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Rick Perry Kills Coyote w/ Laser-Sighted Pistol

the rick perry he’s up for a jog and he sees a coyote in a sprain ac uh… he says that he’s got his labrador or
or his daughter’s labrador labrador retriever and that the coyote starts on in the garden and that you know he does pulls out his got his pistol difco now there’s a coyote how was the coyote uh… gotti sold top all of all of that masturbate to that feverishly wake-up pop
he killed a delhi of produce is a republican uh… it that’s fantastic right now with illness the story uh… he was surrounded by his security detail what was the coyote gennady second of all it needs a laser cited which i know it is our little coalition decided
to photo dot i coyote uh… but if the defense was that what they look if you’re out the while then you see a coyote
in you think it’s gonna attack you or your daughter your daughter’s dog in the other
we had no of course right albrecht paraguay teams that they that at
about eleven senators who carried out analysts recited this little so he had to come out when shit happens is inside and i can stand up and out
we’ll want to add to another dealt with that looked at that hidden this with that at well you could be
that would put it past them but so it now with all the parties and i hope he was kidding
here he said uh… it togather coyote there why only creatures how come i read your camera at the vitamin e_ myron i don’t know that was one a wile e_ coyote and then at
the end he brags louisville like i also am bitterly and he’s like well we left at exactly
where we dropped it uh… cell bolt right now pop black it that’s the great i don’t know where they left that i mean he’s
out the suburb somwhere so it’s probably rotting carcass somewhere and causing a menace to
the community anyway uh… what i’ve what somebody do is to go
out there and find that uh… animal and make sure it’s a coyote because he thought these guys like kayak black barraza harassing me slash priority slash woolly mammoth and had to take it down in the go and it’s like a true waala yet but that is what crap i still resulted
route but i’d double check because god that would be funny if it were in a coyote in will also be slightly tragedy khaki think there’s still a tough animal doesn’t haven’t gone that he can’t
shoot back at you parabolic killing coyotes have in your backyard
committed throughout barbara said he ever take your while i’ve become a need
to change its alright but got a job but i’ll tell you what i’m sorry the voters will eat that up some coyote burgers that we didn’t some points that we live in
a groovy country that’s a reality

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Kills Coyote w/ Laser-Sighted Pistol

  1. NO! Perry! Did you know what you just DID?! You made yourself and your dog the Coyote's obsession! Sure you shot him in the head but he survived worse like exploded, flatten and high falls. He will follow you and spend all his money on acme products that will comically misses you while you had no what happen and backfire on him and that coyote will try to get you and your little dog on and on and fail every time with his traps that he bought but could've use that money to buy food instead.

  2. Go, Rick!!!! You are definitely no little mamby-pamby momma's boy! More like John Wayne!!! Drive big cars, carry big guns, dream big dreams, say what you mean and mean what you say and never let anybody doubt where you stand! That sounds a lot like what made America great in the first place. Go, Rick!!! You got my vote!!!!!!

  3. Screw you, I'm from Texas. We gained four seats in Congress last census while New York lost two, and most of us are well armed. You can say what you want about us but you damn sure ain't going to get rid us,

  4. this is the AMERICAN WAY about its leaders…
    its a mind set that has to be ended…
    unless one wish's to bleed out and see their MAKER…
    Here in THAILAND, people can find peace with others…
    Thai people love having power and control, but its respectful…
    Police and the Army run things and are respected…
    Money makes things happen and is in control, but it has its balance…
    If Gov't runs rough shot over people then the public will respond…
    FREEDOM will return to the US one day soon…


  6. The problem with Perry is simple: this guy is just totally stupid, that's all. There is nothing else, he's just completely dumb.

  7. It's one thing to create jobs for a 25M people state and it's another one to do it for a country of 400M people. Specially when republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to avoid Obama plans to succeed.
    Republicans in Congress are probably the most irresponsible politicians in the world. Some might be better than others but basically they're all monsters. When the only thing that you're fighting for is to keep your job and not the interest of your country, you shouldn't be elected.

  8. @thehulk3010 Who carries a revolver with them? Maybe a person who uses their second amendment rights. Maybe a person who refuses to get mugged. Maybe a person who doesn't want a fucking coyote attacking them or their dog. Don't think a coyote would fuck you up? Then you are unbelievably naive and foolish.

    Oh, and the revolver didn't have a "lazer scoop." It had a laser sight. Quite a difference between a sight and a scope. Just saying…

  9. Coyotes ate my cat. Piss on your mis-information. He had one of the smallest pistols made with a laser on it. And you can miss with lasers because they are only spot on in one spot..too far away or too close you will miss. You don't know anything about guns or coyotes. I don't live on a farm. Coyotes came to my yard. I doubt you even seen a wild animal of any kind in your "cookie cutter liberal world of lies and deception." Anyone that knows facts knows you are a fraud.

  10. This guy has never had an encounter with a coyote or has shot a pistol. You put a laser sight on a conceal carry weapon for rapid aiming when you are being attacked. This is especially true in low light conditions.

  11. No matter what thrill killers say coyotes don't attack peoples! See them often working on the RR. Foxes & Deer! 30 yrs ago I ran a OWL off. Red Neck brought his gun to work, and had gone in the caboose to get it! They like to kill. Makes them fill Superior. Ask Pro football's BUBBA SMITH, & MARVIN HAGLER opponent WILFORD SYPION. Both from Texas.

  12. You sir are an ignoramous. Also, may I add you are a retarded democrat. Ill bet you are a terrible shot. You are tearing apart the fabric of America. I hope you are happy.

  13. Well coyotes are considered pests in many areas. thou on Perry really laser come on those are really needed well for a home defense guns they do make sense since it does add a pretty good level of intimidation thus reduces the need to pull the trigger.

  14. I dont like perry that much but im a texan and i know when you see a coyote you shoot it this guys a dick. Id like to see him walk out and shoot a coyote. Hes an arogant cocky prick that sits in front of a camera and makes fun of people all day. Man hes a real hard ass.

  15. Can't miss with a laser sighted pistol? Oh really? I issue this dumbass the challenge to try to hit one at 40 yards with a .40 or .45 pistol. Whatever sights you want, I don't even care if it's a scope. You must shoot freehand though. I doubt you'd be able to hit it. Pistols take practice man. Alot of it to be any good. I've actually killed coyotes at 50 yards with my glock 17 9mm. I practice daily with that gun, and at 50 yards I'll still bust off 4-5 rounds at a coyote since at least one will

  16. This news guy probably never shot a handgun. Just the trigger pull alone will move the sites unless you have the perfect trigger pull. Sure at 5 to 10 yards it isn't too tough, but at 25 to 35 yards, it is going to get VERY tough to hit… even with a laser dot. Challenge… try to shine a laser pointer on something the size of a coyote half a footbaldfield away and hold it there… tough!

  17. At least someone here (you) actually shot a gun. At 30 yards away, the laser will be bouncing everywhere. Even if you have the dot right on the Coyote, the trigger-pull alone will be enough to move it off target unless the shooter masters the perfect trigger pull without moving the sites even a tiny bit.

  18. I normally don't leave a lot of comments on videos like this, but on this one I do. Mister with all respect intended, you really don't have the slightest clue about what you're talking about. I grew up and still continue to spend a lot of time out in the brush, you'd change your uneducated ways when it comes to your conduct if you really spent time in "the wild" as you mentioned it.

  19. If you want to complain about Slick Rick Perry, then expose him for selling a Texas road to a Spanish corporation, so now the People have to pay a foreign corporation to drive on a road their taxes paid to build.

    But Cenk Whore won't talk about that because he's Brave New World Order trash.

  20. Crimson Trace grips aren't that uncommon. I don't use them, but I do carry my pistol when I run. I take it off when I shower afterwards though.

  21. That's three and a half minutes of my life I'll never get back.

    Go smoke some more of Al's carbon credits, and I recommend you try to stay out of Texas. A lot of us carry guns. I understand it makes you liberal types "uncomfortable".

  22. listen coyotes are a nusince they eat all native animals and a deastroy the ecosystem not to mention can give you a nasty bite there over popullated and need to be taken care of they roam all over my hunting property and cause tons of trouble

  23. you guys are a bunch of whiney, childish, people. coyotes aren't necesary. if there were no coyotes it would make absolutely no difference.. theres a $25 payout per coyote legally killed by a hunter with a current license.

  24. If I see a coyote, I'm shooting it. Sorry, but if they can kill our livestock we can kill them. Food chain and all that jazz.

  25. another idiot who thinks he knows about hunting/firearms, predator control. You clearly have 0 understanding of firearms so do us all a favor. Keep your mouth shut. You couldn't even tell me what "laser sighted" means and yet you're running your mouth…classic politics.

  26. I think he should be getting kudo's. That dead coyote is one less that WON'T be killing a deer, won't be eating a cat from someone's back yard. All in all, a good outcome.

  27. Laser sighted pistol wtf did the pistol have a laser is that what he meant dude coyotes are considered a pest good he shot a coyote wow he is so brave wtf man its just a fuckit coyote I kill them all the time when I'm driving in the hwy in Texas they get in the fucking way all the time get over it that dude is a idiot it's not like he put it on national news and said look everyone I killed a coyote with my laser sighted gun

  28. Cenk, I don't care what degree you have and from what university because you literally have no idea what you're talking about. Do you even know what a "laser sighted pistol" is? You just got told off by a guy named Forsehucker for Christ's sakes…

  29. when I clicked on this video I expected to see a guy shooting a coyote with his pistol like a bad ass. but I get this ass with a some news background telling a story. your title is misleading.

  30. If that coyote was that timid, it deserved to be shot. Coyotes need to respect people and keep their distances. That's the problem with urban wildlife: they think their safe or untouchable. Maybe more people should carry pistols and there would be less wildlife nuisance problems.

  31. This piece of shit has no clue and has never fired a gun in his life.. I will take him out anytime coyote hunting and we can see how easy he shoots a coyote with a pistol.. Coyotes carry disease. There was a woman just bit in my town by one with rabbies.. Screw this idiot..

  32. You’re retarded the coyote is the apex predator of its category so if you’re gonna laugh at someone for shooting a coyote you can go to hell cause it’s not a defenseless animal it is a predator that is very deadly.

  33. Clicked on this thinking it was a cool hunting video… then I found the “modern” liberal internet…..

  34. this guy needs to stfu. i don't particularly like killing animals when its unnecessary myself. i don't hunt usually, unless its for food or an animal that needs to be killed because it is diseased or a pest. but coyotes can be extremely dangerous if you have small animals, or little kids. they will attack, sometimes in packs. most of the time they will run off if they are alone. but they can be nasty in a pack.

  35. According to this Young Turd, Rick shot an unarmed Chihuahua w/ a silenced laser gun, then masterbated over the carcass. He seems to give Rick no credit for putting it down humanely w/ one shot, but prefers to mock him for not shooting each knee cap first. The Young Turds just don't get it.
    The only reason to watch this guy is to see his 2016 election coverage where all their heads explode.

  36. A laser sight doesn't guaranty you'll hit anything! How you hold the gun, whether you "pull" or "squeeze" the trigger (there's a difference!) determines if you'll hit what you're aiming at. A small pistol is one of the toughest firearms to shoot accurately… All that said, I agree that it likely was not necessary to shoot the coyote in this case. Even a shot well away from the coyote would have been enough to run it off.

  37. I'd be OK with never having to ever hear this…ahem… persons… voice ever again. I guess this guy must not like taking steps to help improve the Rabbit and Deer populations then? Not to mention the safety of all the backyard dogs and cats they harvest regularly in Urban/Metro areas. This guy is soo vindictive in the way in which he portrays the information of the story. Almost like he had a "wet lunch" that day just before they started filming this story.

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