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Review, Then Destroy: Osprey 4-16x50mm MDG Rifle Scope

welcome to the social regressive the
votes are in the people have decided we are indeed going to review this Osprey
four to sixteen by fifty millimeter mil dot scope it has an illuminated reticle
and a couple other neat tricks to it as far as the feature set goes it does look
like a cool scope but just as a quick overview or a review from last time I
did have two of these scopes that failed me in the past this is a Gen 2 those
others were Gen ones so we’re gonna dig into this thing now as far as that
voting goes in their blood lust the people also decided to destroy it so
we’re gonna review and destroy and we’re actually going to destroy it in two
different ways which would be kind of fun we need we’re gonna blow this thing
up with binary we need to fill it actually with binary, fire at it, blow it up that’s going to be coming in a later video make sure you
subscribe so you don’t miss it and the way that we’re gonna be making a hole in
it to put that binary right in is with this these are very rare bullets I wish
I had a bunch more of these I kind of thought a long time ago that I should
buy more but right now these are probably my last 30 bullets these are
Barnes banded solids and they still make some of these for some really large
calibers but for small stuff no the problem is that the ATF pressure Barnes
to stop making these because I think that these probably would go through
body armor with ease I think you know it’s not designed for that it’s designed
for Varman ting and predator hunting especially when you have fur bearing
animals so that this bullet just goes straight through doesn’t make a big
whole big mess to clean up so if you’re you know actually hunting coyotes for
the pelts these are just going to go straight through and since these are
just I mean basically that is one chunk of brass that’s been milled out and it’s
very sharply pointed this is not going to deflect it’s not going to squash it’s
not going to do anything I think that this would pass through not just one
layer of body armor but it might do to actually I’d be curious to stack them up
and see how many of this would actually go through coming out of this this is a
savage 12 FB in 243 Winchester so you’re talking about this little 75 grain
bullet very tough bullet coming out of the the muzzle here at about 30
200 feet per second so we’re going to kind of redo that half-cocked legend
where he shot through a scope all the way through yeah we’re gonna pierce
through this thing that’ll be the hole that we use to fill this up with binary
so without further ado this is the review video we’re gonna have the
destruction videos coming a little later with you the Hathcock 1 in its own video
will do the dismantling in its own and for now we’re gonna dig into the scope
and we’re gonna see how it performs as far as resolution tests contrast test
we’re gonna do tracking tests all kinds of stuff of course we’ll actually put it
on guns see how it does let’s dig into this thing I’ll see what we have all
right get a little instruction manual a little rag for cleaning let’s see what
else is in here it looks like they did include a battery for the illuminated
reticle that was very kind of them this is cr2032 and a couple of wrenches
for adjusting the dials oh I forgot that these include rings as well I’m sure
we’ll be swapping those out to test it out okay so first impressions straight
out of the box the weight on this thing is quite nice especially for a an
illuminated reticle model and a 30 millimeter tube normally these things
are pretty hefty so yeah this is definitely something you could mount on
an AR without too many weight issues okay it does include a couple of lens
caps and these seem to be better than the previous models I like these a lot
better the other ones felt a little bit flimsy but these actually feel okay and
you can’t actually see through them if you have to so some of the other things
as far as the feature set goes like I mentioned illuminated reticle and you
have a choice between off so that’s going to be your off position on 0 and
then you can go up through red and then there’s going to
be green illumination as well check this out real quick I was totally wrong on
this this actually has three different colors that you can cycle through so you
get blue actually keep going around to a zero and then you go to green and then
you can switch over to red as well okay so that’s gonna neat I don’t know when
you would want to choose one over the other for me you know if I’m aiming in
the dark basically I want red and that’s it because that’s going to preserve my
night vision but you know I’ve seen greens before and maybe there’s a good
reason magnification ring right here as usual so that’s gonna be four to sixteen okay that feels pretty easy to turn
there are some little steps that I can feel in there like something’s not
ground entirely smoothly side parallax adjustment which is a feature that I
just plain love I’m really done with adjustable objective scopes unless
there’s a really good reason for them it’s just kind of a pain in the neck to
be reaching out here fiddling with the the scope when you’re trying to be
keeping an eye on the target alright it looks like they have upgraded these
turrets the previous model they wouldn’t actually raise lower or move left sir
and right on the windage knob they would just kind of stay in one position and if
you happen to turn more than one revolution you’d probably just have to
try to remember and then dial it back so at least we get these little graduations
now and it actually feels pretty good there’s a good amount of tension between
each one there isn’t much to feel I’ll tell you that it’s there’s really hardly
anything palpable between the clicks you can I can kind of feel it I think that
if I were in my headphones or add some ear plugs in to be a little bit tough to
tell but it is at least kind of loud so yeah just a bit indistinct as far as
feel goes and then great big 50 millimeter lens on
this end so hopefully that’ll be good for low light levels that’s about it as
far as the features go the these rings I’m sure these are very very inexpensive
you know probably NC Star sort of quality just considering you know the
price of the overall scope the features that you’re getting and then you know
the rings that they’re throwing in so you know that might work just fine but
I’m gonna swap it out anyway just to make sure that I’m eliminating variables
when I take this thing out here are my first targets with the Osprey 4 to 16 by
50 millimeter MDG scope and here is shot number one this is a zero test right
here I’m just getting everything L 0 it in that’s my first shot apparently I got
a pretty good bore sight so that’s three and a half inches high four inches right
at a hundred yards second shot came in a little low little left and then bring
your things back in there’s a three shot group so definitely within that 0.75 mo
way that I’m used to seeing out at that particular load these are 75 grain boat
tail hollow points from Hornady these are hand loaded with vargas and they
usually print about 3/4 MOA so here’s the second target this is a
box test I wanted to see how well the turrets tracked so there’s my original
shot and we just want to see if and for each of these shots what I’m doing is
I’m adjusting the turrets and I’m just aiming at the exact same point I’m
aiming at that center point this is coming a little a little bit high for
that original shot because I am zeroing this for 200 yards even though I’m
firing at a hundred so yeah firing at 100 commands definitely within that 3/4
in my way we should be looking for this one’s starting to drift left pretty far
but it’s really not too bad a third shot you can see that these are starting to
come in a bit lower than the ones that are up here so this is coming in a bit
high still it’s really kind of within those limits so it is tracking pretty
well it’s not exactly perfect but yeah it’s it’s pretty decent alright ladies
and gents I just finished hitting the silhouette steel animals
here at Tulsa’s red castle gun club I am using a rock river arms lar-15 carA4
this has an upgraded stainless steel barrel it’s pretty heavy under the
handguard this thing launches my 75 grain boat tail hollow points from horn being
it’s a kind of a pet hand load of mine it prints those consistently at three
quarter MOA so it’s a good precise rifle and should be a good platform for
testing this this is that that Osprey scope and what I did for this test is I
use the turret up top to to get the elevation and then I used the the
reticle for whatever little windage there was and what I did is I shot first
there the chickens at 200 meters the pigs at 300 meters turkeys at 400 yards
Rams at 500 meters and then I just zipped everything on back down to our
zero point to hit a chicken yet again at 200 meters so I did have a few misses
I’d say that overall the tracking was just fine I didn’t have some misses
first of all on I think I missed a turkey the first time and that one was
just me not getting the windage quite right the the ram out there I missed him
I think just once once or twice and that was just again me not getting the
windage quite right and I was coming in a little bit high I don’t know if that
was tracking on this or if it was just my dope there definitely are some
question marks on my my dope sheet here I have everything on this rifle kind of
outfitted for a mrad mrad mrad falcon scope and I have everything really
dialed in well for that and you know I tried to get everything estimated for
this but you know all I had to do is just adjust a little bit and then I was
able to tag that that Ram out there I also had some misses on the chicken and
I was coming in a little bit low on that and I’m pretty sure what was happening
is I was hitting the berm in front of the chicken that’s what happens on the
left side of this the berm gets a little high in front of the chicken and then it
kind of falls behind I think I was just spraying dirt there so I
think that it returned to zero just fine I just aimed a little higher on the
chickens back and then took it down and I did hit high on it so I’m pretty sure
that we were right on here some other notes that I have on this is actually I
like the glass the eye relief is it’s a little bit finicky at 16x I mean really
it’s not bad as long as I just you know hold my face in the right place it
doesn’t take too much work to get it you know situated just right I have the eye
relief really nice on here and yeah I was able to read mirage out there in
order to try to figure out the wind 16x is a bit less powerful than some of the
stuff that I take out here on the average day you know usually I have like
an 18 X 20 25 somewhere in there but yeah with this I was able to read the
mirage and for me you know that that’s most of what I need from the glass out
of a scope as long as it can see at night you know or in dusky sort of
situations that’s nice too but as far as resolution goes you know I’m really
wanting to see some of those wind cues like seeing swaying grass and seeing
mirage Mirage is one of the tough ones and I was able to see it out there
overall I have to say that I’m positively impressed with how the Osprey
has been performing today and I didn’t really expect to be saying that just
some of the things about this don’t really relate confidence you have the
the windage turret that’s mounted kind of cockeyed into the body here you have
the both of the turrets which spins 7.5 MOA per turn
which makes counting things up especially out of the longer range it’s
kind of dip you have to remember okay now I’m on
halves and things just don’t really add up quite right but you know really it
performed anyway the glass actually is pretty decent I was able to see the
Mirage I was able to see the targets just fine
I was able to use that side parallax adjust to you know get to a nice
parallax adjustment and good focus on those things so yeah I think it’s really
been working now this doesn’t mean that it’s going to escape a fiery destruction
because you guys decided that’s how this was gonna be even if the scope was good
as it’s kind of turned out to be you know it is kind of frustrating in some
ways but it actually works but you guys decided that even if it worked that we
were going to destroy it anyway so we are going to be taking it out it in the
Hathcock-ian manner and then we’re going to be blowing it up as well so stay
tuned you’re not gonna want to miss that thanks for watching if you like this
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21 thoughts on “Review, Then Destroy: Osprey 4-16x50mm MDG Rifle Scope

  1. I shot my first cottontail with a blue dot on top of a 22 magnum. It shoots 2-3” groups at 100 yards. If you have astigmatism like me, the dot can lose roundness in various lighting conditions. So for my red/green/blue dot I just turn until I get a setting/color combo that is clear. I like red at the outdoor range but blue seems to work best in shady canyons during daylight hours. I’m not sure if any of this is the same for people without astigmatism and corrective glasses.

  2. Thanks for the honest review, with the bad luck you had I feel you have this a pretty good change. Can't wait to see this thing go down in flames.

  3. Barnes solids are not made for 'varminting ' and ricochet badly ,as do all solid core or solid turned projectiles .If you want pelts ,,,fox etc use a 17 ,no excuse for wounding and slow death which is exactly what happens with solids or military pills

  4. I still believe the Sierra 69 Match King with 24.7 of AR2208 up to 25 ,and Remington match primers ,even with a slow twist 1 in 12 twist ,is a hard to beat load in bolt action rifles ,I would love you to shoot my NO.4 Enfield heavy barrel ,it barely moves on firing and will shoot 2&1/2 inch at 700 with a good spotter ,I call it a lie detector and will show any errors in technique or gear / operator etc ,It will show up most modern rifles worth far more than I paid for a bolt and receiver .

  5. I bought a Osprey that I mounted on a good shooting Remington 308.  The first thing I did after I sighted it in was a box test.  It was all over the place and was off by more than 2" at 100 yards. it's no more than a toy, save your money.

  6. ive had 6 of the 6-24×50 ospreys scopes, always regret selling them attach to rifles, bad ass scopes especially when i was getting them for only $80 new on amazon but yeah, the got proud and got to a price point where there are better options. companies need to learn to stay in their lane so to speak when it comes to price

  7. Worst product you can ever buy is from OSPREY Global Optics. They fool you into thinking that all their products are backed by this great life time guarantee when in fact the guarantee is useless when you keep having their product failing after just one round being fired from your weapon. You keep getting sent replacements products, but they all subsequently fail. Before you know it, you are in the hole paying for all the shipping back to the company not to mention putting up with the horrific customer service. Run away from this company and dont be fooled by their useless guarantees.

  8. I learned a hard lesson and didn't trust Tiborasaurus Rex channel for my first scope and got one of these at a gun show for $279 from the owner himself ( instead of getting the 10 power SWFA which Rex recommended over a variable power ). I also will never buy another one. I did a google maps of the 'service center' and it looked like the front of a convenience store. I think he hires people part time to do the support out of their house but after checking other's experience you may not even get the scope back if you send it in. Honestly the thing works kinda ok so far but I wouldn't run it on more than a .223; 22LR might be the best way to go with this one in order to kept from falling apart. A small bonus is that there is a 'dot' on the '9 power' setting which is where I think the reticle is accurate ( second focal plane ). So you could keep the thing on 9 power and use it for ranging …. or .. you could just shoot holes in it like you were talking about lol!

  9. You can spot a newb to a scoped ar in a second… the thing should at least be even with or forward of the charging handle… you cant shoulder it properly.. even with a pistol tube you can use a scope and a bipod. ..put your non firing hand against your shoulder and the tube against the back of your hand.

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