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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam ► All weapons

1. I don’t think the North Vietnamese knew what giving the finger was back then… 1. The fact that the Australians are using the British SLR and not their own version. 1. It is referred to as the Stakeout variant, but it doesn’t have the cut-off barrel of the Stakeout.

100 thoughts on “Rising Storm 2: Vietnam ► All weapons

  1. ¡Que bien que hiciste este video! No pensé que podrías…

    Aun sueño con el día en que abra uno de tus videos y en las opciones de calidad veas "720p60" </3

  2. 2:44 Ummm….Tripwire, I'm pretty sure our countryman back then didn't know what a middle finger is. Which means, that guy is actually a South Vietnamese traitor who lied to our countryman for information. KILL.

  3. Hey Frost have you heard of Insurgency Sandstorm? If not, I'll put a link.


    Helicopter takedown footage:

    Reloading mechanics footage:

  4. I don’t know why, but I think it would be much better if you were shooting at a target or anything on the ground. Shooting into the air at a blank sky isn’t very satisfying to watch 🙂

  5. Handling sounds louder than actual shooting. Pistols sound like mortars, and rifles like a fucking staplers. What a idiotic sound design

  6. What I love about RS2:Vietnam is that although it is almost a AAA game, it still manages to retain decent gun noises and animations, as well as realistic reloads and maps. It also gets the intensity of the combat that went down while still being fun. It's almost like they actually tried while designing the game. When will CoD or Battlefied try that?

  7. 8:36 Not sure if it fires full automatic but you are firing a few burst rounds or it actually is firing burst mode,but IRL,the M16A1 fires a three round burst and semi auto.

    Update 1.07 – M1/M2 Carbine:
    Update 1.08 – M1A1 Thompson, M1(D) Garand, M1918A2 BAR, M1919A6:

  9. Not only you include all of the animations for each weapon but you also show different versions of the same country flag, depending on the era a weapon was made in. Amazing.

  10. For the double barrel they should let u pick what kind of shell u want in each barrel for example buck in right and slug in left. So u have more option with it. Plus makes the enemy second guess if Ur gunna waste them or out of range

  11. Still don’t understand what’s with the stripper clip on guns like the m14 instead of reloading the classic way

  12. Lol imagine if some battlefield game made game like this,of course always battlefield wins,what a bf maniac kid

  13. Is giving the finger while reloading a pistol actually a thing? I’m pretty sure the Tt-33 reload animation is just relaxing that finger instead of fully gripping the gun.

  14. I thought tripwire was the most infallible Dev for when it comes to guns. But then I saw how some weapons pivot woerdly under recoil, and I felt a little betrayed.

  15. ===PISTOLS===
    00:00 Browning (ANZAC)
    00:42 M1911 (US Army/USMC/ARVN)
    01:15 PM (North Vietnamese Army/National Liberation Front)
    01:48 M1917 (US Army/USMC)
    02:32 TT-33 (NVA/NLF)

    03:05 F1 (ANZAC)
    04:05 M3A1 (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)
    04:46 MAT-49 9mm (NVA/NLF)
    05:27 MAT-49 7.62mm (NVA/NLF)
    06:06 Owen (ANZAC)
    06:55 PPSH-41 (NVA/NLF)
    M1A1 (ARVN) –

    08:07 M16A1 (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)
    09:04 XM177E1 (US Army)
    09:56 AKM (NVA/NLF)
    11:02 Type 56 (NVA/NLF)
    12:07 Type 56-1 (NVA/NLF)
    13:06 L1A1 (ANZAC)
    14:08 MN 91/30 (NLF)
    15:09 SKS-45 (NVA/NLF)
    16:06 M14 (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)
    M1 Carbine (NLF/ARVN) –
    M2 Carbine (US Army) –
    Garand (ARVN) –

    17:19 IZH-58 (NVA/NLF)
    18:02 Double-barrel IZH-58 (NVA/NLF)
    18:43 Sawed-off IZH-58 (NVA/NLF)
    19:11 Ithaca 37 Duckbill (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)
    20:02 Ithaca 37 Trench Gun (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)
    20:57 Ithaca 37 Stakeout (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)

    21:38 MN 91/30 PU Scope (NVA/NLF)
    22:32 SVD (NVA/NLF)
    23:26 M40 (USMC)
    24:06 XM21 (US Army/ANZAC)
    Garand Sniper (ARVN) –

    ===MACHINE GUNS===
    25:15 DP-28 (NVA/NLF)
    27:05 RPD (NVA/NLF)
    29:16 L2A1 (ANZAC)
    31:20 M60 (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)
    M1918A2 (ARVN) –
    M1919A6 (ARVN) –
    33:39 DShK (NVA/NLF)

    34:07 M79 (US Army/USMC/ANZAC/ARVN)
    35:05 RPG-7 (NVA/NLF)
    35:23 M9A1-7 Flamethrower (US Army/USMC/ANZAC)

    35:42 M61 Grenade (US Army/USMC/ANZAC/ARVN)
    35:54 Type 67 (NVA/NLF)
    36:07 M8 Smoke (US Army/USMC/ANZAC/ARVN)
    36:58 M18 Signal Grenade (US Army/USMC/ANZAC/ARVN)
    37:33 M34 WP Grenade (US Army/USMC/ANZAC/ARVN)
    37:51 RDG-1 Smoke (NVA/NLF)
    38:42 M112 Demolition Charge (US Army/USMC/ANZAC/ARVN)
    38:48 M18A1 Claymore (US Army/USMC/ANZAC/ARVN)
    39:14 MD-82 Mine (NVA/NLF)
    39:23 Punji Sticks (NVA/NLF)
    39:47 String Trap (NVA/NLF)

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