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Rifle Shooting Tips For Hunters

Shooting Tips For Hunters Safari Shooting Tips How To Make Your Shots Count Rifle Shooting Tips hi it’s AlaskaGranny when you arrive on
safari or at your hunting camp Garry Kelly Safaris South Africa the first thing you need to do is rifa
militarize yourself with your rifle take a shot now check your scope for
accuracy scopes have a way of being banged around
when you’re traveling pay attention to the your shoulder pressure your trigger
pull and your follow-through visualize every bullet impacting your target rifle shooting tips for hunters the most important thing about taking
the best shot when you’re on safari is to stay physically and mentally
connected to your rifle and your shot be ready from the minute you arrived in
camp hunting kudu in South Africa you never know when you’re going to have
the best opportunity to take the shot and get the hunt of a lifetime Rifle Shooting Tips For Hunters Hunting Kudu in South Africa learn more at please
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3 thoughts on “Rifle Shooting Tips For Hunters

  1. You seem "book smart" about shooting, Alaska Granny, but an experienced shooter can tell your technique needs work, and that rifle needs to be fit to your frame. Just friendly advice from someone who can tell 🙂

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