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Rifle Slings – 1 Point? 2 Point? 3 Point?

hey guys thank you for tuning in to another episode of in range saw some stuff recently made me think you know be worth talking about something very simple what would think is simple slings just the simple sling a lot of confusion around something as simple as what is really just a strap on a rifle I thought why don’t we do a little video talking about the different types of slings we’re not going to go into the extensive or unique use of slings I’m not going to get into the use of slings for marksmanship or as a support device the Russians have their methods the Americans have their methods there’s lots of little tricks you can do with slings let’s just talk about slings in everyday use and in dynamic like combative environments or a match environment so a lot of matches you don’t even have a sling at two gun we require it well we don’t require it we regularly recommend it but that being said why is there so much confusion about that so I’m going to go through single point two point and three point slings and what the benefits of detriments are of each and hopefully that will be just useful it’s going to be a real kind of a primer so let’s start with the single point sling alright so here we have a single point sling see it’s just on my body you can wear these in different ways and by the way the rifle is clear so single point sling has some advantages but mostly disadvantages I don’t find them to be all that useful some people like them they’re not bad for carrying from me just like holding the gun or just having it around you can clip it on and just let it hang and you know what if you’re standing around not doing much this is kind of cool if you’re moving grooving trying to run this starts to stink as you can see it’s bouncing around that you can slide it behind you that helps but it’s still bouncing around a lot so really the single point sling in my opinion the best part of it is you can just carry it well you don’t want it on this thing like what’s for example you decide to use the rifle or need to use the rifle you want to hook it leave the sling on your body and then you have the rifle free to do whatever you need to do with it and the sling isn’t attached to it and you’re not attached to the gun and the guns not attached to you but that’s really it you know these have some niche purposes but I kind of think that they’re not all that useful and they’re not enough they’re not necessarily something to avoid but they’re not necessarily my first choice either but that’s really it clip it on clip it off toss it behind your back if you need to if you go to retention it kind of bang around sucks to run with but it will work in a pinch let’s move on to the two points right here we are with a simple two point sling one on the rear attachment in the front nothing complex here we’re going to clear the gun we are empty so obviously one thing you can do with this carry the rifle so what it was designed to do it’s the most simple use of the of the sling move around whatever put it on your back pick up a box with everything you need to do administrative tasks or if you’re just hiking with it works just fine nothing wrong with that works fine so you’re going to be in a more dynamic environment you need to be able to retain the gun simply draping it over your neck allows you to do that a little bit of length helps this one’s a little short but it’s still good enough you can still drop it go to pistol you can actually still shoot with it just let it go drops down no problem so you can use it as a retention sling in that regard if you’re super ninja and you don’t want the gun attached to and you want to use the Russian method you can actually just throw it over your head long as you’re not worried about a match or Square Ranger or 180 in a dynamic environment if the gun is not attached to but you need to get rid of it fast that might not be a bad idea so again it’s over your neck you can just drop it you can just carry it or if you’re not attached to it or don’t want to be attached to it but you need to retain it not really a bad thing to point sling is real simple non adjustable really I mean not quick adjust nothing wrong with it’s worked for a long time will continue to work for a long time cheap easy durable reliable there’s things you can do with it for marksmanship we’re not getting in that video but I can’t go against it certainly this is not a bad choice let’s go to the two-point adjustable alright let’s move on to the quick adjustable two point sling attachment on the front attachment in the rear my preference for a quick adjust rear attachment point is near the wrist of the gun or near the back of the stock although it’ll work pretty much anywhere it just is more comfortable for me in those locations which means the ak-74 attachment point with the triangle stock is actually a really good place for that it’s clear the gun again so we don’t hear about it alright so the big difference doing this and a standard 2-point adjust the sling is that this is quick adjust there’s one part that opens it up makes longer leather strap that makes it shorter so when you have it on you need to make it shorter you grab the tail pull on it tighten the gun up you want to loosen it pull the other tail loosens up now this is the Viking tactic sling this is my preference I have a real I’ve used it a lot I really like the VTAC sling Magpul has one that doesn’t have this tail some people find this tail annoying although I’ve never had an issue with it never caught on anything just fine I like the pad on the VTAC sling just had great use of great success with the Viking tactical sling but Magpul has one Blair Vickers with blue force gear has another one there’s lots of them on the market the point is here that we’re talking about is something that’s quickly adjustable for length may or may not have a pad okay so obviously we can do it we said earlier you can scrape it around your neck and you can just go to retention from here you can make this a little longer or shorter per your preference still can shoot with it put it down whatever can still use it just as a carry sling just like we talked about with a standard two point sling you put over your shoulder no problem there you can still do the ninja thing if you wanted to if you’re not attached to it another way to get rid of and retain it but here’s where it gets really interesting so when you have this on your neck or actually if you have it on normally betray put over your shoulder make it just long enough this is one of the most comfortable ways to carry it one of the most useful too is that now I’m shooting and when I go to retention is dropping this down is out of the way doesn’t bounce around if I’m running very much it’s kind of out of the way don’t really have a problem with it if I get to a ladder need to do something why I need this in front of me and I don’t want a rifle in front of me this is what’s awesome about this you take this thing put it over your back shorten it and now like a backpack restored enough that I can run around with it boogy go up a ladder whatever is I need to do if I need to get the gun back in action I literally swipe it back around lengthen it good to go so real useful very flexible very dynamic use it all sorts of different applications throw it on your back if you need to select again if I said if I want to get this thing out of the way shorten it up throw it over my shoulder out of the way freed up my hands bring it back into action back down loosen it good to go so I’m a big fan of quick adjust two-point slings it’s what I recommend don’t think you go wrong with it you got to practice with it’ll it actually takes some training to learn how to use it properly but once you got it down it’s the sling to have let’s move on to the three point sling system joining us that I’m gonna let’s really up to date with the latest pictures coming out and really this evening where there are reports that we have seen what they’re calling a shooting rampage in the American Center in the city some more uncomputable coming out with please pain go also to other locations of cinema alright that footage you just saw came from the recent debacle in Munich horrible event not making light of that however that right there is indicative of my experience with every three-point sling that’s ever been on the market HK style you name it I’ve tried a bunch of them they’re all a horrible spaghetti mess that if you can even get it on once you have it on it provides you almost no advantage it will get tangled up it will get caught on things you are tied to that gun you can’t get that gun off you need to and sometimes you need to get the gun off so here’s how you properly use a three-point sling you’re going through your bag of stuff you’re looking through your accessories you find out how did a three point sling show up in my kit I don’t know why I have this I know I don’t want to use it I would advise cutting it so that someone accidentally doesn’t find it and try to use it you walk outside and you throw it away there is no good three-point sling anything more complex then a quick adjust two point sling goes in the trash simply put it’s the best answer and it’s advice I’m giving you from shooting lots of matches lots of classes and quite honestly hopefully you’ll take it to heart because it’s a hard lesson to learn and these things are not cheap guys thanks you for tuning in for another episode of in range if you like this kind of content please consider sponsoring us on patreon if you can’t sponsor us on patreon please just share with your friends subscribe to us on full30 YouTube and our Facebook page thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “Rifle Slings – 1 Point? 2 Point? 3 Point?

  1. honestly? dont listen to what this guy says about three-point-slings. try them out yourself, used them for like forever in the army, great thing to have, would prefer it over a 2-point any day. especially if you plan on carrying a rifle running or marching on long tours.

  2. I have the same padded VTac sling. I use it with any and all of my long guns. Adding the VTac butt stock sling adapter on the fixed stock bolt guns and shotguns makes it easier to use by putting the sling attachment point on top of the rear of stock allowing the rifle to hang right side up when hanging in front of you.

  3. Used a 3-point during my 9-month mandatory service in the FDF military police. I used to think I loved 2-points but the 3-point is really quite excellent.
    You missed a few points, like using it as a 2-point WITH the clip attached (it will come undone with a nice sideways tug when raising the weapon to high ready) and as a literal gun backpack while skiing or doing manual labour. You can also quickly spin your gun, spooling the sling around your buttstock to tightly suspend it to your side (good for melee situations, or switch to sideam)

    All the random hate for these isn't unwarranted, but it's a bandwagon really. Try it yourselves.

  4. I have to leave a dissenting opinion: I've had a mostly excellent experience with the Finnish Defence Force 3-point sling. Sure, you COULD get all tangled in that, but that usually means that either the person is inexperienced in using the sling (in which stage it happens continuously, I admit) or is carrying other things with slings etc, like a backpack accidentally on top of the gun sling. But otherwise I found it extremely useful during my conscript service.
    You can ask the guys at Varusteleka for their opinions on that sling 😀

  5. I ran a three point overseas, my job put me in vehicles (Army, not contractor) a lot and I ran a SBR M-14. No, I wasn't super elite, just knew how to work the federal ordering catalogue. 3 point was the only option that worked in the confines because it put the weapon across the chest when in travel. So, there are times and places where they are the best option, but there is a reason there are different types of slings.

    I also had a type made by a guy who designed it in his garage for those types of situations, so it didn't have the type of layout a lot of 3 point have; Aussies were going to buy it but a certain sling manufacturer realized they were going to lose money and took legal action. I'm not even sure if what I had ended up being made.

  6. Try "CG Elite" sling does everything better. I gave one to everybody for christmas. Even to those prick who don't own a rifle.

  7. I use a loose 1-point on my work M4. If I'm running, I'm holding it by the pistol grip and handguard so getting slapped isn't an issue. I can slip it down along my weak side leg to get it out of the way for a pistol transition or other work. I can quickly disconnect it without pulling the sling over my head. And, most importantly for me, I can transition back and forth from strong or weak shoulder to suit my cover options. Can't do that with a 2-point without loosening or tightening it. Agree that 3-points suck. I was forced to use one in the military and they get caught on everything.

  8. in the norwegian army we were issued single point slings, and to be honest i cant see any reason to use anything else in a military setting, i can shoulder and fire my rifle as if unslung with the sling still attached. we had a buckle that could convert it to two point for comfortable carry, but even on long marches nobody bothered since the single point was more than sufficient, and bracing it on the tactical vest took 90% of the weight off your neck.

  9. Our Drill Sergeant in basic had us make our own 3 point slings from a M16 sling, 550 cord, electrical tape, and an Alice rucksack strap. They were fantastic. even with an IBA, LBV-88, and ACH, never really got tangled. The only downside was the time I was being fireman carried and the rifle swung around my back and butt stroked me in the Zygomatic Bone.

  10. The only time a 3 point is useful is when using a ghost gun wich fires 30 caliber clip magazine belt strip at 30,000 rounds every half of a second . then they are an indispensable tool.

  11. @ 8:15 I am so happy to see my buck a month contributed to that piece of wisdom. I can die in piece now.

  12. YEEES! I work with nerds who love all the fancy slings and are quick to point me out with my shitty old issue web two point.. as they become tangled, knock themselves in the legs or (best) have their rifle flop into the face of whoever we happen to be practicing first aid on.

  13. that cop with the aug having no clue how to use that 3 point was so telling… nobody is any good with those things…

  14. I used a 3 point sling back when I was still in the infantry. Fuckin loved em. Versatile as shit.

    If you don't want them I'll take them. Just don't cut them up before you hand them to me.

  15. Single point is my go to, especially when its cinched down tight. easy to carry the weapon, easy to get it ready, and if you need to drop the weapon, just unclip it. And if you need to run, just fucking hold it in your hands. Running with any long weapon with any type of sling is annoying. Just hold it. It's not that hard.

  16. You need to address how the dimensions of the rifle affect the best sling type and carry position. I can carry my M4 easily with about any configuration, but for my M14 type rifle–it is long, wide with a pointy op-rod handle sticking out on one side, and heavy–I find most configurations don't work well and I prefer the standard GI web sling with African carry.

  17. I can not agree with InRangeTV's views on 3 point slings. I assume you have had bad experiences with badly adjusted sling, and not been properly educated on their use. I grew up using 2 point slings, but once I entered the armed forces I got issued the HK 3 point sling that was used on G3 and MP5. This sling was actually developed by Hærens Våpentekniske Korps in Norway during the trials for new infrantry rifle in 1965 and manufactured locally. HK issued a simple 2 point leather sling with their weapons at the time, quite similar to the one used on the Mauser K98k, but after a while HK issued such 3 point slings with their military contract weapons.

    As for versatility, the 3 point sling can do everything you show the adjustable 2 point sling can do. You can also rig it as a 1 point sling in need be, or even a Ching sling or hasty sling. You can use it to wear your weapon as a rucksack even.

    As for snagging on equipment, any sling can do that . A 3 point sling isn't any worse in that respect. But I do believe the old style 3 point slings are the best, because they use thick webbing that is rather stiff and wide metal sliders that glide really well. Alot of newer 3 point slings are made with wider and thinner webbing, which has a tendency to fold, preventing the slider to glide, and the sliders are made of plastic with narrow slots, which doesn't glide well if the webbing is jumbled up. On my tours in Afghanistan I got issued such a sling with the HK 416, but I strapped a MP5 sling on it instead.

    In my opinion the 3 point sling is superior to both 1 and 2 point slings. But that is provided proper training is given and the sling is manufactured with quality materials that does not bungle up. I've used the 3 point slings in the artic to desert environements and everything in between. One just have to know how to use them and all of the options.

  18. The opening of the vid is hilarious!
    I've been using a 3-pt sling on my SBR for years while hunting. I've never had an issue getting tangled up. It holds the rifle stable across my chest, and out of the way while I'm hiking with a climbing stand on my back. If you don't slip the one lop over, it's a standard 2-pt sling.

  19. I was HAPPY when someone gave me a 3 point sling; I took it apart and used the hardware and webbing to fix my favourite pack. There's no need to throw out 3 points; you just need to find another use for them.

  20. I blindly bought a 3-point sling. After giving up figuring out how the hell it could work with a MOLLE vest with pouches and a backpack, I asked the internet… and came up with this video. Excellent advice. In two days, Amazon is bringing me a 2-point. LOL!

  21. Trying to talk to someone who drinks the 3-point kool-aid is an exercise in futility. It's better than no sling, but many 3-point fans act like it's-the-best-thing-ever-with-no-drawbacks-OMG!

  22. This guy is a typical blowhard with zero experience and I feel bad for people who trust his hokie advice.
    I spent many years in the USMC and we all used a 3point sling because it was simply the best option.
    I laugh at all of the comments saying how getting tangled is such a problem. KNOW YOUR GEAR. Know it blind folded.
    The dork in the video lists being "tied to your rifle" as a negative thing. He wouldn't last a minute in the MARINE CORPS seeing how that is the way of life there to be connected to your rifle at nearly all times even while sleeping in many cases. Posers need not apply.

  23. I fee as if the three point sling is better off in a civilian role. As a hunter you could let the rifle hang by your side while getting into a tree stand or even hang it on your back. In a military role the complications only become worse in stress inducing situations

  24. But but we use 3 point slings in the army they have to be good….

    More like forced to use them…..I get my ass chewed for turning them into 2points and calling it a day.

    There is one good thing about 3 point slings….if your crafty you can turn them into an adjustable 2 point slings.

  25. I'm a big fan of 2 point sling's and any sling is one of the most important and underrated parts of a rifle, thanks for the video.

  26. During hand to hand combat with a Ninja that sling becomes a windlass to choke the shit out of you. Nothing is perfect. Maybe it will also stop a gun grab disarm, too.
    I have a sling on my AR and shotgun, pretty useful but not perfect.
    At 7 mins in the vid there is a segway for the 3 point sling with a German LEO SWAT guy having probs getting his sling over his head, similarly, I recall video of the two shooters in the street in Paris when they came out of Charlie Hebdo Newspaper Ofc and one guy has his sling hang up on his gear and the other bad guy has to come help him get his rifle off for the get away in the car. It is the video clip where the shoe falls to the street.
    Find that video clip and look closely. Nothing is perf.

    Many vids in the media about Israeli Soldiers on patrol and they are often fucking around with their slings, they run big long two pt slings, or some do, cause of the bulky gear.

  27. So funny listening to your 3-point sling advice. I heartily agree. Was issued one for Riverine use and gave it back. Opted for a single point. Riding in a boat semi-standing is where that single point sling shines. Gives you both hands to hold on and manipulate radios, and other equipment.

  28. I recently got a 3 point sling for my SA80 for airsoft, I have to say it was the worst sling, not only is it at times confusing to put on in the heat of a game where you have to think fast, but it SNAGS on everything and gets caught on your tactical vest almost every time, it even knocked my radio out of it's pouch. Luckily my one could be changed back to a two point sling which is what I will use from now on only! Simple kit is essential for any kind of tactical situation. The simpler the more reliable and the faster you can respond to your opponent

  29. I run the Blackhawk three point that we use in our red horse squadron, can run it as a two or a three point and I've never had an issue.

  30. I had three poin sling and I really try to like it and use it two or three years. Finally I cut it to make two point sling of it and now it works great.

  31. Every SOF guy I've rolled with has used the two point adjustable, usually vtac style. It's my preferred because I can always keep it around my body, shoot and move, and it secures easily and tightly.

  32. I had pretty extensive experience with a three point sling while I was in the Marines, they're not that bad once you get used to them. It wouldn't be my first choice but if it's what you get issued its better than nothing.

  33. 3 point slings are the best if you learn how to use them.
    Nothing beats long distance travel with one, or doing activities like riding motorcycles, snowmobiling, skiing etc.. Plus they do make quick detach ones ya know

  34. I don't understand the prevalence of YouTube commenters harassing YouTubers about clearing their guns. If you were going out in the field, you would sling a loaded rifle.

  35. 3 points are pretty essential for ski and mountain troops. They also work well for assaulting buildings. You need that big QR buckle though. No buckle and its a sloppy mess.

  36. Any good  mall ninja know that you use an e-point [e= limit as n approaches infinity (1+1/n)^n  where n is the number of knobs on your NC Star scope] sling when fighting zombies.

  37. I've had 3 point slings crammed down my throat by the military. They SUCK. They all SUCK.

    I ended up with first an M249 SAW sling (2 point) on my M4, then ended up with a short piece of webbing that hooked into a carabiner hooked to my body armor (IBA), plus a USGI (USMC contract overrun) web sling stashed in my assault pack. That worked well.

    Pretty much everybody in my battalion (Mountain infantry) got rid of their 3 point slings, either before, or during, combat usage.

  38. Now….. I will preface what I'm about to say with this. I have since replaced almost all of my slings with quick adjust 2 point slings, save for my M1Garand and M1A and my scout rifle "which wears a ching sling". I deployed 3 times to Iraq and for all 3 years spent over there I had the same SpecOps 3 point sling and never had an issue with it being difficult or snagging on any of my gear in or out of the truck or my Bradley, I will add that I had to modify it slightly because I am left handed, but never an issue otherwise. It even had a quick disconnect that would drop the rifle free with one clasp. Having said that the quick adjust 2 point offers so much more in versatility that it's the only real answer. But as far as the issues you mention about the 3 point sling. I didn't persoanly see it in 3 years of combat

  39. Ahaha, opinion on 3 points, with no training meant for the real world, it doesn’t get tangled, it doesn’t get stuck on things, unless you are very poorly trained. One of the points of it is, yes it’s stuck to you, it’s meant to be, so no one can take your rifle in close quarters or crowd control. And it doesn’t really bounce around if adjusted properly, holds it perfectly where you want it. To where as soon as you need rifle, you swing it up, it pulls into your shoulder, in firing position, and if bounces around some, like every kind of sling, it doesn’t matter, a sling and rifle are meant for comfort, they are a tool, and comfort isn’t it’s function. Besides the only time you’re not holding your rifle, is if you absolutely need your hands for the current job, just learn what you’re doing and 3 point is the best, fastest to bring your rifle up and most secure method of carrying it.

  40. Oh, and they are extremely easy to put in the sling, if you’re right handed, after your sling is on your rifle, you take your left arm, and stick it between the two straps, and the one that goes behind your arm, also goes over your head, then you adjust it to fit, haha. If that’s too complicated for you…well, you shouldn’t be in possession of any weapons.

  41. Personally I prefer three point on certain weapons, two point on others…

    For example, my MP5 wears a three point, because i have a bad habit of holding my weapon to my chest when using my sidearm, the three point allows me to have it there hands free, allowing me to use both hands on my side arm.

    My AR wears a two point just because on that particular weapon, my reload is quicker than getting the weapon out of the way, drawing and firing a sidearm.

    I HAVE used three points in action, but my anecdote is just that. Three point slings really only work for some people. They are a nice item with limited use to certain odd folks like me (not a gun fighter anymore by trade, now I smush cars for a living)

    I would agree that for most people they are a pointless endeavor, but I won't say they are entirely without use

  42. I've used all 3. I've liked all 3 at times. After all everything had been said and done, I prefer a 2 point sling, and secondarily I would go with a 1 point sling.

  43. With a single point sling all u need to stop the movement is a catch or a weapon catch either you make one outta 550 cord flat hollow bungue cord n a carabineer or you buy a catch from a reputable company like blue force gear

  44. The D3 sling by Haley Strategic is a single and double sling, with a single for doing stuff and double the rest of the time. It made sense to me when I saw it.

  45. :/ wish I saw this vid before buying a 3-pointer. Wasn't for real steel…but wasted a couple bucks and time fumbling with the damn thing. Ended up just using a two point.

  46. After cutting my 3Point Sling, can I keep the QD-Swivel and the HK-Snap-Hook, or should I throw them away with the sling?? 😉
    Thank you so much for this video. I always thougth I was to stupid to handle a 3Point-Sling propperly. Now I changed all my rifle slings to quick-adjust-2point! Much better!!!!

  47. Used a spectergear 3 point sling in the army.
    Worked for me. Think the key is wider straps that keep it from getting all tangled up.

  48. I heard that you're supposed to put the single point sling on dominant shoulder and under the non-dominant arm.
    That way when you go to pistol, it slides to your non-dominant side. Then your rifle is out of the way, not banging you in the crotch and not interfering with your sidearm.

  49. Marine Corp for a while were issuing 1 point slings. On the m4 they work fine you can fire it just fine without disconnecting it from your body and it’s handy if you are sitting in a vehicle. But they are starting to issue adjustable 2 point slings now

  50. But Karl! There is a way to effectively run a 3 point sling! Grab the strap that normally runs alongside the rifle and pull upwards, so that both straps are now together. While holding both straps, run your arm through the sling and presto! You now have a non-adjustable 2 point sling with extra material that is harder to adjust!

    Sounds dumb, but I have been issued a 3 point sling before. This is exactly how I used it.

  51. Rifle Sling 3 points only the best for the Bavarian Special Operations Command (SEK)
    . Greetings from Germany
    Gewehrriemen 3 Punkt nur das Beste für das Bayerische Sondereinsatzkommando (SEK).Grüße aus Deutschland


  52. One thing nobody talks about the 3-point is the weight distribution capability.
    Try marching 5 miles with 3.5~5 kg rifle with 1-point or 2-point. Your shoulder will kill you.
    Most of the time the soldier will be carrying not firing his/her weapon.

  53. Put on all your gear. Especially a helmet. Quickly adjustable is very nice. It's all about what works for you.

    I ended up with a single point, rat-tail from the drag handle then over the shoulder with a quick release, and a second quick release with a quick slide off of my lower left ammo pouch. Worked for me. Quick pointing with the rat-tail, no rope burns on my neck, stayed in place and out of the dirt with the second clip, didn't go flying when I took a tumble, easy detach, no spaghetti ball nightmare, and no getting hung up on my own gear. Just 2 clips on the weapon and no rattle. But then I always was a geardio.

  54. Clearly Karl overlooked the legendary 69 point sling, used by the dankest of operators, comes with a free bag of Doritos and gfuel, plus an attached red dot for the most accurate storage known to man.

  55. Karl can I ask if you've ever had to use an Arctic Sling? I had to use one when I was doing my Arctic Survival and Warfare training back in 1984. I don't if the British one was specific to the L1A1 but it designed so you could have your rifle across your chest when you had your berrgan on your back & where skiing or snow shoeing it cross country. It did have a quick release clip which meant you could shoulder it if you came under fire, if this was lose though it could turn your rifle into a bloody anchor if came off when skiing. When you were moving without your berrgan it could also be slung right between your shoulder blades obviously not if you were expecting the enemy

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