more in front … is that normal ?

  3. What is the best quality shotgun mic for doing indoor talking head videos but in a very large space like a warehouse? I keep getting a TON of echo in the mic's I'm using because the space is huge. I don't really have any way of sound dampening the space. Help!? Also I don't mind spending money, I want a pro quality mic. Thanks!

  4. У вас самая лучшая обработка звука, которую я когда-либо слышал в роликах на YouTube.
    вкратце расскажите, какие настройки редактора вы используете для обработки звука.

  5. подскажите модель петличного микрофона на который велась запись.

  6. Nice review, sir. I wish I had seen / heard some samples but still. New sub! Question: I need to improve the quality of my shotgun mic so, which one of the Rode ones would you recommend?

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