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Rob Sheppard Combat Pistol

in real life and a real shooting, there is
no down range. There is no hundred eighty degrees, there’s no nothing. Stand by… UP. Your subconscious tells your trigger finger PULL THE TRIGGER NOW! Gunfight is gonna be what the gunfight is . I’m
going to try and make it my fight I can’t control the other guys does. [ Guns Shooting ] Speed is fine, but accuracy is final. Now the guns going to come up and I’m
gonna slowly roll out. [ Guns Shooting ] Come on Army, we don’t have all day. Shooter’s number 2, that’s where you put your weak link and your dumbasses. Shooters ready. Stand by. [Beep] [ Guns Shooting ] Hit. 1.65 seconds. Go ahead, draw your weapons out, load, charge and make ready and/or press check. Stand by. UP! [ Guns Shooting ] We’re gonna do a couple of different
things to kind of start out. Just some disengagements Here, I’m gonna kick his thigh high as I
kick in. Here, I step out.

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