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RODE NTG3 B Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone (ENG SUBTITLES)

Hi guys and welcome back. In this new video we will talk about a broadcast microphone that was kindly loaned to me by Mauro of Lucky Music network in Milan I will publish his link in the description below the microphone we will talk about is the Rode NTG3 So let’s start by saying that this video will be recorded using the Rode NTG3 The Rode NTG3 is one of the most respected microphones in the video field and belongs to the shotgun mic category it is a condenser supercardioid microphone, so very directional but let’s unbox to see what’s inside of the package by opening the box we see first a sticker ” I LOVE RODE ” then, 10 years warranty then, we have a multilingual guide then, the warranty record sheet a fake leather microphone handbag the anti-popping foam and microphone itself then, this iron case, that is very protective however, I noticed that sometimes it is quite difficult the insertion of the microphone itself within this case and screw iron cap against iron is pretty difficult too iron to iron insert the anti-pop foam and the microphone is ready to use being Rode NTG3 a supercardioid microphone it has its main receptive area in the front part of the capsule however it is very sensitive even in its side areas but this could create problems when recording , as in this case , indoor unless you have an acoustically treated room you’ll run into environmental reflection where the echo of the room becomes very strong basically this microphone has built and designed primarily for outdoor use one of the main characteristics of the Rode NTG3 is that it has a wide dynamic range that allows to obtain a good proximity effect remaining a the distance of 30-40 or 50 cm maximum to the speaker the NTG3 requires a 48volts phantom power then for its correct use it is necessary to pass through a microphone preamplifier in this case I ‘m using the Focusrite ISA430 MK2 bypassing the equalization and compression sections too many videographers also recommend to use a high pass filter with a cut around 80 Herz to avoid the proximity effect mentioned earlier that on some monitors could be annoying lets go now to hear an audio file that I recorded outdoor on the balcony of my house Ok – right now I am outdoors I stand on the balcony of my house the microphone is about six inches from my mouth and my chin in front of me I have the window and the wall of the balcony instead behind me there is the road and gardens as you heard there are no annoying room reflections however there are ambient noises that doesn’t cover the main voice Thank you for watching … ..Ciaoo

2 thoughts on “RODE NTG3 B Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone (ENG SUBTITLES)

  1. Hi. Great test. I have the NTG3. I have a question: when you move the microphone a little, can you hear a noise, like a tremor – like the sound of a small thunder? I have that problem: I used different cables and grips, blimp,  dead cat and although the movements are smooth, I hear that noise – for example when I try to follow the movement of an actor. Do you think it is a problem of the NTG3 or maybe I should request the microphone replacement? Thank you.

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