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Rifle Slings – The Three Point Sling

hey guys thanks for tuning in to a quick video on in range TV this is an addendum a follow up to Carl’s video on slings now Carl told you the proper use for a three-point sling which is to take it off cut it into little pieces and throw it away however there were a number of people who asked how do you how are you supposed to use one or what are the incorrect uses of a three point sling should you find yourself say forced to use one and not allowed to use anything else so I have this French FAMAS here and I figured I would take a moment to use it to demonstrate the proper usage or the improper usage of a three point sling because that’s what these rifles were all issued with in the French military so to start this is attached to the front bipod leg of the rifle and a loop on the buttstock the three points thing attachment is currently locked in place right here now to use this as a two-point sling you will leave that in place I have a two point sling I can sling it muzzle down I can sling it also up easy now in order to use it as a 3-point sling I need to unsnap this front loop all right with that unbuckled you can see I now have two loops of the sling now I want to take the outer loop here I’m going to point the rifle away from myself and I’m going to put my head and my dominant shooting arm through this loop I’m doing this right-handed because that’s how this rifle is set up right now so rifle away from me head goes through dominant arm goes through and now untwist the sling now I have the rifle properly slung or improperly remember what you should do is cut this throw it away however force to use it that is this is one manner of carry you can see it actually kind of slings nicely down at my side out of the way I can do stuff I can manipulate things now if I don’t want the rifle kind of flopping around or if I want to look nice and professional on parade I can strap it right across my chest simply by slinging it up like this now if I need to climb a ladder I’ve got my rifle in front of me if I am on parade if I’m sitting in an armored vehicle and I don’t want the rifle on the floor I don’t want it obstructing everyone else I can tighten it right up against my chest where it’s out of everyone else’s way from any of these positions I can bring it up and actually shoot sorry not designed for use with a lavalier microphone there from this position I can grab the grip bring it up and shoot without the sling tangoing then now lastly it’s a I need to just totally get this thing out of my way I can take it and just drop it over my back and you can see it hangs behind me out of the way from this position you can still grab it bring it up and bring it to the shoulder without interfering with the sling there you go guys that is the intended use of a three-point sling I can do that mostly successfully here because I have this nice sterile video area you can see that just this little microphone hanging on my collar got in the way you can imagine how this gets in the way a lot more when you’re wearing a whole bunch of other web gear and armor and radios and helmets and the other junk that you would typically be wearing if you are actually deployed military or police so this sling concept is really cool the execution can be made to look really slick and high-speed but when you’re actually using them in a practical environment a lot of that just kind of falls apart thanks for watching if you enjoyed this sort of content please consider checking us out on patreon funding there really makes it possible for us to do the stuff that we do and of course patreon supporters are eligible for our quarterly and hopefully soon monthly giveaways check it out thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Rifle Slings – The Three Point Sling

  1. I remember back when I used to airsoft I thought the 3-point sling was amazing. When i actually got to around using it, the gun felt like it was a giant magnet on a metal cylinder. It was uncomfortable, was too loose when slung and too short when at the ready.

  2. Ian, you were spot on. The 3 point was a pain even with the very basic French webbing we used back then late 80's. Which was based around WW2 US pattern. It only came into it's own during parades across the chest. Works great if you are going "clean" but who does that anywhere nowadays. Probably only Afghans could use it how intended!

  3. Ian, you missed out on the last way to use the sling – Alpine style – you use the two loops over both shoulders and muzzle down. You can easily bring the rifle round from that, really it works, I've done it!

  4. I really don't see the problem with a decent three point sling. I've only heard good things about it. Sure it might be a little annoying to get on, but that isn't the important part. How intuitive, easy and fast the sling is to use when it matters is the important part. Three point sling you just grab your gun and point it in the right direction. Transitioning to a pistol, you drop the gun. It can be manipulated easily for carrying, patrolling, climbing, the moment you need it in action you just grab and point again. I mean compared to the 2 point quick adjust sling in the video, my god. Hook it over your head, swap between arms, slide out, slide in, ok its easier to get on and off but all the messing about is whilst you are being shot at. Its much more complicated, its much slower, and in actual use its simply worse. Transition to the pistol, is it round your neck or not, have it swinging over your groin in the way or trying to slip behind you where you can't get it. Do you loosen it or tighten it, have to grab a tiny tab. There is a reason the west's police and military use a three point sling near exclusively. Karl needs to stop being a dinosaur and even if he wants to stick with his 2 point he should accept the three point sling has some very strong benefits.

  5. I have used a 2 point sling and a 3 point sling in the military, and I got to say, the 3 point sling is the better one. it can function as a 2 pointer for carrying, and you can easily snap it out of its lock quickly and use it as required. Only reason I see not to use one is that you didn't have one.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to show us the carry options of the 3 pont sling, Ian. However, I have a few pointers. For one, you do not adjust the sling properly. If you shorten the strap, the butt of the stock will hang just below your shoulder, making it fast to get into firing position. Much the same way many carry weapons on a 1 point sling. And by seperating the straps and putting one over each shoulder, you can wear the weapon as a rucksack, with muzzle either up or down. On weapons with a hook on the forearm, you can hook the slider into it to shorten the free ends. This will allow the weapon to hang vertically without sliding down, or to wear it on your back in the same way biathlon athletes wear their guns. You can also put the support arm into the loop instead, which let you easily throw the weapon over to your support side if you transit to your side arm or need your hands for other things. The 3 point sling is incredibly versatile, and given proper training it is easy to use. Snagging on equipment really isn't an issue, even with a full combat load. And I've used the 3 point sling with alot of different load bearing equipment in my 25 years of service.

  7. Three point slings require more training to use but calling them junk sems lazy and shortsighted. They are very versatile. This one has a retention mechanism that restricts the free sliding of one of the straps. Seems to make a big difference:

  8. Maybe the french designed a decent 3 point. I liked the options I had when I carried one and was rather comfortable. But it was a nightmare if you had to do anything quickly because there was always a strap in your way. Modern 2 point or 2 to 1 point slings are much better, probably one of the few things I would saw with absolute certainty.

  9. I never understood 3-Point Sling haters.
    And as for "getting in the way of your gear", well if you use any sling, they all collide with what you're wearing.
    But that's also never an issue because you aren't wearing delicate tech in the field like that microphone.

  10. I can attest to that this type of sling does not work when you have webbing on and all sorts of shit strapped to you. It just doesn't slide across the spiderweb of shit hanging off you. Its even worse (damn near impossible) with a heavier weapon like if you're on an LMG. 1 point doesn't work for LMG's plus the rifle always hits you in the nuts. 2 point best point.

  11. is this an old style 3 point? when i used a 3 point it was to allow my rifle to sit in front like you did, except the butt stock was up not the barrel, and it worked real well.

  12. Having used such a sling during my time in the Bundeswehr I found it really nice and handy for quick access. Letting it hand down the side was a bit bumpy, but overall I quite liked it, although I have to admit I never really used a two point sling outside of NERF-guns.

  13. The instructions with my Condor 3-point sling tell me, the rightie, to sling it over my right shoulder, the opposite of how you have it.  I was just looking at random at Google images ("US combat soldiers Afghanistan") and most of them seem to have the sling on the right shoulder, although it doesn't work well:  I first tried it on my left shoulder, it seemed fine, I regarded the instructions as a typo, then I tried it the other way.  Then I Googled "3-point sling which shoulder" and didn't get any hits (in my brief scan).  The way you have it, it's workable, as you demonstrated.  The point seems to be that "monkey see, monkey do" seems more in place in Army command structures than ever.  Perhaps even, "If it seems wrong, that means it's right."

  14. I carried a 3 point for much of my military career with very few issues. I looked like a Christmas tree walking around baghdad with the radio, 203 grenades and a CLS bag. Even still the three point was not bad. On the flip side I had a 2 point for my 240B during Afghanistan and it was a collosal pain in the ass, but necessary in order to quickly unsling the weapon to operate on a tripod.

  15. I have a single point bungie sling and when i’m not carrying my rifle it just consistently slaps me in the balls,knee’s, other people etc. Is a two point the go to for comfortable use while also securing the rifle?

  16. When I was in the 101st the 3-point sling was really popular. I hated them for all the reasons you mentioned.

  17. There are good and bad 3 point slings. I've used one for over a decade in a SWAT environment and they are great, if you have a good one and can use it. Carl has a bad personal bias.

  18. The way he shows it being carried, with the sling over the off shoulder, which puts the muzzle up in front of the off shoulder when the rifle is not being held, is called the patrol carry. If you sling it over the strong shoulder, so that when you drop the rifle it hangs muzzle down in front of the weak hip, it is in the assault position. This is good for people whos job may involve something other than shooting, say combat engineers [me]. this way you can bend over and the weapon stays close in to the body, leaving the hands free to do things like place charges, string or cut wire, and is still readily available if needed. I am no longer in the service, but use Condor 3 point slings on both my AR and my mini 14.

  19. after seeing you wear it like a drop leg holster this sling method looks superior, just need to add a carabiner to the stock to hook onto a betloop to prevent from shifting

  20. Yeah. This IS actually an improper way of using a 3-point sling. You are missing most of its benefits when you dont know how to use it properly, like presented here.

    Yes you can use it as 2-point like presented here but proper way is to have it latched ready to be opened up for 3-point usage. Also when properly adjusted, you have the sling tight so it will give you extra steadyness.

    Im quite disappointed that you guys dont seem to have all the info about that system. You really are supposed to use that latch and snap it open to realize its capabilities. Also that sling is adjusted way too loosely here.

  21. Would the 3 point sling work for civilian use or when not packing any gear for it to snag on.

  22. So a lot of people praise three point slings and say you use them completely wrong, and then they upvote the video…..

  23. You can double sling it over each shoulder and the rifle sits down the center line of your spine. Useful when running long distances, mountain climbing. Like this.

  24. No, it doesn’t get in the way, with body armor on, ESAPI’s in, all 4 of them, and with a pack one and mag pouches and crap all over your gear, because you set up your gear to fit you and work for you. And you’re wearing it wrong, you grab the pistol grip with your normal firing hand, then take your support hand and put it through, and over your head, once you have it adjusted, it hangs perfectly in front of you, muzzle down at an angle, buttstock right at your shoulder, then it’s fast and easy to swing your rifle up, and it pulls it right into your shoulder as you bring it up. And they are awesome and very easy to use. Best retention sling out there.

  25. That's such an Ian way to start a video.

    "I have this FAMAS here, and I'm going to use it to demonstrate proper three-point sling usage!"

  26. your using it it wrong, you need to wear the sling tighter, the part of the sling that runs along the side of the rifle, should be tight against the rifle.

  27. i never understood how to shoot with slings. a friend of mine is into target shooting with military weapons and he shoots prone with a sling. looks overly complicated, but he nails his shots. hardcore target shooters say it helps stabilize the rifle. were i to shoot prone, i'd try to prop up the stock on something or cradle it against my arm. maybe a proficient shooter could give me pointers? i only ever shoot standing and slingless.

  28. I am not a big fan of 3 point or 1 point slings. I much prefer the 2 point slings, just like what I'm currently issued 😂

  29. Had one like that in the Finnish army. Worked differently, you had it as a 2 point really close to the body and when had to use it you pushed it forward and it unbuckled and it was completely free to use, no need to switch how you carried it. We carried it barrel down.

    Really liked it, very useful and handy

  30. Haha the lavalier went WOOO! at 3:00

    Why should we throw this away though? I like the looks of it… I have an airsoft FAMAS, what sling should I get then?

  31. I was a LT in Nuclear Security and our rifles were equipped with Wilderness 3-point slings. Before that, we had single point slings. Both sucked for what we did. A simple 2-point sling is all that's needed.

  32. I used the 3-point sling with the SA80 for years in the field and loved it. The weapon itself… yeah, different story – you've covered that well. But the sling was excellent! I'm not sure how it works with a longer conventional weapon, but with the short SA80 it was fantastic – you can stow it muzzle up or muzzle down on your back or your front and it works great in all four positions. (technically there's the fifth "backpack" position but I never used that because it's crap when you have an actual backpack on, which of course in the army is always).

    It has the same quick-adjustable strap you folks love on your 2-point slings, so if you do the clip up it is exactly the same 2-point sling you love so much. But undo the clip and the switch from stowed on your front to coming into a 3-point aim is just super-instant with no adjustment because of the sliding clip/ring. The 2-point quick-adjust sling needs a bit of practice, and you know what – so does the 3-point. But you get great results with it.

  33. I had this kind of sling during my military service in the French army (infanterie de marine and it never was a problem, on the contrary, it was really efficient. But at the time we were not wearing an outdoor store on us 😉

  34. I've used both, and prefer a one-point sling but I've never had any issues with a 3 point either. It's all personal preference.

  35. I love the three point. Though I have only used it in a sporting situation. So I really don't know shit, I guess I'll stop now.

  36. Thx for the video.
    Unfortunatly block the 3-P the most time your backup pistol.
    For this i prefer tactical 2-P sling.

  37. 3 pt slings are legit comfortable on the M16 when left hanging. They are a mess however. Weight distribution is obviously fantastic due to the way it puts the weight on the strap as well as around the stock on an M16.

  38. I think you just convinced me of the superior attributes of the three point sling! I'm gonna give one a try!!

  39. Who ever said 3 point slings are no good is a dumbass. A 3 point sling is the only reliable option when you are in a battle and you need to stow your weapon tightly on your back. Ever tried running with a one point or two point sling. One point slings are ok if you don't have to move. For the record, 3 point slings get in the way of nothing, I used one for years in the British Infantry.

  40. I disagree, I believe the three point sling has some application if your in full battle rattle. I did two deployments to Iraq one with regular sling and one with 3 point sling and was very useful with all the gear.

  41. I don't think I was shown any of these techniques with the M16. Could you demo that? I think we were issued black hawk slings.

  42. That is the opposite of how we used three point slings in the Marines. I'm left handed, so my right arm would go through the sling, and the buttstock would be towards my firing (left) shoulder. Looks like, as with most things, the French do it backwards.

    I never had a problem with three point slings, but in retrospect, they're unnecessarily complex and don't do anything that a good two point sling can't do just as well.

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