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Roblox: Ragdoll Shotgun #1 [Annoying Orange Plays]

(Annoying Orange laughs) – [Annoying Orange] Yeah! (upbeat techno music) Hey y’all, it’s AO back again with another gaming video. We are back in Roblox once again. Alright, and we are playing
some Ragdoll Shotgun, yeah. I’ve never played this game before. It should be a blast. Get it? Okay I guess I’m just gonna, whoa. Am I playing, am I playing? Oh this is the game. Why am I laying down on the job? Oh because I’m a ragdoll, that’s why. Yeah. Look at this orange. He’s got moves, he’s got grooves. Everybody do the flop. Okay so what do I do here? The point of the game isn’t
just to break dance, is it? ’cause that’d be pretty cool, but I’m not getting
any points or anything. So I’m assuming that’s not
what I’m supposed to be doing. Well it looks like everybody’s
shooting at each other. Yeah that’s what I’m supposed to do. Whoops. Okay now I know how to play. Excuse me. Yeah okay that’s how you do it. You gotta click and shoot. Then you fly off the map like that. Apparently that’s the name of the game. No, no, Orangey, don’t fall off. Whoa, that was close. Okay. Yeah, moving and grooving. I just got somebody. Wow, that was awesome. I wasn’t even trying. Well I kind of was, but
yeah I got another one. Alright, I’m an expert
at this game already. Whoa, got another one. Wow, this game really is a blast. Yeah, look at all the money I got. Nice, okay so I only got
to play for a few minutes in that round so I need
to play a full round. Wow, look at all those fireworks. Yeah, you guys know how to party. Oh, what happened? Am I planking? Can you please stop standing on my head? Thank you. Contrary to popular belief, my
head is not for standing on. Come on, there we go. I got legs and I don’t
know how to use them. Okay here we go. Deathmatch in SFoTH. I don’t know what that is. (Orange babbles) okay what are we doing? Move it or lose it. It’s hard to lose it if you haven’t even had it in the first place. No, I got splattered right away. Hello sir. But pillows. Oh yeah, now we’re kicking some booty. Now we know how to play. Come on, almost got him. Goodbye, yeah having a blast. See you later, hot patater. Got him. Yeah, oh I see. Every time it makes a cow bell sound. That means i got somebody. Yes. Come on cowbell. What I need is more cowbell. Who put this thing in the middle here? It’s rotating like crazy. Spin it to win it. Wow. Looks like we’re break dancing. With these break dance moves, we’re gonna go onto America’s Got Talent. Oh no, I’ve fallen to pieces. I think I’m on fire too. Butt fire. Oh boy boy, okay I got two KO’s now. Nice, come on. Ooh I got another one. Did you hear the cowbell? Oh almost fell off again. Get out of here. Who put that spinning
platform in the middle there? I can’t play it. This game’s pretty fun. You know it’s a free-for-all shooter, but you know, it’s really
hard to control yourself so that makes it even more fun. Oh that was a good mix there. Alright who wants some? You getting in the corner? Come on. Whoa, that guy’s got seven KO’s. I got some catching up to do. Whoa, don’t do breakdancing. Come on, come on. I think I got him. No, yes, got hi. Alright, five ko’s. Ooh no, we’re spinning to winning. Yes, he’s still alive. Oh we gotta make a jump. You can’t stop the orange. You can’t stop the orange, whoo. Whoo, got another one. Alright now we’re kicking some booty. No, no, no. Yeah, yes. Come on, hit him, I’m blasting him. Come on, move him. It won’t work. It’s broken. I don’t know how many times I shot that guy in the booty and he didn’t die. Okay, oh yeah got another one. Oh and another one. Orangey’s on a kill streak. Yeah. Hey there buddy, you
just got in for some fun? Yeah. Okay how come I can’t,
oh I think I gotta– yeah! Pushed him right off the edge. Oh it didn’t give me the point? Whoa, okay. See I’m on the top there. Can you see me? I’m kind of ragdolling on the top there. That means I win. I know, I didn’t actually
win, but I got a lot of KO’s so that’s pretty good. Excuse me. Jingle jangles. Well now we’re having a ball. Goal yeah. Hey that’s pretty fun. They should make a ragdoll game
where you’re playing soccer. You gotta score goals, they
should totally do that. Why haven’t they done that? They put a giant soccer ball. They should totally do that. Gotcha. Okay King of the Hill in Delivery. Huh? What does that even mean? Whoa, I’m on top of a truck. Oh, I see. You gotta spend the most time
in that zone right there. Yeah, come on. No, it’s my delivery truck. Yeah you’re driving me crazy. Triple kill, holy moly. Take ’em all down. Excuse me. Excuse me, I’m not a speed bump. I’ll blast you. Oh no we blasted each other. Whoops. Got a roblox totem pole going on here, but it’s a little wonky. Ragdoll roblox totem pole going on. Come on, get out of here. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Okay now I should actually get back to trying to be in the middle part there. You guys are totally distracting me. The whole point of the game
is to sit inside of this thing because you’re gonna be king of the hill. You want to be (coughs). I shot myself in the booty. Aw man. Booty shoots, booty shoots. Stop, help. Help me, I can’t get up from here. I’m stuck. I’m stuck on a truck. I’m not just saying that
because I’m rhyming. I really was stuck on the truck. Yeah look at all those fireworks. Yeah I didn’t do very well that round. I was supposed to spend as much time in that truck as possible in that one zone to be king of the hill but I just ended up fighting with other people
’cause that’s more fun. Orangey loves break dancing ragdolls. Yeah. Hey we’re having a ball. Okay now that I feel like I’m
getting the hang of the game. Deathmatch in Ancient Islands. Let’s do a little bit
better this time, okay? I wanna get up on that pedestal. I wanna get that gold medal. Actually I want to get that orange medal. Yes, starting it off right. I’m running and gunning
and blasting your bunions. Where are you going, buddy? You running away? You shouldn’t run away. Here we go, here we go. Oh, Sneaky Pete. I’m Sneaky Pete, yeah. Got him. Alright, whoa, booty shoots. I can land back on the map. Come on, yes. Oh he lands back on the map. It’s not KO. He’s doing so good. Uh oh. Oh come on. You just got away. No, oh no I killed myself. I landed in the steamy water. Water am I thinking? Wait that doesn’t work. Yeah. I love when he jumps. He’s just whacky wah-wah’d
all over the place. Whoa. How come every time I’m
sitting on that ramp, somebody shoots me in the booty and sends me 800 feet in the air? That’s not what I want to do. Oh I got you buddy, I got you. Oh no, you snuck up on me. Hey whatcha doing? You just laying down on the job? Let me help you. Later hot pataters. Hope you had a nice fall. Whoops there it is. Oh, almost got him. Yeah, got him. Very nice. Got four KO’s. We gotta get more KO’s. KO stands for Krispy Oreos, right? That’s what I’m gonna get. Crispy with a K. Yeah, got him. Alright I got five krispy oreos. Those are my favorites. It’s crispy with a K. You gotta make it hip. Oh no, I got a KO and then I was KO’d. I got Krispy Oreoed, you guys. I got stuck to the middle. What are you doing? Get off the edge. You should go play over there. Go play in the water, it’s fun. That’s what everyone’s doing. No, no. Oh whoa, what a great landing. Oh man this game’s so
hard, but it’s so much fun. Come on. Oh, into the drink. Sliding on my booty, sliding on my booty, shooting booties, yay. Oh got him, I got him. Wow, double shot. Nice. I mean what other kind of game can you just slide around on your booty while also playing games
and have it be awesome? Whoa, whoa, we got another one. How you liking, uh oh uh oh. We gotta land back on the island you guys. Here it is and he sticks the landing and I got another KO. I don’t even know how I got that last one. I’m so good. Oh Krispy Oreos in my tummy. Okay. I don’t know why I always
jump on that platform because I always fall
off so I’m gonna stop. Oh, yes, I got second place. Look at that. Lucky, lucky oreo cookie, krispy kinds. Fireworks, yes shooting
fireworks at my booty. That’s so good. You didn’t get a basic crate. Well why not? You should’ve given me one for free. Free stuff is the best. Whoa what kind of party
do we got going on here? Is this a party party? Everyone loves party. This is a shooting booty party. Yes, got one. That’s what you get for
farting around on the job. Okay that was a little quiet. That was quiet. It was respectable though. They can’t all be winners. Come on, what are you
doing, floating in midair? What’s going on Neo? How are you doing, Matrix? I know fart fu. Okay maybe I don’t. Oh come on. Blasting you. Yes, see you later. Oh you’re just sitting there, huh? You’re just waiting for
somebody to blast you. Easy pickings. These guys are just sitting there too. Let’s get you out of there. Why aren’t you guys
even trying to get away? How come sometimes I’m blasting for hours, but they just don’t go anywhere? Come on, go. Whoops, I just realized right now it’s a king of the hill. Oh man I should’ve been going
for that little box there the whole time ’cause
you want to be the one that spends the most time
in the box, in the box. Don’t box me in, bro. Yeah look who’s in the box. I’m in the box. Boing, boing, boing. Look who’s in the box? Leave me alone. Let me be in the box, I love the box. Oh boy I don’t think I’m going
to win this match, you guys. I realized halfway through. Okay. Welp, I definitely didn’t rank, okay. Oh well, thank you very
much for watching, guys. It’s been a lot of fun. Make sure you do everything you can to make us the most popular
video on the internet ’cause that’s good. Until next time, later hot ragdoll. (energetic music)

100 thoughts on “Roblox: Ragdoll Shotgun #1 [Annoying Orange Plays]

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