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Review Sanwei Pistol Grip

I played Sanwei Pistol Grip today a new model from Sanwei quite unusual, very unusual this is the cheapest version of this rocket there are even more expensive versions a bit more improved there are the same boards of this kind there are the same claddings for this type everything is very interestingly done my first feelings are quite positive because I had a lot of fun at the same time how I tested it I think it is not equipment for professionals it’s quite cheap which causes this ball to be quite unusual but it’s interesting to reflect that’s why amateurs who would like to play in table tennis I think they should be happy about it if on Sundays they would be able to recreate something like that forehand was fun to me forehand was very interesting there’s that wrist that was very stiffened it did not bother so much I think that people who play fairly well forehand with an open hand will be able to play a forehand from this set The backhand was definitely the least pleasant it was a backhand that caused a lot of complications it was hard to hit the table both block, topspin, puncture the puncture was very hard to make from the backhand rotation that was generated from this set it was definitely smaller than from the conventional set that is, we have a set here which gives inferior rotation however, it’s hard for me to judge because it is the cheapest set with the cheapest cladding which are available for this set compared to professional equipment I suspect that it would still have to be purchased such a set for PLN 300-400 of this type and test it then it would be possible to compare because the one that is currently being tested is more amateurish a set comparable to DHS2002 or to ATEMI maybe from ATEMI a little better because these claddings are more professional and it is possible to extract rotation from them but it is still much less the speed of the set was much smaller than the one I use so I would say that this is ALL / ALL + maximally the control on this set is interesting the board is made quite solidly the quality of this board is at a very high level and I think it’s hard for me to judge how really this board is made and how it would behave towards other sets they are from the upper shelf of the same type I think this control how I could immediately reflect a half-block, block from the forehand it certainly came on the table worse from the backhand where I had this wrist firmly stiffened controlling the ball on the table was difficult It was fun to play a half-game for sure there was a lot of stability there the puncture was firmly stable on the table rotations topspin were weaker certainly worse than on a conventional set and it was definitely very noticeable that these topspin games did not fit into the table as they should It’s fun playing this game because it’s something completely different You can recreation with friends on Sunday with something like that show that it is possible to play such unusual equipment I think that such equipment is not able to replace conventional table tennis equipment and it will only be a toy on a professional level, say, even on level 3 and 4 of the league there is no chance that it will work I invite you to on which we have a blog for table tennis on which additional materials will be added which is not on YouTube thanks for watching the next review I invite you in a week

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