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Riggs And Murtaugh Jump Out Of A Building || Lethal Weapon 1×5 1080p HD

Murtaugh: LAPD. Murtaugh: Put that weapon down! Murtaugh: Put it away! Patricia Swindon: Detectives, what’s going in? Riggs: We gotta get you guys
out of the building, let’s go. Jackson: Sorry, I can’t let that happen. Riggs: Look, Jackson, this is not the way. Jackson: Oh, it’s the only way. Jackson:They poisoned my brothers! Jackson: They poisoned my brothers. Jackson: I gotta make sure
it never happens again. Patricia Swindon: Detectives, please do something. Patricia Swindon: He’s going kill… Riggs: Stop talking. Riggs: I’m not leaving, so,
you wanna take them out, Riggs: you’re gonna have my blood
on your hands, too. Murtaugh: Mine, too. Murtaugh: You tried to kill me twice, so I’m
sure it doesn’t have the same impact, Murtaugh: but we’re in this together. Riggs: You won. Riggs: All right? Righs: You proved your point. Riggs: And you promised me I could take you in Riggs: after your mission was done. Riggs: Let me do my part. Riggs: Let me prove what they did. Riggs: Come on, man. Riggs: Too many good men have already died. Riggs: You all right? Jackson: Yeah… Jackson: I’ll live. Riggs: We got a little problem. Riggs: A round hit the detonator. Murtaugh: That’s a large problem. Riggs: We gotta get rid of this thing. Murtaugh: What are you gonna do with it? Riggs: I don’t know. Riggs: Throw it outside? Bailey: Get away from the building! Bailey: Get away from the building! Cruz: Move off the building! Cruz: Everybody move! Cruz: Everybody move! Riggs: Damn it! Riggs: Too many civilians. Murtaugh: Wise men don’t jump off buildings. Murtaugh: Let’s see how good a shot
you really are. Murtaugh: Come on, Riggs! Riggs: Rog! Murtaugh: Ah, how’s that for crazy, huh? Riggs: I’ve done worse.

63 thoughts on “Riggs And Murtaugh Jump Out Of A Building || Lethal Weapon 1×5 1080p HD

  1. Ok, a couple things:

    1. Jackson and Riggs in the same episode together is almost too much to handle. Them both with their southern drawl, and their military stance, their hair cut low in the back and longer on top, the fact that when you look them in the eyes you can see the "crazy" hiding just beneath the surface…

    2. I love that when Roger said "Come on! Riggs!" he didn't ask "why"? or "what's the plan"? Riggs first instinct was to immediately follow his partner. Riggs always has Roger's back and Roger made me kinda mad when he didn't have Riggs' back earlier in the episode when Captain asked his opinion regarding how to handle Jackson

  2. Couldn't they have just shot the bomb without jumping since it clearly made no difference whether they did or not.

  3. Anyone else like Wayan as Murtaugh for while I loved Danny Glover he dis say Hey Riggs allot and It kinda got annoying a bit. Wayans Murtaugh also is not as grumpy. While No One is as good as Mel at Crazy. I for some reason like the Crawford and Wayan Pairing in this Tv series. I am not liking the Captain he seems a bit too young.

  4. Shouldn't the people at the pool be looking up at the sound of the big ass explosion they should have heard?

    1:46 Although, right there I like the editing they did to highlight Murtaugh realizing that's the only solution they have.

  5. I love when they get out of the elevator, Riggs calls for backup and Captain Avery tells her to send EVERYONE lol You know it's serious when the man is asking for help.

  6. this reminds me of the scene from lethal weapon 2 where Riggs and Leo fall out of the hotel room window when that assassin tried to kill him

  7. The guy that plays Riggs has been Fired from the show!!! Season 3 he will be replaced by Sean William Scott he played Stifler in American Pie.

  8. Or… Rog could have just thrown the bomb outside with one second left to make it blow midair ? Crazy dude.

  9. Wait if they just wanted it to detonate outside the building why didn’t they just do what they did minus them jumping and just throw the vest out and Riggs shoot it

  10. 1:51 I just want to say in reality those windows would be about 3in thick and be impact resistant so they would never have been able to do that.

  11. Riggs is the one supposedly blaimed of pulling a Psycho Pension… Not Murtaugh. It thinks this is backwards. Still entertaining to watch. Like the movies better though.

  12. I don't get it, why didn't they just break the window, throw the bomb out like they did on a few seconds left and shoot it from the window? Saving them from the chance of missing the pool and missing a falling shot. As a matter of fact, why’d they even shoot it at all? It was going to blow up anyways, just toss it out the fucking window

  13. Bullshit and not consistent with the original characters. Riggs was suppose to come up with the idea of jumping out the window not Murtaugh since Riggs is the loose cannon.

  14. 1:52 Hollywood needs to use more blanks instead of special effects. You actually get to see the force ripple on his body.

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