50 thoughts on “Rising Storm ► All weapons

  1. Type 3 AT grenade? I have over 1000h in game and didnt know that existed, mayby becouse i only play ro2 but still

  2. Where did you find Type 3 AT grenades? I didn't know they existed in the game because I usually find the Type 99 AT mine at a resupply point.

  3. Feliz Año Nuevo Frost!
    Esperamos que sigas subiendo contenido así, buen video
    Y como siempre, tienes mi like

  4. It's weird that the 1911 in RS2 sounds like the p90 in csgo when they could have reused the sound from this game

  5. I forgot to suggest you to reload when hugging cover
    You get to see more details on the side of the weapons when reloading like that

  6. Can you really adjust scopes up and down just like in real life? Or it's another game tropes that the devs have made up.

  7. I love just having adjustable sights even if they're only useful with sniping, Subsonics and grenade launchers. Just empowering.

  8. ===PISTOLS===
    00:00 M1911A1 Pistol (US)
    00:31 Nambu Type 14 Pistol (Japan)

    01:03 Lvl 50 Thompson M1928A1 (US)
    01:51 Thompson M1928A1 (US)
    02:29 Nambu Type 100 (Japan)

    03:03 Springfield M1903A1 (US)
    03:53 Lvl 50 Scoped Springfield M1903 (US)
    04:26 Scoped Springfield M1903 (US)
    05:00 M1 Garand (US)
    05:37 M1 Carbine (US)
    06:19 Arisaka Type 38 (Japan)
    07:08 Arisaka Type 97 Sniper (Japan)
    08:01 Arisaka Type 99 (Japan)
    08:48 Arisaka Type 99 Sniper (Japan)

    09:39 M12 Trench Gun (US)

    ===MACHINE GUNS===
    10:26 M1918A2 BAR (US)
    11:48 M1919 .30 Cal LMG (US)
    13:54 M1917 .30 Cal (US)
    14:40 Type 96 LMG (Japan)
    16:22 Type 99 LMG (Japan)
    18:01 Type 92 HMG (Japan)

    18:21 Type 89 Grenade Discharger (Japan)
    18:46 M2-2 Flamethrower (US)

    19:04 Mk 2 Frag Grenade (US)
    19:15 M8 Smoke Grenade (US)
    20:18 Type 91 Frag Grenade (Japan)
    20:36 Type 97 Frag Grenade (Japan)
    20:54 Type 94 Smoke Candle (Japan)
    21:53 Type 3 HEAT Grenade (Japan)
    22:02 Type 99 AT Charge (Japan)
    22:19 M37 Satchel Charge (US)

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