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Richard Osman’s Worm Pigeon Shotgun – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC-EN,NL]

Instead of rock, paper, scissors,
I prefer to play my own version of the game, which is
worm, pigeon, shot gun. Lee’s team. Right… What beats what?
Like, what is superior to what? It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? What beats shotgun? Pigeon eat… Worm. How does a worm beat a shotgun? By crawling into the barrel.
I mean, how do you think? What’s the hand actions? Well, shotgun… Easy. Worm… And… HE COOS OK, let’s have a little
game, me v you. OK. Just before we start
this very competitive bout, tell us, what tops what? It’s quite simple. Pigeon eats worm… The shotgun eats the pigeon… No, it doesn’t eat the pigeon!
It doesn’t eat the pigeon. The pigeon shoots the worm
with the shotgun. This is so much… You’re deliberately trying to make
this complicated. I just want the truth.
No, he’s genuinely stupid! I just want to get to the bottom
of this. OK. Don’t think of me as Rob Brydon,
think of me as Robert Mueller. I will not rest until I find
out what’s happening. Hold on, that makes me Trump. Yes, it does. I don’t like the thought of that. You’re a lot smaller, though,
so you’re Muller Light. LAUGHTER Thank you. So, you know the rules. It’s going to be the best of three. I’ve got my own technique,
by the way. I’m not going to use my hands. Now you’ve been warned about this. I think you know which one
I’m going to do, don’t you? I’m not going to be big headed.
It’s not a shotgun. It’s not even a worm, is it?
Let’s be honest. All right, here we go, get ready.
OK. One, two, three. I’ll tell you what,
we all thought it was ridiculous, we’re all into it now, aren’t we? Are you ready? Yeah. One, two, three. Worm… Sorry. I’m so sorry. OK, let’s play. Richard needs just one win.
He’ll have victory. Yes. If Lee…
Yeah, I think they’re following it. It’s a shame we won’t now have time
to play Would I Lie To You? LAUGHTER Here we go. Come on. OK, one, two, three. Shotgun! Oh! He’s got you! It’s a convincing win for
Richard “the big man” Osman. So, what do we think? I think it’s plausible.
I’m going to go true. I think… I thought it was a lie
until we played it. Yeah. And when we played it, I thought,
“Padding out, this.” Yeah. OK, you’re saying it’s true? Richard, is it true or is it a lie? It is… ..a lie. APPLAUSE

27 thoughts on “Richard Osman’s Worm Pigeon Shotgun – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC-EN,NL]

  1. The pointless Richard of Os was on point on this one. btw, @wilty?Nope! That is the best title you've given anyone on this show.

  2. Worm, Pigeon, Shotgun may have been a lie, but just like Lee's Teletubbies memory trick, I may start using it whenever possible.

  3. To believe this you'd have to believe that Richard Osman has a group of people he frequently plays the game with, right? And that seems unlikely.

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