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Rifle Suppressor Test – How quiet is a silencer at 600 yards? (YHM Phantom) | The Social Regressive

it’s a strangely quiet day here at
Tulsa’s red castle gun club there’s nobody else here on the range and the
wind is really really calm today so I’m gonna take advantage of this situation
and I’m gonna do a little sound test so what I’m gonna do is I will take my Rock
River Arms ar 15 with its yhm 3300 titanium silencer and I’m going to fire a
round stepping back from a hundred back to six hundred yards every hundred yards
what I’m gonna do is I’ll fire two rounds I will do a unsuppressed and then I’ll
take a suppress now naturally every time I fire a round you are going to hear the
crack of the bullet going over the camera or pass the camera or somewhere
up here kind of at the firing line that’s where I’m gonna have the camera
and so there will be that crack of the bullet going over but then wait and
listen for the pop of the rifle at a hundred yards they’ll be very close to
each other as I step back there will be a greater amount of time between the
sounds or between the two sounds crack of the bullet and then the pop of the rifle
and we’ll see what a difference the the silencer makes and I did a test on this
a while back but I had some audio interference so hopefully this one will
come out a little bit better I’m anticipating that once we get back to
about you know in the 500 yard range you’ll really stop hearing the rifle now
if you were using your own ears you very likely would be able to hear the rifle
just a little bit but this okay our test equipment today I’m just using a canon
RH 30 video camera I think and then mounted on top of it I have a super
cardioid microphone this will help to try to pick up those sounds it’s going
to give us a little bit more directionality if I were to use the the
built-in microphone right there it probably wouldn’t work quite as well so
I’m getting a little bit more pickup from this mic up top and hopefully we’ll
still be able to hear some stuff but this will kind of give you an idea
how effective a suppressor can be and at what ranges it’s going to help to kind
of get to mask the sound of the rifle this is going to be pretty cool you you you you you that was a pretty revealing test the
last time that I did this it was a kind of windy day and there was a lot of
other background noise or engines there were there were other people firing
here at the range so it was kind of difficult to actually listen for the
rifle and you can hear that this time even at 600 yards you could still hear
the the report of the rifle you could actually hear the pop of the gasses on
this end now of course the supersonic crack of the bullet was much louder
which could be distracting you know if if say you’re receiving fire over your
head it might be kind of difficult to be listening for the sound of this and in a
windy environment or a noisy environment you might not hear it at all so that was
kind of cool and one thing to keep in mind with the test equipment that we use
today the camera that we’re using has a very aggressive limiter certain cameras
especially some of the older ones the limiter is going to if it gets a very
loud sound it’s going to kind of taper off very slowly but in this case you can
hear that even though there was the crack of the right of the bullet going
over the camera that it very quickly got back on you could still hear the report
of the rifle now again this isn’t any kind of you know scientific you know
test equipment or anything there’s there’s really nothing here that would
be considered you know reportable findings or anything but it’s still kind
of interesting to hear the sound makes a bunch of guys you

99 thoughts on “Rifle Suppressor Test – How quiet is a silencer at 600 yards? (YHM Phantom) | The Social Regressive

  1. This video is exactly what I have always wanted to see/hear. I have always been curious as to the actual effectiveness of suppressors (not that hollywood junk). I am so very glad you had the same curiosity as me.

    If you were to ever re-do this experiment, I would love to suggest sub-sonic ammo. It would be very interesting to allow your viewers to try and guess when they heard the report from the rifle at these same range intervals when there is no sonic boom to go by.

  2. Good video, I took part in a couple of similar demonstrations during my time in the army (British) before operational deployments, although silencers weren't used.
    It was called 'Crack & Thump' and we used several shooters who were concealed, at different ranges & positions, to shoot over the heads of a group of soldiers on training. A really useful exercise to show how you can narrow down the position of a shooter/sniper. Assuming he didn't score a first round hit in real life, that is… 😉

  3. You have a way of understanding testing that leads me to suspect that you work in some scientific job or has a scientific education either as an engineer or at least really really paid attention in science classes in school. Very nice, since most YT tests fall short of the mark. It's not this video in particular I refer to, but the sum of videos of yours that I have seen so far. Great job, keep it up.

  4. I know sub-sonic rounds would alter the dB of a test like this a fair amount. But, are sub-sonic rounds even useful in a rifle at distance? (I'm asking; I have no clue). If subsonic rounds aren't really useful at typical rifle ranges, does this test that you've done suggest that suppressors are a relative waste of effort in a rifle? Thanks for the video!

  5. It was not as quiet as I thought it would be. I'm very disappointed. The purpose of a suppressor is to be able to shoot without revealing the rapport of your Rifle shot and your position.

  6. That's cool and all. I like the video. It' just too bad that the final and furthest shots had a gigantic acoustic reflector behind the rifle. Did anyone notice that the 600yd unsuppressed was louder than the 500yd unsuppressed? Standing in front of a large metal-sided building is going to change the downrange sound a lot.

  7. it's worth pointing out that 300 BLK would be nearly undetectable, especially at those ranges. most of the noise (when suppressed) was due to the sonic boom of the bullet. something subsonic would be SCARY quiet.
    I'd like to see another video like this, with subsonic 9mm, .45, or 300 BLK.

  8. I have a question . I notice your AR has a 10rd mag in it. is that just for your general use or do you have a magazine restrictions where you cant use 30rd? just curious.

  9. Great video – thank you for posting. Insofar as flash suppressors make for a louder bang for the shooter – what sound difference does it make downrange?

  10. would you be willing to try 300 win mag subsonic with a PSB-4 suppressor? I'm not sure if they are legal where you live but up here In canada they are. but if you can get your hands on one, I'd really like to see it!

  11. So it again with adding a bolt action rifle, both with and without subsonic ammo.
    That'd be watched by a million…

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  13. Iowa just made suppressors legal in 2016.  I bought one in March 2016, paid the tax stamp, and have been waiting for the ATF to process my Form 4 ever since.  I called the ATF several months ago and inquired into the progress and they said they thought it would be approved in January.  10 months and I'm still waiting…I can think of no plausible reason for ANY process to take this long.

  14. I already knew suppressers did a lot less then what's shown in movies and game but I was still thinking it would do a lot more then that vary informative

  15. I've been waiting to find a video like this. Reminds me of sitting on the range in Ft. Benning raising targets by hand and hearing the crack/snap as they flew over.

  16. 2 petitions; one to repeal the NFA and one to repeal the Hughes Amendment:
    There is also the HPA (Hearing Protection Act) to legalize silencers, removing the $200 tax stamp and removing the requirement for registration.

  17. Its weird cause in 100yards you can barely hear it, while at 600 yards its like 4 times louder. Sounds like a non-suppresed pistol shot.

  18. I'm here because Hillary Clinton said imagine if the Las Vegas shooter had a silencer. Needed to see if it would have made a difference. Apparently not🤷🏾‍♂️.

  19. Good video. Definitely makes Hillary look like an idiot(like she needs any help) for her comment on suppressors.

    BTW – The "limiter" you refer to in your camera is known as electronic audio compression.

  20. Perfect! Send this video to Clinton. Blows holes in her bs argument. Thank you for doing your country a great service

  21. I really wish you had a Decibel reader as well to get a continuous magnitude curve over time. You'd be able to see the supersonic crack, the rapport of the rifle, and any reflections from obstacles. Supersonic and subsonic is a must as well. Camera audio tends to saturate, so its difficult to really know without measuring. Though, I think you hit the overall point: suppressors are loud.

  22. Before I start, thank you for providing this data, I don’t believe I can trust anyone I know to safely and precisely shoot within a meter of my person.

    This outlines the main reason I’m not interested in suppressors for high power rounds. Really the only time I’d use a suppressor is on a .22 rim, but I have to say that’s because of the imbecilic restrictions and registration placed on them.

    There is subsonic ammo sure, but the ballistics are drastically castrated in order to keep the velocity down, not worth it.

    With electronic ear pro allowing you to hear normally while not firing, the sound deviation isn’t an important factor in target shooting.

    The only other viable use I can see for a suppressor is home defense, in the attempt to save yours, and family member’s, hearing indoors.

  23. It reveals to me that "silencers" do not exist, and confirms that liberals are idiots who have no idea what they're talking about.

  24. I have an AR15 in 300 blackout and I live in ok. Let me know if you want to repeat this with my pistol and I'll loan it to you.

  25. I am looking at purchasing the yhm resonator for a good all around first suppressor and was wondering how your experience has been with there muzzle devices on precision rifles. I have a Bergara HMR in 6.5 creedmoor and was wondering if you have used these muzzle devised on that type of rifle and how the results were. Thanks

  26. It seems like every YouTuber does this test with thousands of dollars in guns, but can’t pay 25$ on amazon for a decibel reader to get a real test :/

  27. I know i shouldnt probably ask this but are you using subsonics or no… a lot of youtubers dont seem to know that subsonic ammo with a suppressor is what gives it a quiter sound just asking to make sure

  28. Answering a common question, these shots are indeed Supersonic. I came back later to test Subsonics in 22LR, 223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 308 Win.

  29. Adam West Batman-Style Soundmarks aka "Crack!" & "pop" made me really laugh xD … thank you for that.

    seriously though, nice footage – apreciate it, applyes not only to this vid.

  30. Very good to know. I am writing a book and didn't have access to this information until now. I appreciate you!

  31. Those shots, especially that last one was heavily amplified by the sound bouncing off the shed. The 600 yard shot was louder than the 500 and from where your were standing I predicted it would be. Stealth is not just about reducing sound production but also relying on your surroundings to conceal your sound.

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