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Rifle Scope Zeroing and Some Math – Ajuste de Lunetas, Mil Dot, MOA – Riflescope Basics

Riflescope Zeroing and Some Mathematics Airgun Shooting and Related Activities Adjusting a riflescope. Use a target with a vertical and/or horizontal reference, and place it perfectly aligned. Use a stable support for the gun. Sight the center of the target and shoot. Adjust the turrets to take the crosshair to the POI, taking care to not move the gun. Now sight in as usual and shoot, verify the result, and make fine adjustments if necessary. Some numbers behind the scenes… Target |—-20cm—-| 4 dots 10x magnification riflescope Distance (m)= Size of the Target (cm) / Dots * Zoom D=20cm / 4 * 10 D=50m 1 MOA (cm) @ D (m)=D (m) * tan(1/60) * 100 1 MOA (cm) @ D (m)=D (m) * 0,029088821687031590812104313336462 1 MOA (cm) @ D (m)=D (m) / 34,3775 1 MOA (cm) @ D (m)=1,4544396771143916806050469056796 1 MOA (cm) @ D (m)=1,45 cm 4 dots left, 4 dots high 20cm to the left, 20cm above 20cm / MOA (cm @ D m)=20 / 1,4544=13.75 MOA If the scope features 1/4 de MOA per click adjusment, each click (at 50m) changes POI by 1,4544cm / 4=3,636mm To take the reticule center to the POI 20cm / 0,3636cm =55 clicks; 55 clicks to the left, 55 clicks up Of course it is not necessary to know these equations to adjust an optical sight, but it does not hurt… Share, subscribe, click the notification bell, thanks for watching!

14 thoughts on “Rifle Scope Zeroing and Some Math – Ajuste de Lunetas, Mil Dot, MOA – Riflescope Basics

  1. Antonio parabéns cara ficou show … explicação melhor impossível… eu ainda não aprendi a usar o Vegas pra fazer isso kkkk kkkk cabeça dura 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. my scope is 1/10 click value . can you make me graph if i zero on 100 meter then for 200 meter to 1000 meters each 100 how many clicks need to move 1 inch.

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